Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter 2014 FDC Entries Will Be Posted After Jan 15th! So Stay Tuned!

Sorry for the delay with the publishing of the Winter 2014 FDC entries!

Right now we are swapped with beginning of school stuff, right after we were swamped with holiday break stuff, but we'll get them up for you around Jan. 15th and then we'll announce when voting starts.

We are also looking for suggestions for the FDCs in 2015.

How many FDCs would you like us to offer?

Would you want a new structure or system?

Do you have certain themes you would to see in our challenges?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or email us at!


Kathleen said...

I think three was a nice number. Due dates being the 15th made it a lot easier than having it be, say, the 10th.
I know I had a bit of an issue with fitting in my FDC sewing with end-of semester tests, starting up school, and holidays, so it might be better to do the 15th of April, July, and October. That might just be me and when I start and end homeschooling for the year, and the fact that I'm now cramming for tests at the end and middle of each semester. I know for a lot of people in public school, their state tests are May, probably around the 15th, and one of my online friends has them at the end of April. Then some people's school starts around August 20th. IDK, might just be me though.

Erm.....It could be smart to have all the posts ready, then schedule them all for midnight EST time on, say, June 1st for the May one, then start voting that day. I know sometimes there is an outfit I might not like at first, but it keeps growing on me. I typically vote the first few days it is open, so some of the outfits have been newly posted might not have enough time to grow on me to the point of voting. Haha, re-reading that it makes almost 0 sense.

I really loved the theme of the animated character. Holiday outfits could be cool. Maybe outfits from a certain time period? Or since Grace is French, an international theme. Or fantasy. Or any type of theme where I could make fantasy clothes, really. A theme that could be really cool is to have it be based off BeForever. I.e.- one person might make a modern Kit dress, one person could make a historical Sam dress, etc. Like the animated character theme, but with the BeForever characters. I would love that, big-time.
Hmm....I think that is it for ideas that have already accumulated in my brain. I'm still waking up. If I have more ideas I'll comment them when I'm more awake.


Anonymous said...

I like the international idea! And I think that mustacheioed Maple would like it too ;-)

Judy L. said...

I couldn't find anything about how you enter or rules for entering the challenges.

Anonymous said...

I think that if we are going to have themes in the challenges then the outfits entered that do not comply should not be included. I felt some did not really follow the theme but they just entered something they wanted to make.

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