Wednesday, January 1, 2014

American Girl Order Placed Today!

Como estas, friends?

Happy New Year!
Happy New GOTY Day!

Last night, or rather, this morning at 4:38 am we placed 
an Isabelle item order through American Girl.

We wanted to order the Studio, but it was 'Sold Out' -- 
i.e. not stocked into the system yet. 

So then we added all her clothing and accessories into the cart instead. 
And her Funky Leggings said 'Unavailable.'

So they lost out on $275 and $12 from us.
And it is all available for ordering online now.

We'll order that stuff later, or buy it from the store.
But it was very disappointing not to be able to buy 
what we wanted right on New Year's.

Obviously at 4:38 am, they still weren't ready for us to order stuff.
Double poopies.

We are waiting to buy "Dramatic Arm Movement-Isabelle"
 in an AG store.

Not sure when that will happen,
but we prefer to buy her in person.

With AG's tendency to make dolls with wonky eyes and flawed wigs, 
we might as well buy the dolls in person, if possible.

And we want to make sure our Isabelle has those 
dramatic arm movements down pat.
Though we aren't sure in what universe an AG doll can stand 
like that successfully without falling over.


So we purchased all of Isabelle's clothing, 
except the leggings and the meet outfit and accessories.

And we ordered her dance case and kitten.
Case may be useful for storage, 
and we are intrigued by the headbands and slippers.

The kitten looks a bit too much like a stuffed toy, but oh well.
Maybe he'll just be a stuffed toy in our play universe.

We want to get the new tennis outfit, 
but will probably buy it in person.

Despite the pink qualities it possesses, we love it because it reminds us of Oh Ha Ni's tennis outfits from one of our favorite Korean dramas, "Playful Kiss. ;-)

All of the pink=yuck Valentine's stuff will not being coming home with us.
Never. Never. Never.
Just no.


Have to avert our eyes...


the new pink shoes will also not being coming here.

Maybe these heels will come home with us someday.
But for right now, we aren't sure what they would actually go with.

As far as Isabelle's Dance Barrrrrrrrre...
we aren't sure we need it.
Might be good props to have?
So maybe we'll buy it when we buy the Studio.

Overall, we like Isabelle's collection and 
give it two thumbs up.

More on that later today. :-)

Did you order/purchase any of the 
new American Girl items yet?

What is on your Wish List?


Kathryn said...

Your comment about AG's tendency to make dolls with wonky eyes and flawed wigs is very interesting to me. I have 7 dolls, all of which have been ordered online, and I don't think I've ever noticed any problems... Do you think this is just good luck? Now I'm scared to purchase anymore doll's online :P How common of a problem would you say this is?

Marisa AG said...

Yep, Isabelle's coming to us! (But later in the year, I have to save up some money.) And my Kanani (who is the only GOTY in my collection so far) is NOT happy abut that...
And no, none of that pink stuff is coming home to us, either. ;)

Nora and Maple said...

As far as the eyes and wigs issues, most of what we view as 'off' or 'wrong' or 'flawed' -- may in fact be completely unnoticeable to many people.

Being collectors and visually oriented, we want our dolls to look a certain way. Also, we photograph them a lot (when we have the time) -- so any imperfections in their face and wig are going to be glaring to us, and will bug us in photographs.

Mainly, it is our own personal OCD. Many dolls we have bought online have been fine. But there have certainly been flawed ones. And many of the dolls in the stores have flaws in our opinion.

But the point is -- what we see as flaws, other people are often fine with.

Kathryn said...

Few! I'm glad to know that I'm not a) crazy for not noticing and b)doomed to get a doll I don't like
I do plan on waiting to buy Isabelle in store when the Charlotte store opens, so maybe I'll get a chance to compare how the dolls look then! Thanks :)

Raine Sunshine said...

Her collection is adorable youre so lucky to be getting all of it! My favourite colour is pink but I do agree that AG is going a little bit overboard with it. And valentines day stuff in January? Its barely even a holiday let alone one that needs to be prepared for a whole month before! Good job AG with Isabelle but not too good with the valentines day stuff!

Icedmoka said...

Just curious about AG shopping etiquette...when choosing a doll do you remove it completely from the box to check for the perfect one? I have purchased several at the Seattle store but just taking the lid off the box doesn't really help as much as I'd like. I'm ultra picky too but I don't want to be a Tasmanian devil swirling through their store either. I've had several dolls with too much glue in their wigs and the brush gets caught. With the hair net on it's still a gamble. Hate to be disappointed when some things not right. Have you written any rules? lol

:) SJ & Exo!!!!!!!

Nora and Maple said...

We haven't exactly written any doll shopping etiquette guidelines, but we can write them now! We'll put it up as a tab up top on the blog and then add a link in here. :-)

Nora and Maple said... :-)

AGlover said...

Im getting Isabelle Next month!

Anonymous said...

I bought it all, except for Mr. Pricey Armoire. The barre is good photo prop. Dad had to get in the extensions. Don't ask. With every outfit, mix and match, I counted, something like 93 possible combos and I may have missed 1 or 2. I think she's the best GOTY to date. I love your blog. You have fun = creativity = good reading. Love this site. No pink in this house either.

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