Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AGPLA Photos Vid

We're back from our trip! We did a lot of stuff - it was a mixture of working and vacation. But mostly vacation.

For example, we went to a Ritz-Carlton spa (hard work), watched the red carpet activity for the "John Carter" movie premiere (also hard work), and visited the Getty Center, the Getty Villa, and Malibu and Redondo beaches (very, very hard work).

Not to mention all of the shopping and eating that went on. There was barely time to have fun! ;-)

We managed to stop in at AGPLA briefly on Sunday. There were a lot of people there though - so we only grabbed a couple photos. We pieced them together for a vid which you can see below. Not all of them are great - but eh, we tried!

Also, there aren't a lot of photos. We were just trying to get shots of the newish things. And there were just too many people there to get photos of everything. AGPLA=madhouse.

We did buy some stuff from AGPLA but we shipped it to ourselves, so hopefully that will be here by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. *Fingers crossed that it all arrives soon. If it arrives safely, we'll have a couple items for a giveaway.  :-)


Your Grand Photo Contest Activity Three pics are due tomorrow, March 1st.

Sending them to us (at anytime before March 2nd works for us.


Priya said...

How many entries do you have so far?

Nora and Maple said...

We haven't counted them yet. But we'll let you know when we do. :)

Emma said...

Wow! Fun stuff... :) And I can't wait to see all the entries!

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