Thursday, June 23, 2016

June and July 2016 Etsy Release Round-Up!

Welcome friends!

If you have a shop release coming up in June and/or July 
please comment below with your information!

**You can also let us know if you had a release in June and 
you still have some stuff in your shop for sale.**

These are the announcements I gathered 
from my earlier calls for info from peeps:


QT Pie has temporarily shutdown her shop until July 2nd and cancelled the upcoming June release because of a potential strike of the Canadian Post workers.

Follow her Instagram to stay updated!

(But her plan was to have one this Saturday
June 25th and one July 23rd, jfyi.
6pm EST)

Hi so I'm having a doll jewelry release on my etsy on 
June 18th @ 12:00pm. My theme is south western jewelry. 
My etsy shop is Willowtreeagjewelry!!

I have a 10% off coupon code (JUNEMADNESS) 
for the month of June at Riajoysboutique. Thank you!

July 1st!

I'm still trying to find a date for one in July

^^ (also - still trying to find a date for one in July)

Not sure on the exact date yet, but shooting for mid-end July!

I've not completely decided yet when it will be 
but probably mid-end July for CloudMagic ❤

Hoping for a date in July for PebblesandToad 
if I can get my sewing machine back up and running!😅

Jackie Friest

I don't usually do release dates as often life gets 
in the way of my sewing and it creates too much pressure. 
I do have some Bitty Baby outfits in my shop JackiesHeartandSoul on Etsy. 

New printed jeans with a tank crocheted shrug as well 
as a couple of H4 H to be listed this coming weekend.

Thank you for visiting us today!!!

And please check out these shops and Instagram accounts!


The April 2016 edition
of Maple's Fantastic
(ally Inappropriate)
Planner - buy it below
for $1.99.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I always have a fully stocked shop of clothing for 18'inch dolls.

Karen Loke

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