Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reader Submission #18
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!!!

This is my #55, Violet. She is wearing a tank top from a long time ago (how many years? lol) I forgot where I got it. Her shorts are from a Webkinz set from the old days, and her shoes are from Lanie's Butterfly outfit. 
I love this outfit because the shorts are nice for a sunny day like this one(was). It's trendy, but not too flashy, something perfect for a doll that lives on the farm!

I would love this outfit for my dolls! I love the look and feel of this outfit... those boots remind me of Saige's, even though these would be better for mixing and matching. All of these pieces could be mixed and matched!


Thank you Reader #18!!!!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reader Submission #17
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!!!

Hi there!  My name is Katie from the blog Adollable Dolls, YouTube MyInnerStarUStudios, Flickr MyInnerStarUStudios, and my Etsy shop, Soda Pop Street where I sell trendy and stylish doll clothes and accessories.

My doll Nadia is MyAG #39.  She is so beautiful!  She has layered caramel hair and stunning, blue eyes.  I got her ears pierced when I bought her.  The outfit she is wearing was made by me.  (You can buy it from my Etsy shop!)  It has patterned, skinny jeans, a lace top, a pink tank, a braided bracelet, an infinity scarf, and some sparkly converse.  It is my favorite because I really like patterned pants and skinnies, lace, infinity scarves, sparkles (!), and converse.  It has all my favorite outfit elements together in one, amazing outfit.

These two outfits are adorable and I would love to have them doll sized.


Thank you Reader #17!!!!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Reader Submission #16
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!!!

This is my doll Charlie (Short for Charlotte), 
wearing a personal favorite gown of mine, Elizabeth's Holiday Gown!! 
It's so beautiful and highly detailed, and NOT pink. 
(Sorry all the pink lovers out there!) 
I got this dress I think almost five maybe six years ago? 
It came on none other than, Elizabeth! She would always wear her 'fancy party gown' to exquisite parties and dances. Oh to be six years old again.

This would be an amazingly beautiful dress for dolls, I would buy it instantly! It sorta reminds me of Rapunzel's dress, doesn't it?

I also have two blogs that could use some more comments and views, 

Thank you Reader #16!!!!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reader Submission #15
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!!!

1. Here is a picture of my doll, Julie, in her outfit. 

2.This is the American girl plaid, Easter dress. My papa sent me the dress and her matching dress for my 9th birthday. It is my favorite because we match and I love the buttons on the side.

3. The blue shirt with the ruffles on it would be my choice for an outfit to have made into an AG sized outfit. I got it from Target. I laid out my clothes next to Julie's clothes the night before a birthday lunch.

I just started a blog. 


Thank you Reader #15!!!!

Read about this contest here: 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Reader Submission #14
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

The AG doll is my favorite because I got it for my granddaughters. 

They both love mermaids and wanted a mermaid costume. I thought I would attempt to make one for them but they each have a favorite color so I made each of them an outfit. I also made the headbands. The pattern was store bought. The mermaid outfits are my favorites because I was able to make something beautiful for my granddaughters.

This is a dress that I really like, but is something that I do not think I could make myself.

Thank you Reader #14!!!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two May Giveaways Winners Announced!

Who won the May Giveaways???

Good question!!!

And we finally have the answers!

The winner of the Mini Me Dolly Divas set is...

Grace W.


The winner of the 2 Sisters Sew Crafty set is...

Molly J.

Thank you for entering peeps!


We will be starting a 123 Mulberry Street Giveaway soon so stay tuned!

If you want us to host YOUR giveaway please email us at to set it up!


Check out the Mini Me Dolly Divas Etsy Shop:

And the 2 Sisters Sew Crafty Etsy Shop:

****2 Sisters is running a special discount for our readers.
Use Code at Checkout: TDWSecretSale
For 20% off your purchase until 7/31/2013.***

Thank You!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reader Submission #13
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

My doll model is Anne, an American Girl of Today from 1995. I worked hard to earn the money to buy her when the American Girls of Today were released.

I am afraid I am fickle as to my favorite doll outfit. It is often the one that I last finished sewing.  This green summer dress is one of the last three or so that I've done. I love tho like the timeless look- it could be a dress worn today, or back in the 1950s. I also like the very subtly pattern on the fabric.

I would love to have a doll dress like this one my great-grandmother wore in the 1880s. I have fun speculating the color it would have been. Black? Navy blue? It looks dark, anyway.

