Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pattern and Shop Shoutouts: Swimsuits

It's that time of year.

When people with disposable income go on vacation.
Or people with pools endlessly take pics of their dolls poolside. 

Summer means swimming - and you can't swim without a swimsuit.

Well, you can - but you might be arrested.

So if you aren't already offering some swimsuits in your shop, or don't own one for your dolls and want something to sew - think: swimsuits.

Today I will discuss some patterns and swimsuits offered in Etsy and Pixie Faire, so you can get the gears of inspiration turning.

And tomorrow I will discuss human 
O'Neill swimsuits that I'd love to see in doll-size.

One thing I will applaud AG for is the realism of their doll swimsuits.

I like the style of Lea's set.
Just not the colors.

But it does look like something a human would wear.

And the Truly Me swimsuit is nice.
But it looks baby-ish to me.

And the fabric gives me seizures.

On Etsy everyone makes the Liberty Jane swimsuit or an equivalent one-piece.

And you can do a lot of things with it.

But if you are trying to think outside the box and offer something new - you're going to need something else in your bag of tricks.

What do you do if you want to sew something a little bit different?

I recommend looking for two-piece patterns because 
that is the common style in the human world.

Try QT Pie's Scrunchy Swimsuit pattern:

I think this one deserves more attention.

QT Pie also has the Take the Plunge pattern:

But if you want to stick with one-piece....

The QT Pie Summer Fun Sporty pattern has a very unique style:

Also, look for Lee and Pearl's halter tiered pattern:

Back to two-piece patterns...

I like the Peppermintsticks Making Waves pattern:

Here is a beautiful version of that pattern from Up Owl Night Crafting:

Up Owl Night has many neat swimsuits for sale,
including ones from the Lee and Pearl pattern:

And I also recommend making rash guard tops (like Lea's).

Pixie Faire has two rash guard patterns:

While I was browsing Etsy for this post I noticed that 
Dollicious has come up with a cool design for her swimsuits:

Very impressive!

And don't forget the board shorts for the boy dolls:


Overall, my main recommendation is to stop creating one swimsuit pattern 
in 600 different fabrics that all have pink in them and flowers.


There are definitely a lot, A LOT, of ugly doll swimsuits on Etsy.

And if I see another pink, flowery one I may vomit.

Sorry, folks, but that's my opinion.

Cough, cough.


Thank you for visiting us today!

Stay tuned for more swimmy-suit discussion tomorrow!


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1 comment:

Lydia Louise said...

Wow that is a lot of swimsuits! Yes I've seen so many really rank suits on the inter web. Me personally, I'm not to keen of putting my dolls in swimming togs but I should get better at that! I really enjoyed AG's version I think it was last year, white with pink flowers and came with a matching towel dress :) I have that and I quite like it :D Thanks for the great post
Lydia from Lydia's Dolls

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