Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


This is our final installment of our Oktoberfest Costume Extravaganza and we have chosen witch costumes to showcase! Okay, so I said I'd post it yesterday. But I thought it would be a little more appropriate to post it today, since I can then say Happy Halloween to everyone, and officially say goodbye to October. Another month gone! Where does the time go???

For today's photos we put Susan (our custom #23) in the official AG witch costume which we believe is still available from AG. We got it because of the broom and the shoes. The rest of the costume is pretty cool as well. But we really love the broom and the shoes. ;)

And second we put Connie (our custom #16) in the witch costume we bought from Ebay seller Wulang55. There are still some available. This costume is handmade in Hong Kong. So not really what we normally advertise here, but we liked it. Plus, by now y'all probably already have your dolly Halloween costumes and we don't really need to be informing you of what is available to buy for yourselves in the handmade world. ;)

Have fun trick-or-treating tonight everyone and please enjoy our photos and slideshow below! (p.s. The crystal ball thingy came from Target.)

Next time at The Doll Wardrobe we return to our
Liberty Jane Mondays! Woo-hoo!!!

Again, Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Response to Contest Questions :)

We've had some questions and comments about the contest post. So here are our answers:

1) Some of our readers are ready for winter and looking forward to massive amounts of snow. ;)

2) No, you don't have to answer any question(s) to enter this contest. All we need is your full name and an email address.

3) We are asking that people entering the contest be 18 or older because some parents might not like the idea of their child submitting their name, email, and possibly their mailing address to a stranger on the internet. Better that your parent or guardian knows what you are doing on the internet. This is for the safety and protection of the kids reading this blog.

Remember, you can still have a parent or guardian enter this contest for you even if you are younger than 18.

Anymore questions or comments???

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rebecca Doll Giveaway
Enter the Contest Here!

Ready for Winter?

Okay, okay. So Halloween hasn't even happened yet and we are all just getting used to Fall. So I can understand how most of you readers probably aren't ready for winter and snowflakes and all that holiday jazz. But I am pretty sure that everyone is ready for our next Doll Giveaway. So we are giving away Rebecca. No catch. No gimmicks. Just as a token of appreciation to one lucky reader.

The contest will start today and
end on Wednesday December 2nd, 2009.
The winner will be announced on December 2nd, 2009.

This is the situation peoples: If you are under 18 you need to have someone 18 or older enter this contest for you. This is for your protection. If you'd like to enter the giveaway, please add your first name, last name and email address as a comment on this post. This comment will not be published. Only Penny can see this comment. So your info will be kept private. But remember, if you are under 18 someone 18 or older, like a parent or guardian, should enter the contest. Not you.

There will be one winner, randomly chosen.

He/she will receive the Rebecca doll, her Meet Outfit,
her paperback book,

her accessories, and one handmade doll dress
from the 1914 time period.

Here are some photos for y'all to start dreaming about. The first Rebecca doll we bought for the giveaway is pictured here in this post. Her face isn't really 100% what we wanted. The eyes are kinda asymmetrical. So we'll order another one for y'all and hope it is better. We will add some photos of the new doll when she arrives.

The doll pictured below is not the Rebecca the winner will receive- he/she will get a better one even if Penny has to order 100 more.

And we will eventually plug in some photos of the handmade dress at some point, so you know what you are entering to win.

****Any questions? Please feel free to ask!!!****

Revisiting Heritage4
AGFMB Special Feature

Here we are again, returning to Heritage4's
special dolly clothing creations!
Please enjoy this week's American Girl Fans
Message Board Member Special Feature!

Last time we looked at Heritage4 we posted about some of her historical creations. So for today we are posting about modern clothing. All photos in this post are the property of Heritage4. We begin with her highly sought-after waffle weave doll hoodies which you see in the top photo in this post and in the first four pictures below.

Heritage4 explains: "For this hoodie,
I wanted to use a print that had a younger look to it.
The fabric I found worked out
perfectly and feels so soft. "
I am digging these elephants!

Heritage4 says: "I spotted this fun fabric and knew it
would be perfect for hoodies.
A Steve Erwin inspiration no doubt."
Ooooo, alligators!!!

