Sunday, December 15, 2013

Today's Trend to Sew: Blouson Dresses

We already talked about blouson tops on Friday, 
so you should be on top of what blouson means. 
Right? Good job.

Today's Trend to Sew is Blouson Dresses -- 
To keep you seamstresses thinking about blouson. ;-)

If you have created some of these for your doll or doll clothing store -- email us at -- share them with us and our readers!

Not all blouson dresses are labeled as blouson -- 
so they can sometimes be difficult to find.
Also they may have some skater dress styling, maxi styling, or a high-lo skirting, 
making those their trend category.

But blouson dresses are all around us if we know what to look for!
Elastic or drawstring waistlines at our natural waist or hipline pull in a blouson dress 
and cause the bodice to poof out.

These examples are from Nordstrom's.

Crocheted blouson dress in two colors by Free People, 
one of our fav brands.

Chiffon blouson dresses.

Other examples that were gathered from various sites, Nordstrom, ModCloth, etc.

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