Friday, January 2, 2015

Winter 2014 Trends to Sew: Sequins!

Have you tried sewing with sequins yet???

Best way to do so is to buy pre-sequined fabric,
or sequined human clothing to slice and dice up for doll clothing.

And again, Delia's is going out of business.

So this is a great time to pick up some of their human clothing to cut up into doll clothing.


From Delia's....
All-over sequined skater dresses.

Sequin graphic tops.

Sections of sequins for this pullover sweatshirt in raglan sleeve/baseball style.

Sequin accents on collar and pocket of this striped crop tee.

One stripe of pink sequins on this comfy pullover.

Sequined bodice and hem for this strapless party dress.

And another sequined bodice, this time in a rope pattern, on this sleeveless party dress.

Go sequins!

And just in case you thought I was joking about sequins this season....

From Forever21

Sequin shorts.

Sequin deep-V cami.

Sequined fold-over-front blazer.

Long sleeve sequined crop top.

Sequined tank crop top.

Sequined short sleeve crop top.

Striped sequined tee.

Sequin beret.

Sequined high-neck dress.

Gemometric pattern in sequins mini skirt.

Sequin patterned tank crop top.

Sequined patterned and lace tank dress.

And.......Sequined skater skirt!

Stay sparkly, my friend.

Stay sparkly!

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