What does Heritage4 say about this hoodie?
"Goth is hugely popular for dolls and
I created this hoodie to capture some of that."
Yay for Goth doll clothing, yippee!

What's the scoop from Heritage4?
"This fabric is very interesting.
It has a smorgasbord of color and design.
It is just too much fun!"
So bright and cheerful!

Next we have a complete outfit being modeled by Jess.
Heritage4 tells us: "I wanted to capture some of today's trends
in this outfit. I combined a fun tunic top with
a black tee shirt and denim gauchos."

And finally we add on this lovely green dress which was
inspired by a dress Heritage4 saw in a women's clothing catalog.
"I drew up the pattern, selected the fabric, and this is the result."
Definitely the perfect dress for warm weather!
And aren't those flowers beautiful?!?

So many fantastic photos! Thanks again for sharing them with us Heritage4- I hope our readers enjoyed looking at them as much I as do. For our next AGFMB Special Feature we will return to the handcrafted dolly creations of LinneaAnne next week.

Wondering where you can find Heritage4 creations for yourself? She just opened an Etsy store! Click here to investigate it further. So far she has only listed one item (which we totally purchased right away), and she hasn't listed anything new yet. But keep checking back, she might list more things soon. :)

Later today, once I get myself a bit more organized, I will finally announce the 2009 Holidays Doll Giveaway. Is everyone excited???

We're Baaaaack!
And With Some Random Disney Photos!

Phew! We're finally back from our vacation! But I am still trying to screw my head back in place after all of the excitement. So I'll start slow today with 10 teaser pictures of our trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I was manning the camera, so you won't see my little dolly face in any of these shots.

I actually had several AG sightings on our trip- two girls in the airport had two dolls (both JLYs- a #23 and something else but I couldn't tell which one) and they were dressing them for the Florida weather. Two AG dolls were being pushed around in a stroller by a little girl at our hotel- a Mia doll (the best LE doll available, heehee) and an unidentifiable JLY. And last there was a little girl on our Magical Express bus back to the airport that had a JLY #25. AG is taking over the world! Okay, not really. But it was cute to see us AGs out and about in the real world. ;)

So for the rest of today's posts you will get another look at the doll clothing creations of Heritage4, and later I will announce the next Doll Giveaway. So hold on to your hats everyone, there will be more posts today!

Please enjoy the 10 teaser photos below in our slideshow. We will be posting more of these slideshows as we upload the vacation pics. :)

Stay tuned for more posts today......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Delayed Posts- Must Pack and Clean Before Vacation

So it's pretty obvious I have been slacking on the posts this week. :P But I have been trying to do my homework before I go on vacation and that has been interfering with my fun time on the computer. And then today Penny says "Don't forget to pack and clean your room before Friday night." Oops. Forgot to do that!

So I will spend tonight and tomorrow night after school cleaning and packing. Greeeaaaattttt.

Needless to say, my Wednesday post on Heritage4 didn't happen and I won't be able to take the pictures for the Friday costume post either. Soooooo..... I will move the posts. Wednesday October 28th will be a post on more of Heritage4's fantastic dolly clothing and Friday October 30th will be the last post of my Oktoberfest Costume Extravaganza.

Hope nobody is too disappointed with me. :(

But I will try to share my Disney pics with you when I return in an awesome slideshow, and as I said previously the next Doll Giveaway will begin when I come back as well. So you have a lot to look forward to!

See you soon everybody!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Elephant Costume Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Elephant Costume Giveaway is Totally Pink! Congratulations! Please email me at with your shipping information. If you are under 18 a parent/guardian must be the one to contact me. Happy Halloween!
**Please contact me before Tuesday Oct. 20th or a new winner will be drawn that day***

AG-sized jewelry at Etsy???

Yes indeedy there are sellers on Etsy that sell American Girl-sized jewelry. You will mostly find necklaces and bracelets though. I have not yet found anyone who makes earrings for AGs. If anyone knows of an Etsy seller that makes earrings, feel free to comment!