I also love this retro dress and sandals from ModCloth.

As you can see, I mostly love dresses for my dolls- although they do own other outfits as well.

Thank you Reader #13!!!


Read about our Reader Submission Doll Giveaway Contest here:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reminder: Our 2013 Fashion Design Challenge Has Started!!!

Put your thinking caps on designers!

This is a type of contest we started last fall.

You can see the original contest post here:

And the 2012 entries here:


The idea is to craft two doll outfit designs and actually create them - yourself. 

The contest is open to anyone who wants to participate. 
Men, women.
Adults, children.
Elves, fairies.

If you participated last year you can participate again.
In fact, you really really really should.
You will just need to make two new outfits.

If you are younger than 18 years old, please get your parent or guardian's 
permission to participate.

We will break the entries into two groups, newbies and pros.
We do not label the entries as newbies or pros publicly.

You can tell us what category you wish to be listed in, but Penny will make the final decision on that front. If your outfit looks like a professional job and you want it listed in the newbie section, then that isn't really fair. And vice versa.

So if you haven't been sewing, designing, and/or selling that much - you are probably a newbie. If you have been sewing, designing and selling for awhile - you are probably a pro. Hopefully you can judge yourself and know where you fall.


For sellers, this contest is basically designed to give you a venue for showing off your skilz, gifts, abilities, talents, ideas, awesomeness. Take this opportunity to get your name out there. And feel free to sell the outfits you create for this contest. 
(We actually bought two of them from the 2012 contest.)


Each category will have a top winner. 
So there will be two winners to this contest in total.

We are looking for AG-size outfits on AG dolls.
But if you want to do Journey Girls, Karito Kids,
Hearts 4 Hearts, Battat, Springfield, etc. that is okay.

As long as the doll is mostly comparable to AG size and dimensions.

We just don't want Barbie body and BJD style dolls because comparing them to AG style dolls isn't exactly apples to apples, more like apples to orange juice. ;)


The two outfits are not themed. 

They can be modern or historical. 
They can be couture, fancy dress, back to school, pajamas, costumes,
whatever you can think up. 
Express your creativity peoples.

But they DO have to be different from each other. 

You can't just do one dress pattern in two different colors, haha. If your second outfit design is too much like your first one, we'll blatantly tell you this and tell you to change it or be left out of the second outfit round. Yep, we'll go Tim Gunn on you. Well, we'll have Maple go Tim Gunn on you.


Each outfit comes with three tasks.

1) Outfit design

This can be a drawing, with your hand or on the computer, pictures of human clothing, a Polyvore-type mash-up thing, scan from a catalog, whatever you what to do.

But it has to clearly show your design. Identify types of clothing items, colors, and fabrics.

Also you should do a write-up for what you are planning. Use your words. Explain everything.

Try to be as complete as possible. The more complex the outfit, the better. And we don't mean it has to use couture sewing techniques and super-expensive fabrics. I mean start from a basic foundation and then go beyond that. Layers, outerwear, socks, tights, shoes, jewelry, a purse, etc. Do you go to the mall in just a tee shirt and shorts? Probably not. You at least wear shoes....

You can submit more than one image for your design for this task.

See last year's entries for examples:

2) Outfit in process of being created

Show us your fabrics, the pattern, the pieces you have cut out, mock-ups, whatevs. Just as long as you show us your creative process. This way we see how you work and we make sure it is actually you who made the outfit.

You can use bought patterns for your outfit, like patterns from Liberty Jane or All Dolled Up -- or wherevs. Or you can make your own patterns. Shoes can be store-bought or handmade.

In Process Pictures do not have to be fine art. They just have to show the work in progress. :-)

Also, submission can be more than one image.

See last year's entries for examples:

3) Outfit complete and modeled

This is where you should take out your best doll model, best camera, and best photography skilz.

Photograph your outfit as professionally as possible. Pretend you are doing a magazine or catalog shoot -- like you are trying to sell this outfit. Craft a photo shoot studio, make a doll-scale scene, or go outdoors. Or do all three.

The more convincing, human-ish, and realistic the shoot, the better. Doll against a white wall or doll on a tabletop is boring. We do that everyday. Make your pics stand out and extra, extra awesome. Feel free to use props.

