Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Activity Three Entries! Start Voting Today!

Sorry for the delay everyone - holiday activities got in the way of finishing this post. 
But we are done now!

Well the extended due date and the offer of AG gift certificates seemed to work. We got our number of entries back up to normal. Phew. Still, if y'all have suggestions for the next contest let us know. Like if it should be shorter (less Activities). Or the categories should be less-specific. Or anything you'd like to suggest to perhaps make the contest better next time. Please feel free to comment!

So here are the Activity Three Entries- this time we got some Youtube entries as well. No rule against those. So if anyone wants to do a Youtube vid -- please feel free to do so.

If you sent in a photo and you don't see it here, please email it again to nora.demington@gmail.com as soon as possible. And if we made any errors with your photos and write-ups - please let us know asap. :-)

So please vote for at least one of these photos on or before Thursday, July 14th, 2011. Send in your votes to nora.demington@gmail.com. If you want to vote for more than one photo, please do.

Photo Number One

"When I hear 'fashion is fabulous,' I think of modeling and all the glamor and hard work associated with it.  I'm modeling a fierce dress by All Dolled Up, and my friend Quinn is the dressmaker, putting on the last minute details.  My friend Ashley is a photographer getting a candid shot of me!"

Photo Number Two

"We adopted Samantha from a thrift store a few years ago, so she didn't come to us with any of her original clothing.  We've had lots of fun making new outfits for her, especially modern ones.  Today, Samantha is showing off her latest magazine cover where she debuts a brand new designer line of clothes!  She's ready for summer fun in her capris and lightweight shrug.  If you could peek inside the magazine you could read all about the Felicity sighting at the new AG store in Tyson's Corner Center as well as see some of Kanani's swim set.  Guess you'll just have to find a copy on your newsstand ;) Samantha reminds all of us that it doesn't matter where you come from, everyone is beautiful inside and out!"

Photo Number Three

"Ruthie is lost in a romantic daydream."

Photo Number Four

"Kanani is modeling Gwen's Sundress. It's perfect for summer. The pretty pink flowers on the dress add a pop of color. The buttons on the dress are absolutely perfect for adding a little extra detail to her dress. The white of the dress really complements Kanani's coloring. Kanani told me that it was extremely comfortable (and looked amazing on her)! This dress is perfect for summer!"

Photo Number Five

"Molly loves the natural world around her. Living in Africa keeps her close to her world. A while ago she enjoyed a camping trip to a game farm where they specialize in the breeding of Giraffe. Her story was chosen this month for 'Planet Earth' magazine. I must say she thoroughly enjoyed posing with this baby giraffe... she also got a few licks from the curious little fellow!"

Photo Number Six

"Jenny gets caught with bed head hair and is put on the cover of 'Doll Fashion and Opinion,' the local fashion magazine! Oh no!!!"

Photo Number Seven

"Kanani loves to paddleboard at the beach, and was ecstatic when Tropical Beach Jewelers asked her to do an ad to be featured in a magazine! Nani had tons of fun at her photo shoot - she loved getting her hair fixed and her wardrobe changed! Most of all, she loved modeling her pretty beach necklace!"

Photo Number Eight

"Jess Mcconnel on the cover of 'doll FASHION' magazine wearing a handmade dress (pattern from Liberty Jane Clothing). :)"

Photo Number Nine

"Here is Kirsten Mae Larson.  She is modeling the black long sleeve tee shirt, pink camo skirt, white tights and black converse.  Along with her American Flag and her typical hairstyle of braids.  She was announced Winner of my Fashion contest."

Photo Number Ten

"One of Caroline's hobbies she does in her spare time is read fashion magazines, so I have incorporated her love for fashion and put her on the cover of her favourite magazine, Vogue. In her interview for Vogue, she discusses her secrets to keeping up with the ever-changing trends for every season by finding fashionable, yet affordable clothing and reveals her favourite fashion trends for summer 2011. Also featured in this issue are hairstyles for all hair types and 50 fresh looks for the summer season."

