Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fashion Design Challenge Example #1

So we had some questions from y'alls about what exactly an "idea" image is and an "in-progress" image is for the Fashion Design Challenge.

We thought we'd post some examples for y'alls to help clarify the issue.

Maple wanted a Dr. Watson costume -- basically a man's suit but for girls.

We asked Linda over at Vintique Designs to help us with this project, 
i.e. make it for us. Haha.

So we sent her some "idea" images:

Maple wanted this human suit...

Using this Shibuya jacket pattern...

In grey suiting fabric (from Banana Republic dress pants)

We asked for the jacket, two vests, a pair of pants, and a halter tank blouse thingy like from the Shibuya outfit.

Watson sports vests on a regular basis

So Linda started working, and sent us some "in-progress" images:

Here is the jacket in the middle of being crafted....

Big thanks to Linda for letting us use her pics.

And here is the finished product:

We should post more shots of this finished outfit, but hopefully you get the idea.

Let us know if you have any questions.

We'll post a couple more examples of these "idea" and "in-progress" shots soon.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Atwitter for Regency :
Dollies' Dressmaker Gown

It's an exciting time for AG enthusiasts. 
We always love, love, love the build-up to new items being released. 
It's like group therapy, everyone can relate to each other and
talk about the same thing. Heehee. :-D

Us collectors are probably almost as excited to see and play with Caroline's stuff as the AG Team is excited to release it all. The AG designers, writers, and researchers have been working on this stuff for over 3 years. I bet they are happy September 4th is just around the corner, when she will be available online and in all of the stores.

(And of course, that means winter MyAG gear will release as well, including the holiday outfits and sets, and maybe some new items for the other historicals, like Rebecca...maybe)

In our own excitement about Caroline we thought: "Hey, we should really photograph some more of our own Regency collection."

We asked y'alls on Facebook about what we should do. Some of you wanted to see them now, and one person suggested Lanie as a substitute. Others wanted to see items on Caroline.

So we'll do a mixture, some outfits on Lanie/Lira and some on Caroline when she arrives.

Some of the outfits are clearly Regency attire -- others are based on human costuming, for instance BBC productions of "Emma." We aren't too finicky about being 100% historically accurate here, we buy and order what we like/want.

We pre-ordered Caroline, so hopefully she'll be here next week, fyi -- to start her modeling duties. ;-)

We begin with The Dollies' Dressmaker one of a kind set, this ivory gown and later, a post with the navy spencer jacket that accompanied it (which you can see on our Facebook page if you want a spoiler:

The dress is gorgeous and we could spend all day waxing on about it -- but a picture is worth 1,000 words.....

Lira makes a pretty good temporary Caroline, and she was happy to model for us.

Just don't tell Maple that Lira will be featured on the blog for like a week and a half.

Also don't tell Maple we used her nautical brass items collection for our tabletop display....

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London 2012 Photo Contest Winner!

Well, the DW elves tallied the votes and then Penny put on her judging hat.

For the London 2012 Photo Contest...

The Gold Medalist and Prize Winner is Entry #6

Inky Kayaking!

We will be emailing Inky this evening to notify her that 
she has won a $20 AG gift card.

The Silver Medalist is Entry #4

Gymnastics Studio!

And the Bronze Medalist is Entry #11

Kanani Getting Ready for Her Dive!

Thanks for participating and voting everyone!

And thanks for visiting us today!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY No-Sew Faux Doll Boot Socks

Hola, peoples!

So earlier we pointed out the boot socks trend via Ally's pic from 
our Disney Channel Fashion series.

If you are like us, you own some doll boots that the dolls can't wear with socks. Basically the boot won't fit on the doll with socks underneath them. Also, if you are like us, you are not about to start cutting up expensive doll socks that are not easily replaceable.

So we stopped over at Target for some baby socks to cut up. Babies 'R Us or something like that would probably have way more options, but Target was on the way to the grocery store.

We bought a set of 6 socks for $7.99 plus tax. Not too bad considering that's 6 pairs of faux boot socks, and 6 pairs of slipper socks for the dolls. Which works out to about 67 cents per pair.

Here are the socks in their packaging from each side.

The "size" is 0-3 months.
We were hoping to find premie socks, but they didn't have any. 
It's fine though, since these worked well.

We bought the set for the blue and green striped socks, 
so we decided to start cutting those up first.

As you can see, the socks do fit the AGs. 
But the type we bought are rather thick, so shoes don't fit over them. But if your dolls just want thick socks to hang out in, these would do the job.