Include at least one shot of the whole outfit. And then detail shots and different looks for the outfit. Like with and without a jacket on, for example.

We expect more than one image for this task.

See last year's entries for examples:


Given the awesomeness of the prizes -- 
you must submit images for all three tasks for two complete outfits.

The two top winners will only be chosen from people who submitted all three tasks for two different outfits. Not really sure how to say that more clearly.....You have to participate in the WHOLE CONTEST if you want to win it. This rule isn't in place to be a pain in the butt, but to be fair to all participants.

We will be posting your designs and pics on this blog:
So don't send us pics of humans nor of things you don't want on the internet.

There will be a week of reader voting after each complete outfit is shown to y'alls. 

Then Penny will be tallying all of the votes (from both outfits) at the end of everything. 

From the top 50%, she'll pick one winner from each category, newbies and pros.

Penny's judging will be based upon several factors. 

They are ranked by order of importance:

1) Quality of craftsmanship

2) Realism

3) Fit

4) Creativity

5) Wow Factor

By "Wow Factor" -- we mean overall perfection of the outfit. 
Is it eye-catching? Do all of the pieces go together? 
When you see it do you immediately say: "I want that!!"



Each winner will receive either a brand spanking new AG doll or an AG gift card for the equivalent of a doll. That way international people can enter. We'll purchase the doll and send it to them. And locals can use the AG gift card anyway they want to.

Schedule -- Both Due Dates are Sundays.

This Year We Are Having ALL THREE TASKS Due at Once.

First Design, Outfit in Process Pics and Complete Outfit Pics

Due on or before July 14th

So 6 weeks from today.

Second Design, Outfit in Process Pics and Complete Outfit Pics

Due on or before August 25th

So 12 weeks from today.

If you have something to do on one of those days -- be it a school thing, vacation, starring in a Broadway play -- don't give up now, just work on your designs and outfits ahead of time and send us things in advance.

No need to give up before you have even tried.


All images for all of the tasks should be sent to
Images measuring 500 pixels wide or wider are best.
Again, try to make your images the best quality they can be.
Feel free to attach the pics to the email or
if you want to send us links to Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr albums, etc. you can.
Youtube slideshows are also okay.
As long as ALL THREE TASKS are included in your album or vid.

Thanks for visiting us today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

You can use the comment box below or email us at

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reader Submission #12
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

Here is a picture of my favorite doll, Autumn.  She is a custom Josefina doll.  She has had a haircut and I pulled out her hoop earrings and expanded her holes to accept AG earrings (because Saige's earrings were made for her!).  I have also painted her toenails and restuffed her so she has a curvier figure and I sewed up her back seam to get rid of her widow's hump.

She didn’t want her picture taken this evening, so this was the best I could get.  This is my favorite outfit.  I made the top and the pants.  The top is made from the Lemieux Doll Boutique pattern “Button Down Tunic” found at Liberty Jane.   It is from my son’s favorite dress shirt.  I learned to do buttons using this pattern.  I shortened the tunic because it reached her knees!  The pants are made from an old pair of children’s baby whale pants using the Liberty Jane jeans pattern.  The shoes are AG and from the 1996 Girl Scout outfit.

Here is Autumn wearing the outfit again on our cruise this spring.  She is looking out the window at the rain and the waves.

Again on our cruise. Posing at the porthole in one of the dance clubs.

As you can tell, she loves this outfit and it suits her personality perfectly.  That is why it is my favorite outfit of hers.

Now, this is the outfit that I would like to see in AG size.  I’m sure I’m the only one going in this direction.

I just love steampunk! 
Autumn would love to own this outfit but I’m not sure I’m up to sewing it yet!

I don’t have a blog or facebook page, but my pinterest  page is
The steampunk board has this picture in it.

Autumn’s tunic and pants can be found here.


Thank You Reader #12!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reader Submission #11
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

I have a lot of dolls, but one of my favorites is my hearts 4 hearts girl Consuelo, whom I renamed Ivy Nicole. One of my favorite outfits for her is this rainbow tank top that I made with  H4H Nahji's purple sandals and H4H Dell's jean shorts. I had a little mini photoshoot with Ivy and here are the photos I took:

This doll I got for Christmas from my cousin Ella. I believe she got her on Amazon. She is one of my favorite dolls because she looks good in everything and she is so sweet and realistics (in relation to my AG dolls, who I love as well) This is my favorite outfit because it is so bright and summery. 

