Sunday, January 10, 2016

Looking for Real-Life Pics of Lea Clark?
Try Instagram Friends!

Welcome back to my super-intelligent blog.

Yeah. Totes intelligenty.

With super-obvious posts like this one.

Want doll pics?
Look at Instagram.

But sometimes people might not put Instagram 
and American Girl together in their minds.

So I'm here to help you guys out.

So some of you, like me, might want to stare 
at pics of Lea Clark all week long.

Oh, that's just me?

Okay, well never mind on that point then...

But let's just say you want to see 
some pics people have taken of her -- in the store or in their own little paws.

Check out #leaclark

and #goty2016

You'll see pics of the doll, the catalog, the website, 
her clothing, her accessories, mini Lea, and so much more.

And it's just nice to see so many people excited about zee new doll and new shinies.
You can almost smell it! Haha. ;-)

So if you have Lea pics, please be sure to use one of those hashtags, or both.

That will help people find your pics and your account!!!

^^^ Sampling of zee Instagram pics.

Thanks for visiting us today friends!!!

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