Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reader Submission #12
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

Here is a picture of my favorite doll, Autumn.  She is a custom Josefina doll.  She has had a haircut and I pulled out her hoop earrings and expanded her holes to accept AG earrings (because Saige's earrings were made for her!).  I have also painted her toenails and restuffed her so she has a curvier figure and I sewed up her back seam to get rid of her widow's hump.

She didn’t want her picture taken this evening, so this was the best I could get.  This is my favorite outfit.  I made the top and the pants.  The top is made from the Lemieux Doll Boutique pattern “Button Down Tunic” found at Liberty Jane.   It is from my son’s favorite dress shirt.  I learned to do buttons using this pattern.  I shortened the tunic because it reached her knees!  The pants are made from an old pair of children’s baby whale pants using the Liberty Jane jeans pattern.  The shoes are AG and from the 1996 Girl Scout outfit.

Here is Autumn wearing the outfit again on our cruise this spring.  She is looking out the window at the rain and the waves.

Again on our cruise. Posing at the porthole in one of the dance clubs.

As you can tell, she loves this outfit and it suits her personality perfectly.  That is why it is my favorite outfit of hers.

Now, this is the outfit that I would like to see in AG size.  I’m sure I’m the only one going in this direction.

I just love steampunk! 
Autumn would love to own this outfit but I’m not sure I’m up to sewing it yet!

I don’t have a blog or facebook page, but my pinterest  page is
The steampunk board has this picture in it.

Autumn’s tunic and pants can be found here.


Thank You Reader #12!!!


Rhissanna said...

I can absolutely see an AG Steampunk outfit. It would be nice if they could push the boundaries a little bit.

AGMarket ;) said...

Hello Nora and Maple! Did you girls buy anything at the sale?

Nora and Maple said...

We perused the sale, but we didn't buy anything. We had just placed an order for Molly and Emily's dogs and the MyAG Easy Breezy Outfit. So we restrained ourselves, haha.

How about you?

AGMarket ;) said...

Cool! :) I bought some of Mckenna's items for myself as a "collector". I honestly hate her collection, but I just had to have them because their value is so high. ;)

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