Friday, July 8, 2016

AGIG Stylebook: AGinMe

We're back with another rousing good time browsing 
through AG outfits and stylings on Instagram.

Today's account for our Stylebook is:


AGinMe has about a billion pics up on IG,
so again I just tried to look for images with complete outfits, 
or almost complete outfits in zee pics.

That way people who are looking for style inspiration 
have more complete outfits to work from.

She has a variety of dolls, poses, backgrounds, and hairstyles.

And she doesn't just stick with one angle or point of view 
when photographing zee dolls.

I have some of the pieces she has in her doll wardrobe, 
but I want other items she has, haha.

She has a lot of staple items that mix and match well together.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trends to Sew: Three Tank Top Styles You Should Be Sewing

Welcome back friends, or fiends.

Whichever you may be!

Today I show you things I found whilst
perusing Hollister's website.

They are offering (some of which are currently on sale)
three types of semi-cropped or crop top tank tops
that I think are basic and enticing.

I think you should be sewing and selling them if you aren't already.

Or sewing them and keeping them for yourself, as the case may be. ;-)

First up, the "Must-Have Slim Cropped Cami."

Hollister offers it in about 20 different colors/patterns.

But of course it wins the day because of its basic versatility.

And luckily Hollister pairs their tops with a whole bunch of different bottoms,
hats, jewelry, etc. so you can get outfit and
styling inspiration from zees pics.

This cami has the cage-strappy styling that is staying strong as a trend.

And you guys should definitely be making these!

Or at least something with the cage-strappy stuff!

^^^ Note how the center seam is part of this style

It will probably be easier to do that 
type of thing in a solid color tank.

But if you want to try it even with a 
patterned fabric, go ahead! Be brave!

^^^ With the infamous button-down skirt

^^^ With distressed high-waist denim shorts

^^^ Suede lace-up front skirt

^^^ Distressed black denim shorts

^^^ With a cardi to carry it over into 
summer evening fashion or early fall attire.

Second, the "Must-Have High Neck Cropped Tank."

I have been talking about this style tank top since...well, the spring.

So I hope you have been making them since the spring.... ;-)

And it is another style of top that can then be layered over as the weather gets chilly, allowing these items to transition into several seasons.

And third, the "Slim Cropped Halter Top."

^^^ Why Hello 1995!

^^^ Try embroidering your denim shorts


^^^ A great tank top to pair with the dolphin-esque 
hem shorts that I have been seeing everywhere.

^^^ It's like the 70's have returned!

Okay, those are the three tank top styles
you should be sewing this summer.

Have I mentioned those are the three tank tops styles you should be sewing?

Those are the three tank top styles you should be sewing.


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Monday, July 4, 2016

AGIG Stylebook: AGkameo

Come on and follow me into a look at Instagram's AGkameo!


I had a really difficult time choosing pics, 
so I just went with a lot of the ones that are full outfit images.

AGkameo has a lot of very stylish outfits and hairstyles for her dolls.

And she takes beautiful pics!!!

I sometimes feel weird posting so many pics, haha.

But then I think - well, if they take down their Instagram one day - 
at least we'll still have these pics.

That's the problem with being a historian.
I want to save everything.

Thanks for visiting us today!!!

And please go follow AGkameo on Instagram:

p.s. Happy Fourth of July, Americanos. ;-)

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