Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Trends to Sew: Feb 22nd 2015


Hobby sewer?

Want to make your own modern doll clothes?

Trends to Sew is here to help inspire you!

Vanessa Hudgens has just released a new spring line of her clothing for Bongo - 
sold at Kmart and Sears.

These typify Spring 2015 fashions.

Bongo Spring Campaign

Moto jackets.
Asymmetrical skirts.
Red hair optional. ;-)

Denim inset-bustier jumpers.
Attention-seeking hats.
Big black leather bags.

Scallop-edged, solid-color tanks and crop tops.
Floral high-waisted, flirty shorts.

Pencil skirts.
Fun striped crop tops.
Light brown leather booties.

Boyfriend jeans with contrast, rolled cuffs.
Extreme distressing.
Focus on comfort.

Matching patterned crop tops and pencil skirts.
Bold spring florals to leave humdrum winter behind!
Welcome sandals!

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