Friday, February 20, 2015

Please Support Debonair Designs!

Dear Bloggy Friends!

Deb of Debonair Designs wrote to us about her new knitting book project for Kidz N Cats dolls...

Here is her blog post on the project:

"I am embarking on a new knitting pattern book (my 3rd) called Kalendar Kidz, designs for the slim bodied Kidz 'n' Cats dolls, (see working cover image below), however my challenge is getting my computer upgraded/rebuilt in order to support the file sizes needed to both compile and send my book to print. 

So my husband suggested I create a campaign to raise funds needed for this via a Kickstarter project that went live a couple of days ago, so I wanted to share in both my new book and my project that your readers may be interested in supporting. Thanks Deb"

Please visit the link and consider donating to this project if you are eager to get your hands on this new book project from Deb!

There are nine more days to donate!

Thank you friends!

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