Friday, January 8, 2016

Lea Clark: The Colorful Depression-Fighting GOTY 2016 Collection?

Sorry for the long absence.

I was trying to post during the holiday weeks, 
but I failed miserably at that attempt.

There is something to be said for pre-scheduling blog posts, 
but then again -- you were all enjoying 
your family holiday fun times, right? And not reading my silly blog.

Yay for family holiday fun times!

(Am I over-selling that enthusiasm??)

I guess this is technically an Honest Editorial, jfyi.
But it's not written by Maple, so need to click away in fear. ;-)

Lea Clark's collection is exceptionally bright and colorful.

We can blame that on the Brazil thing.

I mean...we can attribute that her being in Brazil....

And most people love the bold, brightness of her style
-- it certainly stands out from recent GOTY collections -- 
and harkens back to Jess and Kanani -- 
our other tropical-themed girls.

^^^ I only like the pants.... and the binoculars....

^^^ Why does the camera have to be bright blue with a pink and yellow strap? 
*Whines* ;-)

For us, Lea's collection does nothing.


Sure we like some of the ideas and the accessories -- 
but the clothing is just 'blergh' to us.

And that started us thinking.

We do occasionally think.

(Not often though.)

Some people talk about how when you're depressed 
you tend to wear darker colors.

You like things dark. Not bright.

Is this true?

Is it just something people say?

We're not sure.

And neither are the scientists and head doctors.

But I do know I am clinically depressed.

(I know I am part of a large club in this regard.
Depressed People Unite!
^^^Ironic excitement.^^^)

And I don't wear bright colors.

A) Because they look hideous on me.
B) Because I usually can't stand them.

I have noticed that I have been gravitating to 
my bright doll clothing less and less.

So apparently my own style has seeped into the dolls' style.

Which wasn't always so.

I've just stopped buying anything bright.

So returning to Lea's collection.

I honestly can't stand most of it.

And I blame that primarily on the colors.

I just can't stand their bright colors.

My retinas scream -- "NOOOOOO!!!!"

Some research suggests that depression makes people 
less perceptive of color and contrast.

Their retinas are not working as well as those of a non-depressed person.

Now this is just research, and difficult to prove.

But it makes me think -- Do I see these 
AG clothing colors different than other people???

And if so, why does this happen?

Well, they theorize brain chemistry, of course.

So the further argument that some researchers 
have come up with is that bright colors 
will help a depressed person be less depressed.


Do they?

Not for me.

I just feel like "yuck" when I see Lea's collection.

Which is funny because most people have stars in their eyes for it all.

I will say I love the green-ness of her catalog and website pics.

The rainforest is awesome and definitely gives me happy feelings.

I just wanna go happily roll around in that forest like a puppy.

Yes, trees. Mmmm. Trees.

Trees and plants are awesome.

Research has suggested that looking at greens 
can help improve your mood.

And I love the sun-drenched beach photos as well.

But I really don't want that outfit she is wearing ^^^.

I'd rather have a doll-size palm tree. Or five.

I like the green and blue of her name graphic.

And yet the romper doesn't quite call out to me, 
despite its base color being green.

^^^ I might get it just because it looks so weird to me!

And it reminds me of the 
Enchanted Tiki Room at Walt Disney World....

But the bright yellows, oranges, pinks, and 
neon limes are just off-putting to me.

^^^ No. Not even the muted shorts can make me buy that shirt.

^^^ I LOVE the style and design of this.
And I like the deep, dark colors in this -- but not the bright ones. 
I want this set in other colors.


See below for my shabby re-colored edits...haha.

So if bright colors might be able to improve someone's mood...
why aren't those bright clothing colors helping to improve my mood?

I wonder....

So what do you guys think?

Bright colors = Happiness?

Dark colors = Sadness?

or maybe just

Colors You Like = Happiness?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

And do you like the color scheme of Lea's Collection?

Are there certain colors you don't like in her collection?

Do you find that color affects your mood?

Or that your mood affects your perception of colors?

I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments!


Thanks for visiting us today friends!!!


DJwolf-Addy said...

Colors you like = happiness! I love green (anything green, like even neon :) I love orange, purple, and bits of pink, I like gray, I like brown, I like coral, :) Just me ranting my favorite colors :)
Great post!
I think Lea Clark's collection is better than Grace's, I like Aztec type of patterns, I won't be buying any of this anyways, but you're right, It's a lot like Jess's and Kanani's. Lea looks like Mckenna and Kanani..They should look for more features for their dolls..

Melody Silverleaf said...

Okay, so I am kind of one of those that love Lea and her collection. However, while I do want all of her outfits I am not in love with all of them or the color combinations. Some do look like those melted crayon crafts you make with wax paper and an iron at camp. Or like they thought Carnivale runs year round. And maybe I am wrong and the shops really are filled with bright colors and patterns.

Your comment about the tiki room with regards to the pajamas made me laugh out loud! So right on. :)

The actual clothes don't bother me nearly as much as the hiking boots. I have yet to see a pair of hiking boots in a camp store that have green and pink stripes.

Her least it looks like a camera despite the strange colors. Remember Jess's butterfly camera? That was weird.

I love your dark purple and green rendition of the swim suits. Looks fabulous.

Gwen said...

I think her color scheme would have been fine if executed differently. If there were less busy patterns and things.
I like most colors, but prefer muted ones to wear because the world around me is so loud and colorful and sometimes it's too much, so all my dark colors are a nice relaxing place to hide from all that.
The only color that I actually dislike is the sort of dark blue that's trying to be very bright at the same time- like LED Christmas lights? It's the one in the third swimsuit edit. Makes me sad ish. I don't know why.
Speaking of the swimsuit edits, I like the last one with the purple and green. I'd buy it if it were in those colors.

Amaya P said...

I love her collection, I love colorful things, and I love Brazil because my family is from Brazil and I am a Brazilian citizen.

GlitterGirl said...

Honestly, I think her collection is just ok. Her colors are a little obnoxious to me, but I do like a few of her things. Great blog post!

T said...

Yes she is s bit bright! Maybe even garish? I love her, but I’m not a fan of the zip-tie. If she were free I’d take but I am not paying for her without the traditional string-tie. You could say I’m not a fan of cheap materials! I do like the animal rights activist/wildlife phorographer aspect to her story. She is very pretty and I like the WWF donation campaign. I just can’t get over the zip-tie! Well, I called the corporate office and I was told the string-ties are going to be a thing of the past! Tacky zip-ties for now on, girls.:( That is just honestly so sad and disturbing to me. The neck strings are an American Girl institution and separates the dolls from the cheaper competition at Michels and Target. I don’t think AG is heading in the right direction! She is bright and cheery though! I loved whst you had to say... AG should hire you!

Agdolldiary lover said...

I love your Instagram to start.and now about colors:I think we each have our own opinions and reactions to how we each have our own fingerprint.i love shades of blue and pink but neon colors make shudder with disgust.

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