Photo Number Eleven

"Mia is shooting the latest cover for 'Spirit Magazine!' It is full of fun ideas and great fashion inspiration for girls!"

Photo Number Twelve

"Joy loves clothes and fashion, but her mom says she is too young (she's 10) to model on a runway, or get her picture on the cover of a fashion magazine. (She would rather be behind the camera anyway!)  In this photo Joy has drawn a design for a new outfit and asked her mom for fabric scraps.  Her sister Ellie, who is learning to sew, is helping Joy turn her design into a real dress. Joy is hoping to wear her dress to a fancy party."

Photo Number Thirteen

"This is my doll being a model! She (and me) also loves reading The Doll Wardrobe, but loves it more when Karen is featured! When I heard the theme Fashion I thought of this blog and a magazine. When you put them together you get my entry!"

Photo Number Fourteen

"Felicity is wearing Gwen's meet dress, a Coconut t-shirt, and an Our Generation jacket. She loves to wear this outfit because it is bright and cheery, perfect for summer."

Photo Number Fifteen

"Jo was very excited to be picked for this cover!  Especially when she found out she could wear her favorite poodle skirt.  She is an absolute fanatic about anything from the 1940's and 1950's.  She almost turned it down when she thought they were going to make her wear bell-bottoms, but fortunately the editors changed their mind.  Whew!"

Photo Number Sixteen

"Lizzie and the girls decided to have a fashion show and Lizzie stole the show!"

Photo Number Seventeen

"Jessica models for 'American Girl Doll magazine.' In this one, she got to go into the ocean and look at coral. 9 months later, here it is! She was very happy with how it turned out, and we both hope you love it! It took a few hours for this whole thing... :)"

Photo Number Eighteen

"Emmie is the definition of that 'workaholic' and we all know we have a smidge of in us! She works as the fashion director for 'Teen Vogue' magazine. She always gets her work done and doesn't mess around! In this photo, she is fidgeting around with her computer that just doesn't want to turn on for her today! She is currently working on the 'top secret' Fall fashion issue, and her computer not turning on is definitely not helping!
She's also working on 'cleaning' up her crazy desk, crammed to the core with 'necessary, fashion-emergency things' handmade, A.G., and found in various places! (I'm sure coffee, Mt. Dew, and cherry pie have something to do with fashion Emmie!) Emmie's attire consists of her purple blazer and dress from Hadley's Modern Doll Fashions (A Liberty Jane Partner) and older purple glasses from A.G."

Photo Number Nineteen

"Fashion: VOGUE"

Photo Number Twenty

Photo Number Twenty-One

"Elizabeth is showing off her style in this fancy ballgown on the runway."

Photo Number Twenty-Two

Photo Number Twenty-Three

"Charlie is okay with dresses as long as she gets to wear her comfy cowgirl boots with them, so I thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot of her in a fancy dress with cowgirl boots.  I loved the idea of doing a fashion magazine cover, and the ideas just kept coming after that.  I thought about the types of articles that are normally found in magazines and tried to come up with similar articles that might be featured in a doll magazine. :)  Charlie had a lot of fun getting all dressed up, but she was relieved to get back into her jeans after we were done. ;)"

Photo Number Twenty-Four

"Here is my entry of Stephanie on the cover of a magazine."

Photo Number Twenty-Five

"Samantha Parkington - In the 20s"

Photo Number Twenty-Six

"My photo is 'Always Late?' I always seem to be in a hurry when I'm getting ready and she is too!"

Photo Number Twenty-Seven

"Ella loves photo shoots but she especially enjoys evening photo shoots.  Dressing up in amazing clothes and being outside just when the stars start to appear one by one in the sky.....what's not to love?  Here is the most recent evening photo shoot that Ella participated in!"

Photo Number Twenty-Eight

"Staying Cool in the Heat Wave" 

Photo Number Twenty-Nine

"Ruthie is on the front cover of a magazine."