If you plan on doing this DIY, make sure you do it in an area that can get messy. The socks tend to "shed" little strings after you cut them. They aren't really designed to last forever once you start cutting them up. You could stitch them up a bit to keep them from unraveling. But it hardly seems worth it.

These socks have two sides, an inside and an outside - as you can see in the pic below. But in our opinion either side can be used as faux boot socks.

They also have a natural folding point in them -- you can sort of see the line in the striped ones. But it is much easier to see in the grey ones.

Cut along this line, with your sharpest pair of scissors, to create your faux boot socks.

Then you slide the top section onto the doll's leg, making sure you are putting the top of the sock, with the finished edge, at the top. (How many times can I say the word "top" in one sentence?)

Be sure to tie the laces of your boots all the way to the top and tight. This helps control the faux sock so it doesn't make the top section of your boot bulge out too much. These socks can also be used with pull-on boots and those with velcro closures, not just boots that lace up.

So here is what is left behind. 

You can roll down the edge and make little slipper socks for the dolls. The left one is rolled, and the right is still unrolled. We probably didn't have to say that, but we did anyways. ;-)

We also cut up the grey socks to go with some black boots.

We used the inside of the sock as the outside of our faux boot socks. 
They look very cozy and warm, sort of like sweaters for your shins or something, haha.

And we also experimented with rolling the socks down over the top of the boot, so it looks like they are more connected to the boot itself.

There are really endless options and looks for this DIY project -- all dependent on the types of socks you find to cut up, the types of boots you use, and how you style the faux socks.

I hope this was helpful and inspirational!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Inaugural Fashion Design Challenge Contest

Sup peoples. 

We are starting up a new type of contest. 
A more difficult one. Hence, the "challenge" part of the title. ;-)

Of course calling it the 2012 Inaugural Fashion Design Challenge Contest over and over and over again will get a bit tedious. So we will stick with Fashion Design Challenge as the smaller version, and FDC for short.

So this is new. We have been thinking about it for awhile, as this challenge presents its own challenges for execution. But we might as well try it at least once. But brace yourself for a long post with lots of words.

The idea is to craft two doll outfit designs and actually create them - yourself. 

Doesn't sound too bad, right? 
AG Playthings does a Project Runaway type thing that is like this. But ours will just be two outfits for this first challenge, instead of a whole series of designs.

The contest will be open to anyone who wants to participate. 
Men, women.
Adults, children.
Elves, fairies.

If you are younger than 18 years old, please get your parent or guardian's 
permission to participate.

We will break the entries into two groups, newbies and pros. 

You can tell us what category you wish to be listed in, but Penny will make the final decision on that front. If your outfit looks like a professional job and you want it listed in the newbie section, then that isn't really fair. And vice versa.

So if you haven't been sewing, designing, and/or selling that much - you are probably a newbie. If you have been sewing, designing and selling for awhile - you are probably a pro. Hopefully you can judge yourself and know where you fall.

For sellers, this contest is basically designed to give you a venue for showing off your skilz, gifts, abilities, talents, ideas, awesomeness. The holiday season is around the corner. Take this opportunity to get your name out there. And feel free to sell the outfits you create for this contest.

Each category will have a top winner. 
So there will be two winners to this contest in total.

We are looking for AG-size outfits on AG dolls.
But if you want to do Journey Girls, Liv, or Karito Kids or something like that -- feel free to email us and we can discuss it further.

The two outfits are not themed. 

They can be modern or historical. 
They can be couture, fancy dress, back to school, pajamas, whatever you can think up. 
Express your creativity peoples.

But they DO have to be different from each other. You can't just do one dress pattern in two different colors, haha. If your second outfit design is too much like your first one, we'll blatantly tell you this and tell you to change it or be left out of the second outfit round. Yep, we'll go Tim Gunn on you. Well, we'll have Maple go Tim Gunn on you.

Each outfit comes with three tasks.

1) Outfit design

This can be a drawing, with your hand or on the computer, pictures of human clothing, a Polyvore-type mash-up thing, scan from a catalog, whatever you what to do.

But it has to clearly show your design. Identify types of clothing items, colors, and fabrics.

Also you should do a write-up for what you are planning. Use your words. Explain everything.

Try to be as complete as possible. The more complex the outfit, the better. And we don't mean it has to use couture sewing techniques and super-expensive fabrics. I mean start from a basic foundation and then go beyond that. Layers, outerwear, socks, tights, shoes, jewelry, a purse, etc. Do you go to the mall in just a tee shirt and shorts? Probably not. You at least wear shoes....

