Thursday, May 10, 2012

Arista's New Photo Blog!

Sup peoples!

We are doing a lot today.

1) Trying to load older, already prepped posts

2) Attempting to catch up to our own stream of ideas

3) Organizing ourselves to post about various updates

4) Planning the 3,000 errands we have to run


We hope you enjoyed today's earlier Kidz n Cats Mike post. Now we announce a new blog that we just started for Arista.

It features her photos that she has taken over the years -- of flowers, scenery, cats, buildings, patterns, etc. etc. Occasionally humans or weird creatures will appear in the shots, but that will be rare.

She has been experimenting with the photo editor PicMonkey, so we'll be talking a little bit about that there as well.

Perhaps the new blog can serve as a platform for more diverse photo contests in the future. First we'll see if we can get it off the ground. :-)

Please visit it today! 
There's only one post, but more to come soon!

There is a permanent link to our newest blog up in the Tabs or Pages under our blog title here at The DW. :-)

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