Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One More Weekend:
Holiday Dress Patterns

One more weekend until Christmas sneaks up on you. Boo!

I guess Boo! is technically for Halloween... but Merry! sounds less sneaky...

You probably don't have enough time to order more goodies 
and actually get them in time for the Big Day.

Though this pretty dress on Etsy makes us contemplate buying 
more goodies for ourself right now anyways...

Do you think it is okay to dress as Snow White for Christmas Dinner?

But anyways, there is that one weekend...and if you haz da skilz you could possibly whip up one pretty awesome holiday dress for one pretty awesome doll.

Have you seen these great dress patterns???

All of which are easily purchasable over at Etsy, 
and some of which are available as instant downloads.

Try crafting them in deep jewel tone hues, winter whites, chocolate browns, and the good ol' holiday colors of red, green, blue, gold, and/or silver. :-)

The posher the fabrics the better.
Head to the more expensive fabric sections of your local craft store,
or just go chop up some human clothing for repurposing.

1 comment:

Melody Silverleaf said...

LOVE the Sleuth dress. When I took a closer look I knew why...I have something similar in my closet for when I played Bonnie Parker in a train robbery play. :)

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