Sunday, June 12, 2016

750 Words: Updates on Life and Uselessness

As of Saturday June 4th, I hadn't posted on this blog since April 25th.

Now - I am pretty much known for being useless and going MIA.

So no one even noticed.


But what was I doing for that little-over-a-month time???

Let's pretend that someone out there asked that question ^^^...
cough, cough.

Some of you, 91 of you to be precise,
may remember when I had a whinefest back on April 9, 2016.

Whinefest/Mental breakdown.

I'm not sure which one it was, basically it was both.

But the gist of the post:

...was that I really wanted to start writing more.

And not just blog posts, but more like an online journal, or something.

Basically using writing as self-therapy.

My proposed journal title was "Brain (Non)Activity: My Journal of Pain and Derpression."

I haven't quite crafted that yet - but don't steal the title, I'll still use it. ;-)

I am a (very) depressed person.
More depressed probably than my doctor ever realized.
But I can't take medication, because my body has other medical problems.
So the drugs make me sick.
So I'm not on drugs.
So I have to come up with alternatives.

One of the most useless and useful alternatives for me is writing.

(Yes, you read that right - useless and useful.)

Useless because you have to write in order for it to be useful - but I end up spending more time feeling guilty about NOT writing which depresses me and STOPS me from writing.


So it is both, unfortunately.

It's not just me.
A lot of people find writing therapeutic.

But is hard work.
And frustrating.
And it's never as good as you want it to be.

But you should write if you want to.

As a friend told me - you should write for yourself.

(Harold's butt)

It took me a few weeks after the April 9th Whinefest, but I finally sat down and told myself that I had to use that website that I pay $5 a month for.

I had to write at least 750 words a day.

And I had to get all that cr*p that was floating around my head all day out onto the page or else I was going to go even more insane than I already am.

The first project I wanted to accomplish was
the April 2016 edition of Maple's Fantastic (ally Inappropriate) Planner.

This planner was an idea that I've had since #maplesharshrelationshipadvice started to become popular on Instagram very fast, and faster than I could keep up with it.

By popular I mean ten people or more asking Maple for advice a day - which is ten people more than I can keep up with evidently, haha.

So I was easily overwhelmed by the creative project I had created for myself.

Derp again.

Her advice is something I still want to do on Instagram, I just need to remember not to do it 24-7.

I don't actually get paid to do it, haha.
And it eats up my time and mental energy.

Once you start it up, the requests increase exponentially.

So I thought the planner would be a nice way to get Maple's voice out there for readers.

By some miracle, I did accomplish the April planner.

I'm still not sure how.

Buy it here if you want it:

It costs $1.99.

Maple and I are already working on the May edition.

So apparently that's going okay.

The miracle continues, somehow.

No one has bought the April planner yet - but I wrote it for myself really.

(I need to keep reminding myself of that fact.
As I am too concerned about "success" -
even though I know that "success" is really relative.)

I know that it's really my dedication to writing at least 750 words a day that has helped me be more productive in my writing.

Even if it is just Maple's silly planner. Haha.

(Julia again, with globe)

I am on a 43-day streak with the writing.

And I have written over 60k words of a novel that
 I've been wanting to finish for about the last eleven years.

That novel is Maple's Fantastic Stories: The House of Coventry.

Which I have a blog about, started back during one of the times when I was trying to work on it like it was my job. (Even though it wasn't - no one pays me to write this cr*p.)

As I worked on her planner, Maple's voice kept talking to me about the novel.

And the two started to blend and morph, and suddenly
I was working on The House of Coventry.

For 60k words.

I would like to have at least 100k words by June 24th.

I don't know if that will happen.

But as my mother says: "It's good to have goals."

The story has changed a bit from what I was drafting on Maple's story blog.

But that's okay. That happens.

Stella is still there though.
And Maple has a much stronger presence, as the author, and puppet-master.

I used to just let her write it from behind the curtain, so-to-speak.
But she wanted to participate more actively.
More than I realized she wanted to.
So now she's in front of the curtain.
Or rather she just tore down the curtain.
Typical Maple.

But sometimes you just have to write what pops into your head.

I can't say this book will be good.

It certainly won't be great.

But I would like to finish it. Edit it. And sell it here on the blog.

And perhaps I can feel like I have accomplished something with my life.

As I am reminded every day that life is not as long as you think it will be.

Unfortunately I had to ignore a lot of things when I was doing the writing - and as I continue with it - because I am really, really horrible at multitasking.

Like really horrible.

I ignored the blog, my Instagram, my Facebook, my Pinterest, my household chores and duties, my life partner/person I share a toilet with, my personal hygiene. Haha.

(I mean, not that last one, cough, cough.)

(Harold and a banananananana)

So moving forward I will try and produce more posts for the blog.

But until I get that 100k words, or rather, until I get to the logical conclusion of that novel - I may still be a bit MIA.


I wish I could clone myself and do all the things I want to do, while also having one clone sit around and eat ice cream while watching British murder mysteries all day.

But I can't.

So I'll just try to accomplish one goal at a time. :-/

I'm sorry that this isn't the most inspiring story -
but I really do recommend that people write at least 750 words a day.

A journal? Maybe? 750 words of nonsense? That works too.

Try it, and see what happens!!!

Thank you for visiting us today!!!


Melody Silverleaf said...

Writing is therapeutic. Keep up the good work. You are missed.

Anonymous said...

Your post gave me a kick in the right direction to start writing the stupidest diary ever. But hey, it helps me, keeps my depression in check, and makes me more creative and less whiny.
First step is the hardest, and a few ones after that. Then the words start multiplying like rabbits.
I keep stalking your blog since I love all the stylebooks and trends to sew. Your posts give me a lot of ideas to sew, I just need to start sewing lol. Keep up the good work!


Kiki's Korner said...

I'm glad you wrote this post. I would like to be doing some or just one of my creative interests. I have always failed at attempts to write. I have lots of story ideas to photograph with the dolls, but instead I sit and look for others' stories. Want to share your favorite British Murder Mysteries? Oh, no, that's not where I should be heading, but still... Thanks for the blog post.

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