Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trends to Sew: Long-Sleeve Shirt Options from GapKids, Hanna Andersson, and Justice

As a further addition to the conversation started here:

And continued here: 

I wanted to post a link to a pinboard I created:

There you will see pins of long-sleeve tops from GapKids, Hanna Andersson, and Justice.

-- Just like the title of this post says, haha. ;-) --

GapKids is great. I love most of their styles.

But some are better than others.

(I will most likely avoid things with glitter on them. Or pink hearts...)

This one is awesome:

^^^ I want that in my size... probably is my size because I am built like a 12-yr-old....

Hanna Andersson has more youthful styles, but simple.

That is the comforting kinda style I wore as a kid.

My fav amongst the HA pins:

^^^ Yes, it's more of a hoodie sweatshirt.
But who says it can't be a hoodie sweatshirt?

And Justice is more of the wilder, brighter, bolder style.

But I like a lot of their stuff.

My fav from the Justice pins:

And of course, you can never go wrong with a button-down plaid shirt!

^^^ Justice offers them in several colors.

These are all companies that the AG demographic might theoretically be shopping at.

And there are definitely some shirts I would totally buy in doll-size.

So in case you are sewing up some more shirts -- go check out those pins!

And even if you aren't sewing -- go check out those pins!

I'd love for you guys to "heart" the shirts you like the best so that people who look at the board know which ones are the most popular.

And of course, if you are selling your shirts you may want to keep in mind shirts that will look awesome with Lea's chambray shorts:

Make the shirts and model them with similar shorts, 
and you may see an increase in your sales!

Just an idea. ;-)

If people have those shorts, then you are offering 
them another shirt to match them up with.

And, of course, putting them on a Lea doll would definitely help. :-)


Thanks for visiting us today!!!


SwanburneGirl said...

Psst. If you're looking for clothes for girls in the 8-12 demographic, I highly recommend Mini Boden and Johnnie B. I have some of Johnnie B's things (they go up to size 16, I believe) and they're really cute.

Sonic said...

Good picks , my favorite shirt will have to be the one that says Unicorns 95% 5% horse and the peter pan collar with polka dots. Fantastic Blog by the way!

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