If I could have any human outfit made into a doll outfit it would be this amazing sundress. It fits Ivy's colorful personality perfectly. Now for a bit about my other doll, Violet's, blog.

My doll's blog is where she posts regularly about her "amazing world". My other blog in where I write about my minis. I hope you enjoyed this post and visit my blogs!


Thank You Reader #11!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Featured Shop: Best Doll Boutique

Welcome to today's Featured Shop!

Check out Best Doll Boutique on Etsy:

We bought this panda hat from Best Doll Boutique.
But we haven't taken our own pics yet.
So you get to see inside our Secret Wardrobe!

These are the seller's pics.
If you are the seller and you do not want them featured here, let us know 
and we will take this post down. :-)

Check out Best Doll Boutique today!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Reader Submission #10
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

Hey! This is Kanani in her favorite outfit. Her shirt is from the shirt and capris set from Springfield Collections. Her shoes are white espadrilles from Springfield Collections. Her skirt is from the Argyle shirt and skirt set from Springfield Collections. It's my favorite outfit because its Hawaiian-ish and really cute. I would get this in my size if I could!

Kanani, Maddie, and Amelia Pru are 3 dolls that post on their blog,

And here is a fabulous dress from ModCloth!
I love periwinkle, so it would be perfect for my dolls to wear!


Thank You Reader #10!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Featured Shop: Sylvie and Bruno!

Here at the 'Featured Shop' we show items that we have purchased but have not yet photographed ourselves due to the fact that we have nooooooooo free time. 
(Panicked laughter.)

Today's Featured Shop is Etsy's Sylvie and Bruno.

We have bought a lot from them.
In fact, about 1/3 their sales are to us.
Yes, we are shameless.

These are all their pics.
If you are the seller and you don't want your pics here, 
just comment below and we will take this post down. :-)

Sylvie and Bruno's DW 2012 Fashion Design Challenge Entries,
which we purchased.

Other beautiful items we have hoarded, I mean collected.

And here is a dress we have featured on the blog.

We featured it on Adanya at her Halloween Birthday Party last year.


Check out Etsy's Sylvie and Bruno today!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Reader Submission #9
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

Hello my name's Cinna and I'm nothing more than a middle school girl  who enjoys the following: AG Dolls, photography, writing, and music. I have 13 dolls, and am an AGTuber, and have bene collecting since 2007. I hope to post more on my blog to make it as enjoyable and interactive with my viewers as I can!

This is Sheska is my favorite outfit I own, the Campus Casual Outfit. I adore this outfit because of the fact that it's something I would (and do) wear. The cinched capri sweat pants remind me of this adorable pair I own from Pink, that I normally pair with a tank-top (much like the one in this outfit). I bought this outfit at the AG place over Spring Break after admiring it for as long as I can remember. 

I think the hard part of this was choosing an outfit I'd love to have in a doll size, but this floral print, high-low dress is an absolute fave of mine! I love the colors which just yell SUMMER and the length of the skirt is just perfect.

This outfit is just adorable! I love the tribal print aztec skirt and the denim top! 

Annnd something I've wanted for my dolls since I got my pair....galaxy leggings. 


Thank You Reader #9!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Featured Shop: Camelot's Treasures

Welcome to today's Featured Shop!

Check out Camelot's Treasures on Etsy:

We bought this dress from Camelot's Treasures.
But we haven't taken our own pics yet.
So you get to see inside our Secret Wardrobe!

This is the seller's pic.
If you are the seller and you do not want it featured here, let us know 
and we will take this post down. :-)

Check out Camelot's Treasures today!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reader Submission #8
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

My favorite outfit would probably have to be this urban chic outfit from 123Mulberry Street, on Etsy! It includes, some floral skinny jeans and an adorable top (with heart buttons!). I like this outfit because:

It is an outfit you can wear everyday!
It suits my dolls personality!
It is unique, and totally urban!

When "The Doll Wardrobe" said that I had to find an outfit that I loved, that I wished would be 18 inch, my mind told me this one! I mean, look at the color pattens! I am working on getting these custom by someone on Etsy. ;)

Thank you so much for reading! 
You can browse my other fashion posts, here:, and view my Etsy shop here:!


Thank You Reader #8!!!

Reminder: June 5th is the last day to enter our TWO May Giveaways!

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