Monday, June 3, 2013

Reader Submission #6
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

Hi There! I'm Jessie, from My Thoughtful Spot. (I also am on Pinterest) Below are some photos of the outfit I made for the Fashion Design Challenge held here a few months ago (thanks for voting for me, everyone!) and Ashley is modelling it.

Don't you just love nautically themed clothing? I know I do! The outfit has 7 pieces: a red knit headband, a gold anchor necklace, a red 3/4-sleeve sweater, a blue/white striped long-sleeve top, a red belt, a pair of denim capris, and some red Converse-style sneakers (AG Bitty Baby brand (:). I love this outfit because it's very bright, but sticking with three basic colors with a few touches of gold.

Ashley is actually my sister's doll, but she wears the outfit so well I had to photograph her in it... Jojo tells me that she is very sweet and she loves art and cats. I think if Ashley were a person, we'd be great friends!

This is an outfit I designed on Polyvore. I love it because it has basic, neutral colors on the top, and bright, standing-out colors on the bottom! If I owned this outfit I think it'd be perfect for walks on Autumn mornings.

Thanks for reading!

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Thank You Reader #6!!!

Reminder: June 5th is the last day to enter our TWO May Giveaways!

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Vivienne Rose said...

This outfit is so cute, Jessie!

I sent an email Saturday night, and I wasn't sure if you had it. Do I need to resend?

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