You can submit more than one image for your design for this task.

2) Outfit in process of being created

Show us your fabrics, the pattern, the pieces you have cut out, mock-ups, whatevs. Just as long as you show us your creative process. This way we see how you work and we make sure it is actually you who made the outfit.

Also, submission can be more than one image.

3) Outfit complete and modeled

This is where you should take out your best doll model, best camera, and best photography skilz.

Photograph your outfit as professionally as possible. Pretend you are doing a magazine or catalog shoot -- like you are trying to sell this outfit. Craft a photo shoot studio, make a doll-scale scene, or go outdoors. Or do all three.

The more convincing, human-ish, and realistic the shoot, the better. Doll against a white wall or doll on a tabletop is boring. We do that everyday. Make your pics stand out and extra, extra awesome.

We expect more than one image for this task. 

At least one shot of the whole outfit. And then detail shots and different looks for the outfit. Like with and without a jacket on, for example.

Given the awesomeness of the prizes -- 
you must submit images for all three tasks for two complete outfits.

The two top winners will only be chosen from people who submitted all three tasks for two different outfits. Not really sure how to say that more clearly.....You have to participate in the WHOLE CONTEST if you want to win it. This rule isn't in place to be a pain in the butt, but to be fair to all participants.

We will be posting your designs and pics on The Doll Wardrobe Blog after each due date.

So don't send us pics of humans nor of things you don't want on the internet.

There will be a week of reader voting after each complete outfit is shown to y'alls. 

Then Penny will be tallying all of the votes (from both outfits) at the end of everything. 

From the top 50%, she'll pick one winner from each category, newbies and pros.

Penny's judging will be based upon several factors. 

They are ranked by order of importance:

1) Quality of craftsmanship

2) Realism

3) Fit

4) Creativity

5) Wow Factor

By "Wow Factor" -- we mean overall perfection of the outfit. 
Is it eye-catching? Do all of the pieces go together? 
When you see it do you immediately say: "I want that!!"


Each winner will receive either a brand spanking new AG doll or an AG gift card for the equivalent of a doll. That way international people can enter. We'll purchase the doll and send it to them. And locals can use the AG gift card anyway they want to.

Schedule -- All Due Dates are Fridays

First Design Due on or before September 7th

First Outfit in Process Due on or before September 21st

First Complete Outfit Shots Due on or before October 5th


Second Design Due on or before October 12th

Second Outfit in Process Due on or before November 2nd

Second Complete Outfit Shots Due on or before November 16th

If you have something to do on one of those days -- be it a school thing, vacation, landing a rover on Mars -- don't give up now, just work on your designs and outfits ahead of time and send us things in advance.

No need to give up before you have even tried.

Our first due date is 2 weeks away. 
So put your thinking caps on designers!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

You can use the comment box below or email us at

All images for all of the tasks should be sent to
Images measuring 500 pixels wide or wider are best.
Again, try to make your images the best quality they can be.

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Last Day to Vote!

Title pretty much says it all.

Today, August 24th, is the last day to vote for entries in the London 2012 Photo Contest.

Check out the entries and vote today if you haven't yet!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Annalise Riddle Me This: LJ and RDB Items

Whattup peoples. We have kinda fallen behind on the whole posting pics of our own dolls and our clothing collection thing -- which is kinda the overriding point of this blog, haha. So we will try and be more productive on that front. ;-) (We literally have boxes and boxes of stuff we haven't photographed yet -- yikes!!!)

Today we have another "Riddle Me This" from Annalise.

She is wearing Liberty Jane's "Founder's Day" jean jacket from the OOAK kind set that was auctioned off on Ebay back in the Spring 2012 line.

If you are interested in using this pattern to make your own jacket go here:

We also own this jacket in a light blue fabric that was handcrafted by L'Atelier de Sitara as part of her "Most Likely to Succeed" outfit for her Yearbook Fall/Winter 2012 couture line.

Sitara's pic:

So there are all sorts of creative ways you could use this pattern. Denim, chino fabrics, floral prints. Color options are only limited to the fabrics you find. You can embellish it a lot or a little -- with buttons, snaps, or studs, or even fabric painting, embroidery, lace or calico additions, or applique. You can also play around with the stitching, making it colorful or making it blend in.

Also as far as embellishing, consider distressing techniques. 
Cinnamon has distressed the edges of this jacket to give it a vintage feeling.

