Saturday, January 9, 2016

Trends to Sew: A Better 'Aztec' Shirt for Lea

So Lea's collection has been released now, 
and I can innocently post pics of her outfits and stuff.

I swear.

Cough. Cough.

So we start with the Bahia Outfit.
That Lea got in Bahia.
Thrilling story, right?

The shoes and shorts aren't really anything to write home about.

At least the shorts are sort of a normal color that 
you could mix and match with other doll clothing 
items you might own.

(They are labeled as "chambray.")

The shirt however.

The shirt...

The shirt...

The shirt...

Is it just me or does this shirt look like it is crying?

Okay, first off -- you don't mix dip-dye fabric 
with this busy applique/iron-on thing.

You guys can argue with me all you want in the comments,
but this is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

If one searches for dip-dyed shirts - this is what you get:

Shockingly! Shockingly! : There is nothing on top of the fabric, 
messing with the beautiful shifting colors.


And whose idea was it to put pink and yellow together as a dip-dye?


And then the Aztec/tribal/geometric/abstract/whatever...
pattern on top of the dip-dye thing....

Well, you can search for all or 
any of those words...southwestern, geo, boho, etc. etc.

(I'm lumping all of these things together, not in a 'I'm trying to be racist and culturally insensitive'-way, but because a) most of these patterns don't really come from anything culturally-specific - they are at most, culturally-derivative, and also b) I'm not really sure what you would label Lea's shirt design as....)

The list goes on and on for possible labels - but while doing an online search you will rarely find something as hideous as Lea's shirt.

So try all-over patterned shirts instead.

Tank tops.

^^^ Nice contrast neckline and straps

Yells: "BEACH!!!"

^^^Check out those flouncy tassels!

Screams: "SUNSHINE!!!"

More tassels below!!!

And all-over patterning.

Or you could just use one simple color 
with an embroidered or applique pattern along the neckline.

^^^Simple, cheerful, bold, not ugly

Or you can go with peasant tops.

^^^They are very "in" right now.

And you can go the all-over pattern method, as seen above.

(But don't make a dip-dye peasant top.
I'll have to kill you.
I mean...Maple will have to kill you.
She's the fashion-assassin around here.)

More peasant tops...

^^^I especially like the tie/un-tie option on this one, 
and how it makes a beautiful V-necklne

^^^ There's something very visually pleasing about the embroidered 
pattern just being on top of the white or cream gauze fabric.


(Not on top of pink-yellow dip-dyed fabric...)

Short sleeve, slightly cropped peasant tops.

^^^ Notice how the banding of the fabric can really change the "weight" of the shirt from focused around the neckline and shoulders versus focused on the bottom hem and sleeve hems.

Experiment with different approaches!

And onto something a bit less peasanty.

^^^ Beautiful high-contrast designs.

Two different style shirts -- but both are way more appealing than this....

Even this bizarre combination of "Aztec" print on 
a bomber jacket appeals to me more than Lea's shirt.

Yes, Roxy made that ^^^ and you can buy it from PacSun right now for like 50% off.

Honestly, if I could pull it off, I would totally wear that.
(But I'm not cool enough.)

And I think it would be completely awesome to have it in doll-size.

But I think it would be awesome to have any of the above shirts in doll-size!

Alright, I think I'm done whining about Lea's shirt.....sigh. Siiiighhhh.



Thanks for visiting us today friends!!!


Ellie said...

Aghhh, you're right, it does look like the shirt is crying! It's probably horribly insecure about itself.

- Ellie

actualheathermcnamara said...

To be honest, if AG outfits weren't so expensive, I would buy this just for the shorts. Alas. :(

Sophie said...

Personnaly, I do like this shirt and the colors and the prints! It's my favorite from the collection! You have to remember that those dolls are supposed to be 10 years old, and yet you always compare their wardrobe to that of a late-teen or adult wardrobe. I wouls much prefer my 10 year old daughter to go about in a shirt like Leah's than in one of the tops you are showing! They are good looking, but not age-appropriate!

I have to say, though, that I often agree with you about AG choices of color and prints... But then again, they aim more and more to the younger public, and those little girls do like those colors and prints!

Melody Silverleaf said...

This is one of my favorites from the collection, but I do see your point about combining the two styles.

I have to disagree with Sophie though. Scrolling through the suggested tops...yes, the photo shows a late teen, but I don't see anything inappropriate about them...even the crop doesn't show skin. And the peasant tops are very reminiscent of Julie's original/historical meet outfit. I've seen similar items in the Girls' section of Target. Many do share a color pallet like AG or Justice. Why does being 10 mean you have to be fluorescent? Or covered in glitter.

I have the same problem looking at the adult female sections at stores. Try to find a nice sweater or fleece without an applique or pattern or sequins. Plain please! Sometimes less is more (unless you're talking fabric and coverage). :)

MakenzieAG said...

Never thought about her shirt like that...hmm

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