Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our New Favorite Blog: Clarisse's Closet

"A style guide for the 18'' girl"

So we don't often shout-out other blogs.
Mainly because we don't have a ton of free time to peruse 
all of the great doll blogs out there.

But Clarisse's Closet caught our eye.

It features great photography, great outfits, a beautiful customized doll, and a whole bunch of style suggestions that mix and match handmade pieces with AG items.
And currently they are posting at a better rate than we are, haha.

We won't post any of their pics here, since we don't have permission to nab them.
But we encourage you to go check it out for yourself:

Our quick browsings of the blog...
Made us want a whole bunch of stuff from Kate Lauren Designs
Made us hope that Clarisse starts selling some of the stuff she is making, and 
Made us envious of certain ye olde AG outfits in her collection 
that she repurposes into modern attire.

So we went over to Ebay and ordered ourselves the white ankle boots from the AG Snowball Sweater and Leggings set, the AG Cargo Outfit, and the AG Red Jumper Outfit.

We love us some booties.

Great boy pants.
And lots of mix and match potential.

While the red vinyl jumper is weird, 
we may be able to make it work.
Plus vinyl, pleather, and leather are currently "in."
Also the hat, boots, and tights look totes awesome.

There are a couple more ye olde AG outfits that Clarisse's Closet made us 
want to buy as well, but we'll start with these. ;-)

Hope they all come to us in great condition.
We tend not to buy used AG clothing on Ebay for fear of smoke or mold smells, 
or tears, stains, holes, bugs, etc.
But this time we'll take a leap of faith. 
Cross your fingers with us. ;-)


Claire M. said...

I just found her blog, and she is AMAZING!!! Clarisse is sooo pretty! Do you know what doll she originally was? Marisol?

N said...

Can't wait to see them when they arrive! Clarisse is a gorgeous doll, and I envy that eye for fashion - I would never think to put these pieces together like she does.

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