Sunday, June 19, 2016

AGIG Stylebook: AGForeverFun

Instagram's AGForeverFun is a great place to shop for OOAK 
custom dolls, which he frequently has for sale.

He also has a Youtube Channel:

Even though he often customizes dolls and sells them 
I didn't really want to do this as a "shop shoutout" 
because the dolls I show as "for sale" 
will probably be sold before my post gets on this blog, haha.

But he takes wonderful pictures and has wonderful outfits 
on all of those unique dolls - so we'll put him in the AGIG Stylebook!


He does a wonderful job of mixing and matching 
AG items with handmade items for his outfits.

And I love his lush, green backgrounds.

If that's his backyard -
I want to set up a tent and live back there, it looks so nice and relaxing.

Please peruse the pics below for inspiration and 
then go follow him on Instagram and Youtube today!!!

Thank you for visiting us today!!!

If you have an extra $1.99 lying around 
and you want to be mildly entertained,
please buy the April 2016 edition of 
Maple's Fantastic (ally Inappropriate) Planner!

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