To find doll jewelry on Etsy, you can search "American Girl, doll, jewelry" or "American Girl, doll, necklace" or "American Girl, doll, bracelet." You will find a variety of objects.

So to answer Sophia's question we will highlight some of the more interesting items and sellers from Etsy to help you find jewelry for your doll. All photos below are the property of the listed sellers and are only used here to highlight their wares. :)

First we have the Etsy seller Crickety. This seller creates
beaded necklace and bracelet combos from memory wire,
so they are really easy to get on and off your doll.
There are currently 4 different sets available,
but they might also take custom orders.
Here is one necklace from Crickety below,
click here to see this listing.

Second we have a Star of David necklace and coordinating bracelet
from Etsy seller GallegosGoodies.

PendragonJewelry also
offers some jewelry for dolls.
Click on the photos to go to the listing for that object. :)

Want name bracelets for your doll?
DawniesDesigns can make any name you want.
Click the photo to go to the listing!

And finally, from HottMommaDesigns-
sets of doll and children's jewelry.
A necklace and bracelet for each are included.
She has a variety of sets available, and will do custom orders as well.
Click the photo to go to the listing.

Hope this helps you find jewelry for your doll!

So we were supposed to announce who won the Elephant Costume (or at least I thought that was the plan....) But I haven't heard anything from our Guest Reviewer "Adventures in AG" (who is running that project) about when she is going to announce the winner. Hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow, but if not... we'll be sure to round up your comments, pick one randomly, and announce a winner eventually. Sorry for the delay everyone! We'll keep you updated.

Come on back this Wednesday for our next American Girl Fans Message Board Member Special Feature! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Liberty Jane Classic Rock Star Outfit

Ooooo, the Liberty Jane Classic Rock Star Outfit! #10 of the Limited Edition run of 10 is currently up for auction on Ebay, click here.

Below you will find some pictures of the un-named #44 that came to Badger's Wood awhile ago. What is her name? We offered up several possibilities to her, including those suggested by you, our readers. However, nothing has stuck yet. You know what I mean?

You say... "Are you a Heidi?" And she just stands there smiling at you, blinking her eyes, and saying "No, I don't think so...." So she still isn't named yet. If anyone has anymore ideas for her name, please let us know and we'll ask her what she thinks. :P

Today she is modeling this Liberty Jane outfit in two ways. First you see the original outfit which includes the golden shrug, the super-fancy tank top, and the distressed jeans. We also received Hannah Montana party invites that show this outfit in "real-life" human action. The second ensemble in this post is a combo of the Classic Rock Star jeans and the tops from the Liberty Jane Clothing "Best of Both Worlds."

We hope you like this edition of our Mix and Match Game!
Click here to visit the Liberty Jane Clothing website.

What is sitting in front of our #44?.... I hear you ask..... Marcy the Skelanimal Monkey dressed as a pumpkin! Target is currently carrying exclusive Skelanimal plushies and accessories for Halloween. Click here to see Marcy for yourself at the Target store online!

Hmmmm, maybe we should name our #44 Marcy???
Marcy the Doll could have her own
Marcy the Monkey..... hmmmmm.
What do you guys think?

Coming up on this Wednesday is our next AGFMB Member Special Feature with more highlights of Heritage4's creations. Did you know that she just opened a new Etsy shop? I'd give you the link...but that pesky Etsy maintenance is standing in my way. I'll give it to you on Wednesday though!

And FYI, at the end of this week we will be leaving for Disney World... yippee! For like ten days.... which means I won't be posting for awhile. I'm sure you'll all survive without me. :P

So.....the next "Liberty Jane Monday" will be in November! The 2nd of November to be exact. In that post we'll be doing our Mix and Match Game with the Classic Rock Star outfit and the Until Twilight outfit.

p.s. The next Doll Giveaway will begin after we come back from our vacation. ;)

Jewelry Post Delayed

Yes, as you might have guessed... I am super-late posting again. But now the Etsy people are currently updating the website and cramping my style. I can't check if my links work properly and if the jewelry I am talking about is still for sale....

