Thursday, January 2, 2014

DW Fashion Design Challenges in 2014:
Questions for You!

Hey friends!
How are you guys?

We did a Fashion Design Challenge in 2012 and 2013. 
For 2014 we are thinking of doing something a little different. :-)

So let us know your thoughts on the following ideas:

1) We run 3 challenges this year.

2) Each challenge is for one outfit.
It can be modern, historical, 
based on a movie, a TV show, whatevs.

3) Each Challenge will have a theme:

Winter FDC = Meet Outfit
Spring/Summer FDC = Summer Outfit
Fall FDC = Holiday Outfit

4) There will still be two categories, Newbie and Pro.

5) Participants will declare which category they are in.
(Anyone can participate - adults, kids, elves, etc.)

6) Entry listings will clearly state which category 
the entrant has chosen to be in.

7) There will be two winners for each FDC in 2014:
one Newbie and one Pro.

8) Prizes will be $60 AG Gift Cards -- 
2 for each Challenge, so 6 in total will be given away in 2014.

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Questions?

Please let us know about all of 
your thoughts in the comments below!


N said...

I think it'll be really fun like this. Can't wait to see what everyone puts together!

Marisa AG said...

Oh that sounds FUN!!! You should totally do that. :)

Meghan said...

Oooooh! :) You should soooo do it! I would enter! lol

-Meghan at

Anonymous said...

I love your new ideas- sounds like it will be easier for people to participate- with one outfit, and I like the idea of having a theme to guide people.

Raine Sunshine said...

Love this idea I would totally participate!!

Molly :) said...

Yes please do this! I haven't participated before, but I would definitely do all three this year! :-)

Kate J said...

I think that is an amazing idea!! You should do it! I just want to know what you meant be a "Meet Outfit"? Please do this!!

Christina L said...

I love the idea!!

Kate J said...

Also, are you doing a Photo Challenge this year? My friend would like to know:)

Liesel said...

Great ideas for a new way to implement great contests. I think one design a contest is plenty as I felt my second design always lacked the extra umph of the first design. The declaration of categories will be very helpful in determining which design is done by the newbs and pros. Good thinking.

Jo Ellem said...

Like it. You could do all three or just one. The only thing is, the competition would have to start really soon. Everyone will need to prepare.

Kate J said...

Would all the outfits from the different challenges have to be from the same time period?

Paige said...

Honestly, if you did this, more people would have a chance to enter, since some seasons and times work better for some than others. Then again, they could enter all three, haha.
I think your plan sounds lovely! But are you sure you have the energy? ;)

Lillian G said...

Great idea. This should allow more participation. Thanks!

Lynne Thompson said...

Love this idea! Just wih oe would start realy soon. I find it hard to categorize myself, though. If I have created my own pattern 3 or 4 ties, does that make me a pro? Or if I have sewn 400 outfits rom other manufactured patterns, does that make me a pro! Anyway, go for the contests,but maybe make the judging quicker.

Shannan Carothers said...

This is a great idea. I just found your site. Our youngest has an American Girl type doll, is that okay. She just got it for Christmas. A prize might help us get her a real one like her friends. She does not know the difference but her friends do, and have said so. She has special needs so our budget is very tight.

Melinda M. Harkema said...

I plan to enter this-- I'm coming up with a unique design even though I'm a newbie. There are many ethnic and religious clothing designs out there, but none that specifically cater to America's growing Muslim population. So mine will be a stylish, modern, yet "acceptably Islamic" abaya and hijab.

Jessica said...

I'll plan on entering this one. I live in Australia though. Does that matter??

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