Photo Number Thirty

"This is Lanie in her photo shoot for her moms new line of clothing. Pictured is her in an original dress with hat, shoes, and leggings American Girl brand."

Photo Number Thirty-One

"Dear Diary,

Today was my first day of my first cycle on Australia's Next Top Model that I am hosting for the first time. I was pretty much nervous all day thinking about how I was going to do panel. I didn't want to crush anyone's dreams or anything so when it was time to do panel, I was positive but truthful. I chose Catherine, the beautiful brunette for best photo because of her vintage, elegant, black and white, beautiful photo! It was hard eliminating someone but I know they have a better future for them and that makes me feel better! :) 
Sarah Murdoch 

The dress Sarah is wearing is handmade by me :)"

Photo Number Thirty-Two

"I didn't really have to many 'fashionable' things so I made her a top (the first one you see in the video), mix and match..etc..."

Photo Number Thirty-Three

"This is a picture of Sunny at her fashion conference, which was held in her local library. Sunny is really getting into telling the other dolls. (When I came in to take a picture, she nearly
smacked me with her sunglasses.) Molly is coming in to tell Sunny to be quiet before the librarians have to 'speak to her.'"

Photo Number Thirty-Four

Photo Number Thirty-Five

"Demi at her day job, a professional make-up artist.  I got this candid shot of her fixing Lanie's make-up, during a shoot for the Singing Star outfit from American Girl."

Photo Number Thirty-Six

"It's a lovely summer day for a  fashion show. Laura is wearing a dress made by the fairies, flowers covering her dress everywhere! Ella is the photographer, snapping shots as fast as she can. The audience is in awe. They are so astonished with the 'new look.' They will go to the mall and buy those new dresses immediately!"

Photo Number Thirty-Seven

"Jenna's entry in a local fashion company's contest won first place, and a chance for her to model some of the company's latest line of clothing. These are her favorite pictures from the photo shoot.
All of the clothing items, except for two, are made by me."

Photo Number Thirty-Eight

"In this picture Grandma Esther dons the perfect fashion for a night on the town, with all her Society friends.  Including the mandatory Red Hat. Her entire outfit (except the shoes) were handmade by my sister."

Photo Number Thirty-Nine

Thanks for reading through this long post! Please send in your vote to nora.demington@gmail.com before July 14th. 

Thanks for your participation everyone! We appreciate it and we hope you are having fun with this contest!


Nathalia said...

I vote for photo #36!

Rachel~Doll Girl said...

I vote for 2, 10, 11 and 23.

Aly said...

I vote for #36.

beast'sbelle said...

Great job, everyone! This will be a tough choice!

Chloe said...

I just can never decide.

Me and doll :) said...

I like photo number 25!!! I love how she looks like she is dancing!!! And the dress is adorable!!!

Lindsey said...

Number 31! Gotta love antm!

Bailey said...

i LOVE Sarah Murdoch! #31 is way too cute! That's my vote!

Meghan Rebecca said...

#23 of course! Love it! :)

Ri said...

#36 I love the setting.

Selena said...

#31 Love the set up!

Anna B. said...

Ok ok...number 31 and number 34 and number 3

Anonymous said...

I <3 # 7!

Amelia said...

I can't decide on just one--

Piper (InnerstarU) said...

I vote for 3, 18, and 27. :) All great models, clothes and setups! Good job!

Alice said...

#31 was very creative. It was very cute!

erin said...

Erin: #15 & 36

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Do the votes on the comments even count or do we have to send in our vote to your email for them to count?

Nora Demington said...

Only the emailed votes count, that way I can make sure people aren't voting 3 billion times as Anonymous in the comments.

Anonymous said...


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i love it #36 the setting. so cute. makeup artist in Sydney

Abby said...

I love #17!!!! That is so cute! :)
If you haven't voted,vote for 17!
Its totally one of the best!!!!

Guinevere W said...


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