Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy T-Day All!

Here is a teaser pic of a pilgrim outfit I got for the holiday. I was going to post about our pilgrim outfits today, but the computer I am using is kind of slow for all the photo editing I'd have to do to pull that off. So one pic only for now.

Hope everyone had a good holiday today!

Gobble, gobble!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Liberty Jane Green Peace

A Liberty Jane Monday!

This is Liberty Jane Clothing's "Green Peace" outfit being modeled on our Emily doll. She saw the red wig worn by Chrissa in the Liberty Jane video and pictures for the "Code Red" outfit and she wanted something like that for herself to wear with some modern clothing. So Emily is time-traveling today.

This blue Blythe wig was purchased from Etsy seller shopoholican. If you want one for your doll, they fit best over thin doll wigs like Emily's. Wigs with thicker hair, like the one on Kit, don't really cooperate well with having another wig pulled over the original hairs. Just FYI.

So the "Green Peace" outfit includes the black and white top, the necklace with little peace signs, a striped headband (which Emily is wearing as a scarf), and green skinny jeans. For our second outfit in this post, we have put the green jeans with the "Austin Blues" black and white plaid shirt and a blue tank top that we bought as a 'separate' from the Liberty Jane Clothing website.

Interested in browsing the Liberty Jane Clothing website?
Click here!

Interested in looking at their current Ebay auctions?
Click here!

Well tomorrow we head off on a plane to our Thanksgiving festivities out-of-state. Another trip!?! Yeah, we kind of travel quite bit around here (feels like one week out of every month... eek!) ... But we will try to post a couple more times this week from "the road."

And of course, when we return----- on December 2nd we will announce the winners of the Rebecca Doll(s) Giveaway! I hope everyone is excited!

Rebecca Giveaway Contest Update with
Pictures of the Handmade Dress

Well we got a lot of replies about our question to those who have entered the Rebecca Giveaway. And enough of you said that wonky-eyed or not- it didn't matter because it would still be awesome to win a doll. So we will give away more than one Rebecca doll! Woohoo!

For the grand prize winner, she/he will receive the less-wonky-eyed Rebecca doll, her Meet outfit, her Meet book, and her accessories. In addition she/he will receive the handmade outfit you see in the photos below, which includes the dress and the hair bow. We show it below on our own Rebecca Isaacke with her white tights and Rebecca's Meet boots. (The white tights aren't included with the giveaway.)

This outfit is a 1914 Yom Kippur dress for Rebecca created by Etsy seller MyOwnLittleWorldToo. But of course you can use it anytime of the year, even for Hanukkah. :)

So here she is, armed with a hairbow and an elegant white dress. The brooch on the neckline is attached to the dress (so that is included).

Tada! There, I finally posted the handmade outfit for the giveaway. I have accomplished something this week. Huzzah!

Coming up next in The Doll Wardrobe.... something great..... uh, yeah... I still haven't really worked out a schedule yet for this week... but keep your eyes peeled for more posts. And Happy Pre-Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rebecca Giveaway Contest:
Question for Those Who Have Entered...

Penny has been toying around with an idea about the giveaway contest and she wants to know...

For everyone who has entered to win the Rebecca Doll, which of you would be satisfied with a Rebecca with slightly wonky eyes?

Seems like a silly question since we really didn't want to give away a Rebecca with slightly wonky eyes, but a percentage of our readers didn't seem to give a hoot that her eyes weren't of equal size to each other.

So if you would still be happy to win a slightly wonky-eyed Rebecca, please submit your name again to this post as a comment. It won't be published, and we'll still keep your name in the running for the less wonky-eyed Rebecca as well.

And if there are enough of you interested in a slightly wonky-eyed Rebecca, we shall give away more than one doll.

Any questions? Did that make sense?

Melody Valerie Statement in Taffeta

Happy Friday everyone!

We thought we should finally get back to some of the Fall 2009 line for Melody Valerie Couture since the small Christmas Line is being released tomorrow, November 21st...

What? The Christmas Line is being released tomorrow?!!?
Wholly Christmas bulbs Batman!!!

Yes indeedy, and we are pretty excited over here at The Doll Wardrobe. I wonder what the dresses will look like??? So many wonderful ideas bouncing around in my head, but the reality is always 100 times better.

For instance, this Fall 2009 "Statement in Taffeta" dress that you see below: It is truly fantastic and looks great on Sundari, who is modeling it for us. Clearly, it is 100 times better than any idea that might have been in my head for a blue ballgown...

The combination of the dark blue color with the two cream accents is breath-taking, and the fabrics are gorgeous. The construction of the bodice is awe-inspiring and very flattering. Sundari is all set for this year's Holiday Ball at her high school. She is going to make quite an entrance!