Annalise's purple striped tee shirt and cuffed khaki shorts are from 

We can't say enough good things about RDB. The quality of their items is excellent and the prices are even more fantastic. You can enhance your doll's wardrobe without killing the piggybank, and Lisa is very willing to do custom orders. Be sure to look closely at her sold custom items for ideas on what to order:

Okay, we've gotten all the 'splaining out of the way.
Are you ready for the riddle???

Comment below with the answer to Annalise's riddle and 
then feel really awesome about yourself!

Thanks for visiting us today!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maple Examines the Nordstrom
Back to School Guide

Yo, Maple here.

Back to School Fashion Guides amoose me.
All these companies tell you what to wear.
Which is good if you are clueless about fashion, like most of the teenage populace.
Well, most of the populace in general.

But be careful.
1) Just because something is trendy doesn't mean it will look good on your body type.
2) Just because Nordstrom says there are three types of girls in the world,
doesn't mean it's true.

Enter "gritty rock star," "girly girl," and "polished academic."
Ah, someone likes categorization.

You can't be a gritty rock girl if your hair isn't dyed and you don't have a skateboard.
Vacant head tilt is also required.

If you want to be a girly girl, make sure you raise your arms in the air randomly.
I guess constant perkiness and being ready for exercise at any moment is key.

And polished academics need nerd chic glasses and colorful notebooks.
Otherwise you just ain't a smartie.
Add a snobby, over the glasses "you must kidding" look and you have it in the bag.

Stereotypes aside....  Moto jackets and vests are in.
As well as denim jackets and button down shirts.
Plaid button down shirts have never really gone out of style.
Make sure the hems are rounded.
Solid color pants are in -- either in chino fabric or colored denims.
Skinny is still the preferred shape.

Colorful floral jackets are in.
As well as lace overlay dresses.
These dresses are two layers -- as the lace is usually see through.
Sometimes the colors of the layers match.
Sometimes they are more contrasty.

Nerd chic is never out of style.
Long cardigans with contrast trim.
Striped skirts.
Button down boyfriend-esque shirts.
But Nordstrom doesn't stop there.
The fun continues.

They give us even more outfit ideas, and they ask the really probing, meaningful questions that most teenagers are thinking about all day...
Which gives me a chance to answer them.....

In true stereotypical teenager style I will try to keep the capitalizations and grammar 
to a minimum from now on.

(p.s. do you see how these girls are jumping categories???)

what am I doing after graduation?

well, when i gravitate i plan on either becoming a master criminal or a master crime solver.
outcome yet to be determined....

i mean someone really does need to find the ark of the covenant... and steal it...

Penny recently told me that Indiana Jones was all made up
and it wasn't a historical documentary.

so the real ark is still out there...

what's on my iPod?

as a shout-out to L-Dawg,
Psy's "Gangnam Style" on constant repeat
avert your eyes if you are sensitive...

School's out - where I headed?

well, first of all i feel like less of a woman now because i don't have a boyfriend with a motorcycle

so i guess i am headed out to find a motorcycle for my boyfriend...

i don't even have a boyfriend yet!
i guess i need to find a boyfriend first...
now i feel like even less of a woman because i don't have a boyfriend
man, i just can't win

i should just get my own motorcycle and forget about men...

what's on the menu for lunch?

well, certainly not candy
i don't want to go into diabetic shock during school hours
i'll wait until later, like when i'm on the back of my new boyfriend's motorcycle
oh wait, that might not be such a good idea

i'll stick with a regular ten course meal with accompanying juice tastings

how do I get to school?

once again Nordstrom makes me feel a bit bad about myself
i don't have my own car with the windows down and a furry pink seat cover
i am definitely less of a human being because I don't have my own car

i'll have to remedy that situation as well
after my chauffeur drives me to school in our super stretch Hummer limo

it's the last five minutes of study hall- what do I do?

study hall? what's that?
i just spend the whole school day asleep in a supply closet
wait... don't tell Penny that....

maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend
i don't get to flirt with cuties in study hall
and i often smell of cleaners and sponges

who's my best friend?

myself of course
no one else is awesome enough to be my best friend

I have been asking Penny for a real Night Fury dragon
to be my BFF

but she consistently says "no way"

what's my favorite movie?

any version of Sherlock Holmes

cluelesslegally blonde? qua?
i have never heard of these movies
they must not have Jude Law in them....

how often do I clean my locker?

i have a locker?

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