Monday, December 16, 2013

American Girl Archivals: The Sad Exit

So here it is December 16th. Almost the end of the year.
Mollster and Emmibeans are in the last leg of their existence at American Girl.

Right now most people are giddy over the upcoming
GOTY 2014 shinies and Isabelle.

As we stated in this July 2013 post, we should have been really upset by Molly and Emily's archival, but we are really just numb to archivals now.

In the summer the Columbus AG Store had big displays all over the place, right in your face, stating over and over again -- "Soon We'll Say Farewell to Molly and Emily" etc. etc. etc.

When we went to the Columbus AG on Nov. 10th -- there were still Molly and Emily displays, but the whole 'farewell' signage was hidden in a couple far-off corners.

And Molly was still displayed with everybody else.
Including in her winter skating attire.

It was a pathetic indication that their coldblooded attempts to make us panic-purchase more and more historical stuff did not exactly clear the stock instantaneously.

The feeling in July was "Buy! Buy! Buy! 
Your collection must be complete! Eeeeeee!"

The feeling in November was more of "Oh yeah, they're retiring. 
But we won't be too obvious about it. Whatevs."

Despite being numb to archivals, we are no less disappointed that Marie-Grace and Cecile's collection has been diminished recently, suggestive of possible archival next year or perhaps 2015. Which is actually painful for a collection that really feels quite new.

Marie-Grace's Party Outfit

Cecile's Special Dress

are no longer listed on American Girl's website.


All of that Fairy Princess Mardi Gras Masquerade Confectionary Madness

is also gone.

No more stupid coats.

No more grossly over-priced banquet table.
Heaped with plasticky food.

What's going on here AG?
Where is all this stuff going???

Truly, we aren't too traumatized.

Overall, we were very disappointed with their collection -- 
But the dolls are very very beautiful.
And we'll probably buy another Marie-Grace.

This purging makes us ponder that maybe AG does read our blog posts or something and realized that we hated most of the Marie-Grace and Cecile collection.

Though the ridiculous bed is still online.


So we'll probably order another crinoline set, along with another M-G, 
and maybe a parasol.

We recommend both dolls, the desk, and the parrot set.
The crinoline set is very useful for a variety of dresses and time periods.
Argos is made of awesome.

The other clothing -- parlor outfits, skirt sets, bedtime wear are all fine.
But nothing to really squee about.
They all scream of a cheaper, less historically accurate AG clothing.

Someday when we have endless amounts of time and money we'll really give their collection The DW treatment and give them all the clothing, accessories and furniture 
Marie-Grace and Cecile deserve.

For now we'll just pat them on the head and reassure them that even if AG failed them, they are still very special and worth bunches and bunches and bunches of care and attention.

These are beautiful girls that we'd buy 10 more times.


So are M-G and CeCe really on their way out?

Are we to see more things drop out of their collection?

We have no idea.

But if you have your heart set on owning anything from their collection, 
we'd put it on your 2014 shopping list y'alls. :'-(


N said...

It's curious that Marie-Grace and Cècile's things are vanishing. It would be very odd if it's a retirement, since they were just released a few years ago. What's up with your marketing team, American Girl?

Marisa AG said...


Claire M. said...

REALLY??? I sorta liked their holiday dresses!

Kate J said...

I like Marie-Grace and Cécile's collection even though I am not going to purchase anything from it. It is strange though that so much of there stuff is retiring, they're so new!

Melody Silverleaf said...

My thoughts on Cecile and the dolls, not thrilled with the colors in the masquerade items, but the other clothes are great. With regards to diminishing collection items...they've been on Steals and Deals twice at greatly reduced prices. that tends to clear out a collection. Why? Not sure.

Kate J said...

Yes, many items in Cecile and Mary-Grace's collection, including the dolls, have gone on sale, strange....

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