Monday, February 16, 2015

Etsy Log Stardate 2.16.2015

Yep, we're back and ready for action!

Today we show you the items we have most recently purchased from Etsy's Closet 4 Chloe.

This navy floral skirt

American Girl Doll Clothes -Trendy Dark Navy Red Floral Circle SKATER SKIRT

This checkered and mesh long sleeve top

American Girl Doll Clothes - 18 Inch Sparkle Mesh Overlay Checkered Long Sleeve TEE Top

And a versatile solid black crop top

Black CROP TANK TOP for 18 Inch American Girl Doll

Thanks for visiting us today!!!


Anonymous said...

Skirt is adorable :-)
Are the FDC entries gonna be up soon? Not to rush or anyfink

Ellie said...

Ugh Closet4Chloe yes. :) I've been longing to buy some stuff from there for a while - but it just doesn't fit into my dolly priorities (aka holiday dresses) right now. :P

Louisa said...

Do Etsy sellers use colorfast fabrics? Like, do they stain or anything? The black top looks like it might :-(

Nora and Maple said...

Often Etsy sellers will pre-wash their fabrics so that they won't stain.

But we have found that the real issue is the thread. And sometimes people don't wash the items after they have sewn them. Though some people definitely do.

Either way, it is best not to leave dark clothing items on dolls for too long.

And if you are curious if someone has washed a clothing item before they send it to you, you can ask them.

Or I often just handwash dark items when I receive them before putting them on my dolls.

Usually a good handwashing removes the extra dye that would stain a doll.

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