So I will post about the jewelry later on Monday..... after Etsy is back up and running. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Terristouch Cowgirl Costume and WuLang55 Snow White Costume

Welcome to the second installment of our
Oktoberfest Costume Extravaganza!

Yes, we are late delivering this post again. Blame my procrastination; it was Friday and I still had homework to do before I could enjoy the weekend. Later today (Saturday) I will post about some Etsy doll jewelry highlights. But first, here are two really cute costumes that we have gathered for the Halloween festivities.

On the left in the first photo below, there is Mary (fka Ruthie) modeling a Snow White costume purchased awhile ago from Ebay seller wulang55. Go here to visit the Ebay store. This Snow White costume includes the dress and hair ribbon. If you'd like a Snow White costume that is not shipped from Hong Kong, check out this listing on Etsy.

On the right you see our Rebecca in a red, white, and blue cowgirl costume from Etsy seller Terristouch. Interested in one of these for your own doll? Click here. Interested in seeing more items from Terristouch? Please click here to visit the shop! The cowgirl costume comes with the straw hat, shirt, skirt, and white boots.

In the center between the two girls is our spooky clock we purchased eons ago from Target. Of course we understand it is not really in dolly scale, but we still wanted to include it in order to say.....

"It's Time to Start Getting Ready for Halloween!"
Aren't we hilarious?

We hope you enjoyed the photos and slideshow above. Again, join us later today for a post on some Etsy sellers that offer doll jewelry. And come back on Monday when we'll be doing another post for our "Liberty Jane Mondays." We hope everyone has a great weekend. Toodles!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

AGFMB Member Special Feature: Mrs. C

For today's AG Fans Message Board Member Special Feature, we wanted to showcase something Mrs. C. (Donna Cotterman) has made but has never sold. This post is a little late, we know (sorry everyone!)....but we eventually got around to creating it. Too much work to do and not enough time for fun blogging. :( I can't say this school year has been the easiest one so far. Anyone else want to do my homework for me? :P

So if you don't know, Mrs. C. is a member at AGFMB and also sells her wares at an Etsy shop she just opened this summer. Check out her Etsy store here.

Like all fine artists, even seamstresses sometimes make something they just don't have the heart to sell. She explained to us, "Here is the one outfit that I haven't been able to part with. No, we haven't played with it ....just modeled and then tucked in tissue paper. I know that someday someone will enjoy this gown....but for now.... it's at the doll house."

The photos you see below are the property of
Donna Cotterman. She has shown us this pink
colonial gown in a variety of ways,
modeled by her Elizabeth doll.

Doesn't Elizabeth look beautiful?

Please join us again on this Friday when we give you the second installment of our Oktoberfest Costume Extravaganza! We haven't yet decided which costume to showcase this week, so it will be a surprise!

And next Wednesday we will return to the wonderful creations of AGFMB member Heritage4 with some more of her awesome dolly duds. How exciting!

See you soon everybody!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Liberty Jane "Best of Both Worlds"

Welcome to our third "Liberty Jane Clothing Mondays"
featuring the Celebrity Style outfit known as
"Best of Both Worlds."

Today's duds are being modeled by Elinor Dashwood, our English Regency Jane Austen character custom doll. She wanted to time travel and test drive some modern clothing. The first image you see below is the Liberty Jane Clothing outfit as it arrives. Your purchase includes the red sneakers, white socks, plaid pleated skirt, white tank top and red "sliced" tank top. Elinor feels so chic in this outfit. :)

As you can see in the slideshow, the red tank top is studded with little "diamonds" along the cut lines, the white tank top has lace trim, and the white socks have a red fancy stitch along the top section. So many details and so well-made!

For our Mix and Match game we took the red tunic top from the "Summer Camp" outfit you saw last week and paired it with the plaid skirt. Then we added Liberty Jane black laced boots, a black ribbon choker, and our Etsy seller Lavenderlore panda knit hat. To finish the display for our Mix and Match outfit we added a Halloween 2009 Booski plushie from Etsy seller Mint Conspiracy.

Please enjoy our photos and slideshow below!

