Thursday, September 1, 2011

Play Wonder Target Doll Line

Sup peoples! Yesterday we showed you some bits and pieces from two doll outfits we purchased at Target and today we are going to talk about the new line just a little bit more. And as we said before, we'll show you the complete outfits on AGs in a little while.

So we read about the new line on the AG Playthings board. Then Beast's Belle did a review of a boxed Play Wonder doll, which you can see here: We thought they looked interesting -- the clothing more than the dolls themselves. But still cool. The day after, Phoebe posted about one of the PW outfits on an AG: And we were surprised to see that the clothing fit Emily pretty well.

A month later (we are always late with these things) we share our info with you. :-)

So we did go to 3 Targets before we actually found the stuff. Not all Targets are very good about stocking their shelves nowadays. :-( But the one that did have the PW stuff had a ton of it -- more than you see online. But here are the online pics from the Target website (brightened by us to really show you more of the true colors) -- we didn't take pics in the store.

The dolls they show online....

As you can tell-- very much 1980s-revival layered fashions with a lot of pieces to the outfits.
The dolls are cute. We aren't gaga over them -- we like their outfits more than the dolls themselves. ;-)

The outfits they show online... first two are the ones we bought.

And again, there was more in that Target than you see online. FYI. There were two price-points for the outfits, $13.99 and $16.99 (we think) -- but all of the ones you see online are the $16.99 outfits. The dolls are $34.99. Not too bad given the fact that you get a rather complex outfit with each one.

So our first reaction to the outfits were -- "Wow, that is so much stuff for totes less than AG charges!!!" Which is true but these outfits don't come with any shoes - just the ones on the dolls. They do have shoe sets sold separately though. We aren't totes sure if the PW shoes would fit AGs.

Our second reaction was -- "Some of these pieces are really cute!" A lot of the outfits had two or three pieces that we really, really liked -- but in general the entire package wasn't completely made of win. For instance, the two purses we got are kind of over-the-top flashy/gaudy -- but we liked the rest of the outfits...soooo..... yeah, we now own the purses too.

Third reaction -- "Almost every outfit has a bit of pink --- but its not too overwhelming."

Fourth reaction -- "While the quality of our handmade stuff is better, this stuff is pretty good." From what we were looking at most of the outfits were good-quality. In general, the knit fabric choices are pretty awesome. The other types of  fabrics -- cottons and synthetics, less so. For instance, the green and blue skirt we got -- very thin fabric. The dark grey jacket -- also thin fabric and the white velcro is visible when it is open. And again, the bags are kind of cheesy -- the blue one we got definitely looks cheap.

But we'll show you real life pics of that stuff soon.

As far as comparing it to Battat's Our Generation -- we only own two OG outfits personally. And they are also a mixed bag -- some pieces from them are made of great fabric and have perfect design. Other pieces feel like cheap fabric. And the OG shoes are just not attractive at all.

From our standpoint, we like the PW outfits more because they are more trendy, with darker colors, and they are specifically designed with a ton of pieces for mixing and matching, and creating new looks. The tags even show you a couple different "looks" you can make with just one outfit. We'll show you those tags in that post we keep teasing you with. Haha.

So personally, we think PW is better than OG.... but that might just be because the entire OG section is  a block of pink.... pink everywhere and on everything.... sigh.....

Let us know if you have any questions! Oh and let us know if you want to see our two PW outfits on specific dolls. :-)


Caelen said...

I don't like those dolls, they're just so weird to me. Well, that's just my opinion.

Nora Demington said...

Yeah, we aren't a big fan of the dolls themselves. We are too used to looking at AG faces to get used to other doll faces. Haha.

Bee said...

I love how you don't love pink, but I do!

Nora Demington said...


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for the review and the link to my review! ;) I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the outfits you purchased.

I've noticed one thing I'm really bad at is mixing and matching. I look at the whole ensemble and think "ick", but a lot of times I like a piece here and a piece there. Maybe I just need to experiment a little more. The Play Wonder clothing does seem to have some promise. :)

I don't mind the dolls themselves...well, some of them, at least. :) I just wish their heads weren't so stinkin' big! :}

Meghan said...

You are so blessed that you get to have all that!!!

- Meghan

Ashlyn said...

Seriously! What would we do without you girls!?!? You give us A++ reviews, funny doll stories, and whats in and what's out in doll fashion. Thank you Penny and Nora! I love you!!!

Bee said...

Don't forget Maple!!

Dolls4jessica said...

oooh! more dolly fun to be had. i can't wait to find them.

Miniare said...

I think these outfits are darling. They are modern with interesting combinations of colors layers and textures.

Personally , I find the OG dolls a bit creepy.

Anonymous said...

I used to like AG dolls, but ever since I sas these dolls, I fell in love with them. They are soo modern, and I personally LOVE their style.

dawnlynise said...

Idk if anyone has said this already but the AG and PW clothes and shoes are interchangeable!! My daughter has both dolls and everything fits both of her dolls.

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