Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tell-Tale Signs of a
Pending MyAG Line Make-Over

2014 brought us a new GOTY, 
and it should bring us a new 
MyAG Meet Outfit as well.

We won't be sad to see the ol' babyish outfit go.
Also known as the True Spirit Outfit, 
which was released in 2012.

(Why is the butt-fly lime when no other 
part of this outfit is lime???)

We at The DW have so many of these butt-fly boots that 
we actually spent last night custom-distressing 
a pair of them as an experiment.

MyAG/Just Like You Meet Outfits 
are switched every 2 years.

In 2010 the Real Me Outfit was introduced, 
as well as Innerstar U, and the Charm Necklace theme.

Also in 2010, the Just Like You Line was renamed
to be My American Girl, 
and each MyAG outfit then included 
a charm for the charm keeper necklace.

As of Jan. 1, 2014 -- the charm keeper doll necklace 
is now sold separately on 
the American Girl website.

Which leads us to speculate 
(yes, speculate -- so this isn't a carved-in-stone thing) -- 
that the charms are on their way out 
and the charm keeper necklace 
will no longer be included with the dolls when 
the Meet Outfit of the MyAG Line 
is changed in the summer/early fall of 2014.

We would also speculate that the MyAG Line may be renamed.
Innerstar U will probably still be around.
But we feel the charm thing is on its way out.

Just Like You lasted for 4 years.
And the line has been My American Girl for 4 years.
So it is our theory that there will be a new line name in 2014.

It would be nice if this new line brought new dolls, 
or a system for doll customization.

But we think new dolls is probably a more likely thing 
than actually being able to custom order a doll with 
the hair color, wig type, eye color, skin color, and face mold 
you want her to have. 
Though that would be awesome.

My Twinn has released a refreshed line with 18" dolls.
They call it My BFF.
My Best Friend Forever -- for those of you 
not up with the kids' lingo these days.

They pretty much have AG bodies.

And you can custom order them to your specifications.

And these dolls cost $99 plus $14 for the pierced ear option.

So My Twinn/My BFF is actually offering 
something much more advanced
than American Girl.

Yes, more advanced than American Girl.
And less expensive.

This is a custom-made doll.
$99 ain't bad for that.

So now My Twinn also carries 18" doll scale outfits, 
accessories, furniture and more.
Which all serve as competition to AG.

We don't personally find the dolls as 
cute and aesthetically appealing as AGs.
We have sort of gotten used to the way AGs look.

But not everybody is like us and 
they will be tempted to go into the light of My BFF.

American Girl should stay ahead 
of their competition.

They should already have a 
custom-made doll option.

Perhaps this new My BFF line is actually My Twinn 
staying ahead of its competition and we can take it as a sign 
that AG is actually planning to create 
an advanced doll customization system???

That's just us guessing though.

Let's cross our fingers and hope that 2014 
will bring that advancement, 
as well as 
a new Meet Outfit for the modern doll line 
(that doesn't suck).


M said...

While I agree that it's clearly that time of year when we should countdown to new MyAG Meet Outfit goodness, I'm not so sure that Innerstar U will outlive the charms. I'd think they'd either both go at about the same time (and the charm keeper necklace being available separately is a way to clear out some backstock) or that the charms might live on since those I at least still hear kids use/collect.

Which is kind of a shame since Innerstar U should've been awesome but they half-arsed it all the way 'round. :(

Blaire and Cornelia said...

We can't wait for a new line. Never liked the pink onesie shirt or the embroidered boots. What do the custom distressed boots look like? We'd love to know!

Amaya said...

That's interesting. I can't wait to see what they come out with.

Willsbardgirl said...

Hmmmmm. Nice food for thought. I wonder if I should get MAG #46 now or wait for the rebranding?

Jo Ellem said...

What you guys think of "beForever"? Do you think it is a revamp of the historical line or could it the new name for the revamped MYAG?

Jeneca Rose said...

Yes Yes Yes. The "baby onesie" as stated above by Blaire and Cordelia needs to go, and go away forever.
I hope it does get revamped! We need something new and fresh...

((did you notice that the daily deals on the AG website includes 50% the MyAG pets?))

Melody Silverleaf said...

Wouldn't that have come in the first catalog of the new year? I forget when the change happened last time.

Online Innerstar U will probably continue since it is still vogue to have computer interaction as well as offline play interaction with dolls, etc.

My favorite line was the American Girl of Today with the mini grin stickers, but I also liked getting a mini book with outfits as well. The charms are nice, but without the necklace, just stuff.

Nora and Maple said...

Melody -- The MyAG Meet Outfit change happens in the mid-summer to early fall time period.

Melody Silverleaf said...

Ah, very good. thank you for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

Thank hevans! That outfit was very dated enough though it came out a few years ago. Maybe they'll go back to the Jly name. Never really liked My American Girl. I hope we get a stylish dress next!

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't take away innerstarU..... Not everything on there is boring, and a lot of little girls LOVE it. But I will not be sorry to see the skirt go. I really hope they will have some pants/shorts/jeans and maybe an orange or blue or green or yellow or red or white or black or even gray shirt! I'm pretty sick of the pink/purple dress/skirt combos...... Speak to the non girly girls, AG! :)

Eunice Zhang said...

Why's the True Spirit Outfit babyish? You gals insult everything.

Anonymous said...

Eunice,not every girl likes dresses,skirts,and pink.In fact,the trend for girls my age is for everyday wear,pants and shorts,with the occasional skort.

And I love pink,but I like the Real Me Outfit more than the True Spirit Outfit.

Lydia said...

So sad that My Twinn is going out of business. Also it doesnt give AG much motivation for a custom doll line or competitive prices... Oh well. My Twinn eyes were terrible quality anyway. I'm writing from 2016 btw.

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