Mix and Match Outfit

Next Monday we will feature the Liberty Jane Celebrity Style outfit "Classic Rock Star" and showcase another edition of our Mix and Match Game. And remember, next Monday is October 12th- the day our Halloween Elephant Costume Giveaway ends. So we should be announcing the winner of the giveaway that day as well as doing the "Liberty Jane Mondays" post.

This coming Wednesday we will be doing an AGFMB Member Special Feature Surprise! So come back soon everyone!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Outfits of the Week- Etsy Highlights

Ooooo, time for our fun Outfits of the Week highlights and today we'll be showing you some of our favorite items from Etsy sellers. All photos in this post are the property of the listed sellers. We only use them here to showcase their products.

How do we find these items? The best way to search in Etsy for AG-sized doll clothing is to type in "American Girl, doll" in the Handmade search engine thingy. This way you should get mostly doll clothing for the right size doll. ;)

First we have a lovely five-color poncho, hat and purse set
from our favorite crochet goddess Etsy seller Lavenderlore.
Is your doll ready for the chilly fall weather?
Click here to see the listing.

Our second Etsy highlight is this cute fall dress created by
Etsy seller MyOwnLittleWorldToo.
This shop is very popular now and sells things out
faster than you can say woohoo!
Click here to see the listing.

The third highlight is this Work-A-Day cleaning set
from Etsy seller VintiqueDesigns56.
You may remember that our guest reviewer owns
one of these types of sets from this seller. :)
This particular outfit includes the dress, apron, pot holder,
oven mitt, and some tiny doll-sized clothespins.
You also get a dusting cloth, a head-wrap, and a cookie cutter!
A perfect set for Kit this autumn.
Click here to see the listing.

And last but not least, for those of you currently
panicking over the Kirsten archival... please keep in mind
that many talented seamstresses will still be making 1850s
prairie clothing for you long after the Kirsten dolls sell out...

Please visit Etsy seller Terristouch to see this
lovely Kirsten era ensemble for yourself.
It includes the muslin bonnet, ivory and green print dress,
flannel shawl, and apron with fancy stitching near the hemline.
Click here to see this listing.

Come on back to The Doll Wardrobe on Monday when we feature the Liberty Jane Clothing Celebrity Style outfit known as "Best of Both Worlds" and do another edition of the Mix and Match game. :)

p.s. Today is the last day to vote in our "What are your Favorite new JLY dolls?" poll in the right sidebar. The outcome of this poll might just determine a future doll giveaway here at The Doll Wardrobe....(hint hint....)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Love2sew Lion Costume from Etsy

Welcome to the first installment of our
Oktoberfest Costume Extravaganza!

For awhile now we have been squirreling away costumes to showcase in October, and we'll show them to you on four Fridays this month. We begin with Etsy seller Love2sew's Cowardly Lion Costume which we have transformed into our Lion King Simba costume. Not that we did anything to the costume to change it- we just renamed it. ;)

In the pictures below you will see Marvelous Me (Nora Demington) modeling the costume in two ways. First without a full mane of liony hairs and then with the full mane/furry poncho added. Love2sew also included the orange Trick or Treat bag with black kitties on it. Isn't this costume fantastic?!?

As a tribute to the Lion King and Disney, we included pictures of one of Kirsten's kittens wearing the Simba mask Christmas ornament from the Broadway production of the Lion King that we bought when we saw the show. And our final images feature Mickey Mouse and myself hanging out and discussing our plans for our upcoming vacation to Walt Disney World.

Mickey has invited me to his Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. How exciting! Fireworks, a parade, a headless horseman, and all the candy you can carry! I hope it is warmer down in Florida than it is up in Badger's Wood right now....

Anyway, my random ramblings aside...I hope you enjoy the pictures and slideshow of this wonderful Lion Costume! It is so ridiculously cute on me! :)

Come on back tomorrow (Saturday) when we showcase some Etsy items for our "Outfits of the Week" post, and then on Monday we will be posting the next outfit in the lineup for our "Liberty Jane Mondays" with our Mix and Match game.

See you soon everybody!
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