Want one of these dresses for yourself?
Click here! There are still two left for purchase
as of me writing this post!

Interested in learning more about Melody Valerie Couture?
Click here to read their blog!

Sundari sure does love this luxurious gown!

Eventually we'll get around to showing you the other dresses from the MVC Fall 2009 line... along with all the other stuff we want to show you too.... hmm so much cool stuff to post about... so little time....

Next time: maybe Disney pics or Liberty Jane or something else.... what will we come up with next???

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So apparently there is this
epic saga thing called "Twilight"...

... And the buzz here in the Eastern United States is that the midnight showing of the new movie will start in about 30 minutes. "THIRTY MINUTES!" (That was Stella screaming about 30 minutes ago when she left with her friends for the midnight showing of New Moon. It would take them 30 minutes to get to the theater, and 30 minutes more to wait in line. Where she will probably start screaming more once the theater doors open.)

Stella has been talking so much about New Moon in fact that it feels like the movie release is a bigger "holiday" for her than the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities. And that is probably true...

... And yeah, we kinda own the books and I haven't read them yet. (Sorry Twihards!) And that first movie they made... totally meant to watch that... (Sorry again Twihards!) I have to admit that I'm a bit slow when it comes to keeping up with popular culture. Stella is much better at that than I.

But I just wanted to post these Twilight pics below and say "Happy Twilighting" to everyone! I hope those that go to see the movie will enjoy it! :)

First we have the Spanish version of the New Moon movie poster... which is kinda funny to me. "La Saga Crepuscolo!" sounds even cooler than "The Twilight Saga!," right?

Second we have this cropped shot of Edward Cullen from the above poster. We emphasize him in this post because he is really cute and because he was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. ;)

Can anyone tell that, despite having not read the books nor seeing the last movie, I'm all for Team Edward??? Heehee.

Happy Twilighting Everyone!!!

Toy Stories!

Ok, I can't really call it "Toy Story" because that would be copyright infringement, heehee, and we didn't really get any "Toy Story" toys.... But here are some stories about the toys we got in Disney World at the end of October- hence, Toy Stories!

I got a tee shirt that works well as a night shirt, so I paired it with some leggings. If you are wondering, it is actually a doggie-shirt... and to continue the pet-accessory theme, I also got a pair of Mickey ears. They are a bit too large for AGs, but they give me a humorous aura of hilariousness, so I thought I'd show them to you. ;P

What else do you see in the slideshows below?
1. A book! Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Thirteen Days of Christmas! Bought this puppy in Downtown Disney. No it's not AG-sized, but it is still awesome. And truthfully, it is Stella's book, but I get to pose with it in the photos. :)

2. A Pokemon plushie from Japan in Epcot! Yes, this is Jolteon, for those of you up on your Pokemon lore. ;) It's a bit big for me to hold easily under one arm, but he is still really cute and I think it works well for the AG scale as an over-sized plushie. I guess I should probably admit that this toy really belongs to my twin sister Ellie. :P

3. Two blank mice! No, I didn't say "Two Blind Mice"... but instead two blank mice. Heehee. Yes indeedy you can buy blank Vinylmation Mickey Mouse figures and paint them yourself! Penny got me two blank ones (at Downtown Disney) which she is going to ask her sister to paint for me in Halloweenie themes. We'll see what she comes up with!

4. Pins, pins and more pins! Penny grabs a few of the Disney Collectible Pins every time she goes to Walt Disney World and this time was no exception to that rule, particularly because 2009 is the tenth anniversary of Disney Pins, which were initially created to mark the millennium!

In our little tabletop display you will see the Halloween Party 2009 pin, a couple of pins for the Haunted Mansion (which is also celebrating an anniversary this year), and some Nightmare Before Christmas pins. Mixed in are pins for Pirates of the Caribbean, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Mickey Mouse and the Pin Trading 10th anniversary.

So what do you do with these pins after you spend way too much money on them? Good question... but Penny has been devising a plan for displaying them. So we'll see what she comes up with. ;)

5. And last but not least, the final slideshow below exhibits some truly awesome toys that my sister Maggie and I are going to share. Penny bought us some cool string toys of a Pirate and Mickey Mouse like the famous Kamibashi String Doll Gang. And she also got us the Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Heroes toy collection.

Here be Pirates! Arrrggghhhh!.... We now have a Skeleton Pirate, Will Turner, Davy Jones, Captain Barbossa, Captain Jack Sparrow, and the Doggie from the Jail Scene. Now all we need is the Black Pearl pirate ship......hmmmm (*starts her Christmas wish list*)

I hope you liked this (rather long) post!

