Saturday, June 25, 2016

AG Wig Swapping Pics Video/Slideshow

We did a quick compilation video of some of
our Instagram pics that have dolls in swapped wigs.

It might be useful for people who want to make custom dolls, and are wondering what a doll might look like in a certain wig.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

AGIG Stylebook: LemonAndDolls

Welcome to a sort-of shoutout for LemonAndDolls' Instagram account!!!

And she also has a Youtube account, as well:

AGIG Stylebook posts show great outfits on 
beautiful dolls from Instagram accounts.

Check out her pics below,
and then please follow her on Instagram and Youtube!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

June and July 2016 Etsy Release Round-Up!

Welcome friends!

If you have a shop release coming up in June and/or July 
please comment below with your information!

**You can also let us know if you had a release in June and 
you still have some stuff in your shop for sale.**

These are the announcements I gathered 
from my earlier calls for info from peeps:


QT Pie has temporarily shutdown her shop until July 2nd and cancelled the upcoming June release because of a potential strike of the Canadian Post workers.

Follow her Instagram to stay updated!

(But her plan was to have one this Saturday
June 25th and one July 23rd, jfyi.
6pm EST)

Hi so I'm having a doll jewelry release on my etsy on 
June 18th @ 12:00pm. My theme is south western jewelry. 
My etsy shop is Willowtreeagjewelry!!

I have a 10% off coupon code (JUNEMADNESS) 
for the month of June at Riajoysboutique. Thank you!

July 1st!

I'm still trying to find a date for one in July

^^ (also - still trying to find a date for one in July)

Not sure on the exact date yet, but shooting for mid-end July!

I've not completely decided yet when it will be 
but probably mid-end July for CloudMagic ❤

Hoping for a date in July for PebblesandToad 
if I can get my sewing machine back up and running!😅

Jackie Friest

I don't usually do release dates as often life gets 
in the way of my sewing and it creates too much pressure. 
I do have some Bitty Baby outfits in my shop JackiesHeartandSoul on Etsy. 

New printed jeans with a tank crocheted shrug as well 
as a couple of H4 H to be listed this coming weekend.

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And please check out these shops and Instagram accounts!


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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trends to Sew: O'Neill Swimsuits

In general, I don't see a lot of stylish swimsuits 
for the AG dolls that are super-realistic.

I noticed the Dollicious ones and the QT Pie Scrunchy style pattern 
really stand out in this regard.

(These were discussed in yesterday's post.)

I think people can experiment more with the construction 
of the swimmy-suit top in order to provide 
customers with more swimmy-suit options for their dolls.

And options are great - especially for people with multiple dolls 
who want to take group photo shoots.

You don't want your dolls all in the same style swimmy-suit. 
That's boring.

So check out these swimmy-suits from O'Neill 
and see if you can make them!

(Prod prod.)

And yes - there are two-piece human swimsuits below, that show skin -
so don't expect modesty here, haha.

(I don't expect a doll to cover-up 
all her bits when lounging poolside - sorry.)

Top styles to consider:

Bikini Ruffle

High-Neck Halter

Criss-Cross Bandeau


Knotty-Criss-Cross Front and String Tie-Back

Rash Guard Crop Top

Off-The-Shoulder with Lace

Off-The-Shoulder Drapey

As far as colors to focus on this summer: black, black, black.

But of course, that can easily look like underwear on the dolls -
so be sure to add some accents to make sure everybody knows it's a swimsuit.

For example - here ^^^ we see those extra X-cross straps as part of the top bodice.
(Most bras don't have those.)
And the model is sporting hemp and shell necklaces galore,
so consider adding something like that into your photo shoot accessorizing.

Here is another example of those straps underneath the bodice line:

You can also choose fabrics with black as the base, main color -
but not the only color.

Combo of black and gold ^^^

Note the high-waist bottom that is very in-style this summer.

^^^ Note the addition of the romantic florals which pop on the black.

I'd love to see more of these full-zip-front rash guard tops as well.

Another color range: rust-brown, bronze, rust-orange.

I love this one-piece design.
It looks awesome on the beach, or as a super-hero costume.
(Yes, I like costumes....)

One more color range: soldier blue, deep mint, dark teal.

^^^ "Check out my strappy-butt!"
(Straps are very in-style right now, if you haven't caught on.)

So start thinking outside of the box as far as swimsuit designs!

And remember - swimsuits don't all have to be in a psychedelic, 
bright color-range that burns people's retinas.

They don't all have to be pink.

They can be boho and hipster and edgy.

They don't all have to be cutesy, sweet-looking, and ruffle-y all over the place.

I'm not saying AG swimsuits have to be "sexy" but they don't all have to look 
like they were made for a 5-yr-old.

And they don't all have to look the same. ;-)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pattern and Shop Shoutouts: Swimsuits

It's that time of year.

When people with disposable income go on vacation.
Or people with pools endlessly take pics of their dolls poolside. 

Summer means swimming - and you can't swim without a swimsuit.

Well, you can - but you might be arrested.

So if you aren't already offering some swimsuits in your shop, or don't own one for your dolls and want something to sew - think: swimsuits.

Today I will discuss some patterns and swimsuits offered in Etsy and Pixie Faire, so you can get the gears of inspiration turning.

And tomorrow I will discuss human 
O'Neill swimsuits that I'd love to see in doll-size.

One thing I will applaud AG for is the realism of their doll swimsuits.

I like the style of Lea's set.
Just not the colors.

But it does look like something a human would wear.

And the Truly Me swimsuit is nice.
But it looks baby-ish to me.

And the fabric gives me seizures.

On Etsy everyone makes the Liberty Jane swimsuit or an equivalent one-piece.

And you can do a lot of things with it.

But if you are trying to think outside the box and offer something new - you're going to need something else in your bag of tricks.

What do you do if you want to sew something a little bit different?

I recommend looking for two-piece patterns because 
that is the common style in the human world.

Try QT Pie's Scrunchy Swimsuit pattern:

I think this one deserves more attention.

QT Pie also has the Take the Plunge pattern:

But if you want to stick with one-piece....

The QT Pie Summer Fun Sporty pattern has a very unique style:

Also, look for Lee and Pearl's halter tiered pattern:

Back to two-piece patterns...

I like the Peppermintsticks Making Waves pattern:

Here is a beautiful version of that pattern from Up Owl Night Crafting:

Up Owl Night has many neat swimsuits for sale,
including ones from the Lee and Pearl pattern:

And I also recommend making rash guard tops (like Lea's).

Pixie Faire has two rash guard patterns:

While I was browsing Etsy for this post I noticed that 
Dollicious has come up with a cool design for her swimsuits:

Very impressive!

And don't forget the board shorts for the boy dolls:

Overall, my main recommendation is to stop creating one swimsuit pattern 
in 600 different fabrics that all have pink in them and flowers.


There are definitely a lot, A LOT, of ugly doll swimsuits on Etsy.

And if I see another pink, flowery one I may vomit.

Sorry, folks, but that's my opinion.

Cough, cough.


Thank you for visiting us today!

Stay tuned for more swimmy-suit discussion tomorrow!


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