Saturday, June 8, 2013

Featured Shop: Sylvie and Bruno!

Here at the 'Featured Shop' we show items that we have purchased but have not yet photographed ourselves due to the fact that we have nooooooooo free time. 
(Panicked laughter.)

Today's Featured Shop is Etsy's Sylvie and Bruno.

We have bought a lot from them.
In fact, about 1/3 their sales are to us.
Yes, we are shameless.

These are all their pics.
If you are the seller and you don't want your pics here, 
just comment below and we will take this post down. :-)

Sylvie and Bruno's DW 2012 Fashion Design Challenge Entries,
which we purchased.

Other beautiful items we have hoarded, I mean collected.

And here is a dress we have featured on the blog.

We featured it on Adanya at her Halloween Birthday Party last year.


Check out Etsy's Sylvie and Bruno today!


Anna said...

So pretty <3 And that is one awesome customized doll.

Jessie said...

Thank you so much for the feature! (And for being a super awesome customer! =) We love this blog and are always excited when something of ours shows up on it.

Nora and Maple said...

You're welcome!!

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