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon on our Disney pics, Liberty Jane clothing, Melody Valerie Couture and much more! What will be coming up next??? You'll just have to come on back to find out!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Revisiting Numberonekitty
AGFMB Special Feature

Food! Glorious Food!

No, this isn't a post on Oliver Twist songs... but rather a pre-holiday-ish post connected to the upcoming Thanksgiving feasties. Are you baking and cooking yourself? Or just dreaming of all the mashed potatoes and pies you get to eat? Either way, we thought it would be good to tempt your dolly's appetite with a slideshow of the dolly-sized food created by AG Fans Message Board Member Numberonekitty. All of the pictures you see in the slideshow below are the property of Numberonekitty!

What do you see below?
1. Breakfast- Fried Eggs, Toast, Bacon, Pancakes! (3 slides)
2. Miniaturized Pop Tarts Box!
Numberonekitty says: "Just scan, re-size and print and you can miniaturize almost anything!"
3. Pop Tarts to go inside the Miniaturized Pop Tarts box! (2 slides)
4. Miniaturized Lucky Charms cereal box and Brownie Mix box!
5. Eggs and Peach Slices!
6. Cucumbers!
7. Sliced Watermelon! (2 slides)
8. Potatoes!
9. Gherkins!
10. Baby carrots!
11. Pumpkin Roll!
12. Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Pops!
13. Fruit Twin Pops!
14. Ice Cream Sandwiches!
15. Popcorn in a bowl! (2 slides)
16. Chocolate Chip Cookies! (2 slides) Numberonekitty placed Kit's chocolate chip cookie in the foreground of the first picture so you can get an idea of its over-sized nature. Numberonekitty's cookies are a better fit for AG hands!
17. Jelly Beans!
18. Peanut Butter Cookies!
19. Pseudo-Oreos! (2 slides)
20. Chocolates and Truffles! (2 slides)

Look at this dolly-sized feastie! Yum, yum!

Aren't these treats fantastic?!? Thanks for sharing your creations with us Numberonekitty! They are super-great!

And now I'm hungry.... What's for dinner Penny???

Next time in The Doll Wardrobe I'll finally share those pictures of the toys I got in Disney World.... once I manage to get some time to take those pics..... ;)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Liberty Jane Austin Blues

Three slideshows for the price of one!

Okay, the slideshows are already free.... but the main point is that we have three slidehows in this post. Yes, that's a lot of pictures. But we had a difficult time narrowing them down to one slideshow so we then decided to just go completely crazy and show you a whole lot of pics!

What are you looking at below? First you see our custom Sabrina M. Dove in Liberty Jane Clothing's "Austin Blues" Fall 2009 outfit. The boots are from Liberty Jane but they are not the ones that normally come with this outfit. We added the ribbon as a belt, and Sabrina couldn't wear the included blue earrings. But overall it is essentially "Austin Blues." The plaid shirt, the black tank top, and the bright blue jeans are included with this outfit.

Want Liberty Jane Clothing? Click here!
Want to see their Ebay auctions? Click here!

You will also notice that Sabrina has totally different hair in the first and second slideshows than she does in the third.... bizarre! Well, that hair change is made possible by using Blythe wigs. Yes indeedy, as we learned from Liberty Jane Clothing, you can buy a Blythe wig and just slip it on over the doll's existing hair. It's easy! No ripping off an old wig. No glue. No pain. No fuss. No muss.

We got a couple wigs to try out for our Sabrina and each one gives her a different look. You'll see the others in future posts. For now, enjoy the images of this Black and Hot Pink combo!

Want Blythe wigs for your AG too? Click here!

Slideshow Number Two shows you what happens when you mash-up Liberty Jane's "Austin Blues" with their "Picture Day" outfit....Waalaa!.... Pretty cool!

And the Final Slideshow is pieced together for you to see how cool the jeans can look even with just the tank tops. In that last slideshow Sabrina models the duds with her original locks on view. And that toy hanging from her pocket is a Skelanimals spider key chain from Target. It is awesome.

Hope that all of that spastic blather above made sense!
Please enjoy the many many photos below!

Look at that! You managed to look at all the photos and get down to the bottom of this post! Congratulations readers!

Coming up next in The Doll Wardrobe is that Special Feature on Numberonekitty which I am completely late on delivering to you... but it will eventually get here!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sabrina's New Eyes!

Yes, it's true! Sabrina M. Dove has new dark blue eyes thanks to AG Playthings Member MsTangledWebs! Among many different dolly services, she provides eye swapping customizations at very good prices.

Thank you MsTangledWebs!

So you may remember that we thought Sabrina looked a little bit too much like our Jess doll and we needed a bit more variety in our dolls. Now Sabrina has Kit's color blue eyes instead of her original brown ones. She is one-of-a-kind! Okay, maybe not one-of-a-kind if someone else out there also has a JLY #30 customized to have Kit's eyes.... but there definitely aren't many of her type in the world. ;)

We have two pictures below of Sabrina with her new eyes!

You might have caught on to the fact that Sabrina is wearing Liberty Jane duds. She was meant to be our Liberty Jane Mondays model for this week... if we had managed to actually take those pictures on time and post that on Monday... but we didn't. However that post will eventually happen!

So stay tuned for another post with Sabrina, her new eyes, and some Liberty Jane Clothing for our Mix and Match Game. :D

I'm Really Slow Posting this Week

Sorry for the delay everybody! I will get around to all of my planned posts eventually. It's just that school is trying to fit in a whole bunch of reports and tests before Turkey Day vacation, so my homework is kind of "getting in the way" of posting.

I will be back either tonight or tomorrow with a new post! Again, sorry for the lack of posting!

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Rebecca Doll for Giveaway Arrives!

We ordered another Rebecca doll to see if we could get one with more "normal" and "symmetrical" eyes. She arrived today! Thank you UPS man!

I think this one is better than the last one we received. So this doll you see in the photos below will be the one the winner receives.

Her eyes are generally, sort of, kind of the same size.
And we think she looks pretty cute. :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Revisiting LinneaAnne
AGFMB Special Feature

Hello again and welcome back for another installment of the American Girl Fans Message Board Member Special Feature! We are returning to member LinneaAnne for a look at some of the clothing she has made for Ruthie. All of the photos you see in this post are the property of LinneaAnne.

Here is a breakdown of what you are seeing in the photos and slideshow below:

1) The blue dress with the very fancy collar was inspired by a dress that Ruthie wears in the movie.
2) The brown dress and coordinating hat was created by LinneaAnne for the AGFMB 2009 sewing swap. LinneaAnne explains: "I love the color (of the hat) with Ruthie's hair and eyes - it just brings out her eyes so well."
3) The pink, green and yellow apron you see below was created in a 1930s style.
4) The green, white and brown dress which you see as a close-up shot was made as a school dress for Ruthie and has a pleated skirt.
5) LinneaAnne also created a slip for Ruthie based on the pattern for Molly's slip.

And last but not least.....
6) The pink dress was adapted from a Bunny Bear pattern, but LinneaAnne omitted the sleeves from the design.

I would say Ruthie's wardrobe is now quite complete!
Awesome job LinneaAnne!!!

Fantastic! Everything is just so beautiful and the pictures are great. Thank you for sharing your creative doll clothing with us LinneaAnne! Join us next week for another look at what AGFMB member Numberonekitty has created for her dolls.

And next time in The Doll Wardrobe you will find out what I, Nora Demington, gathered as my souvenir loot from our Disney World vacation. Yes I got some more toys! Surprise... surprise. And I'll also start posting some more pictures from our vacation in a more organized thematic manner. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Liberty Jane Picture Day!

Liberty Jane Tuesday?!? What happened to Liberty Jane Mondays? Okay, so I'm late again posting this... blehck. But I spent too much time taking the photos for this post yesterday and ran out of time to actually post it before bedtime. I promised myself I'd actually stick to my posting schedule when I returned from vacation, but I'm not doing very well so far..... ugh.

But I still have fun handmade dolly clothing to share with you, as usual! For this week's Liberty Jane feature we have our Rebecca modeling the Fall Line 2009 Picture Day outfit. Then we combined the tank top from the Liberty Jane Classic Rock Star outfit with the skirt from Picture Day for a new look.

Don't these pictures make you want to enter our Rebecca Doll Giveaway Contest??? (Click here to read the contest post and investigate it further.)

The Picture Day outfit actually has two tops and the see-through one has stars and moon shapes on it. But you can't really see that in the pictures. Included in the Picture Day package was the skirt, two tops, and the long necklace with a heart amulet. A very snazzy ensemble! And as you can sort of tell in our photos below, we added in one of our Lavenderlore eared knit hats to make it all look a little different.

Want some Liberty Jane for yourself?
Click here to visit the online store.
Interested in their Ebay auctions?
Click here!
Interested in Etsy seller Lavenderlore's knit items?
Click here!

Next week's Liberty Jane Monday special feature will include a mash-up of Picture Day and something else...... uh, yeah. I haven't figured that one out yet.... Any ideas? What do you guys want to see Picture Day mashed up with? Code Red? Austin Blues? Green Peace Outfit? Some of the many random pieces of clothing I have laying around from LJ like tank tops, jackets and skirts? Thoughts?

Coming up next in The Doll Wardrobe is the AGFMB Special Feature with another look at LinneaAnne's creations. See you soon!
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