Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reader Submission #65
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!!

Hello, Fellow Doll Enthusiasts!
Of all my dolls, Kaya is my favorite.  A Christmas gift from 2002, she is a gorgeous doll with an amazing story and – as I’ll focus on today – a fantastic wardrobe.

Right now, Kaya is modeling American Girl’s retired Pow-Wow Dance Dress of Today.  I love this outfit because of its vibrant colors and the stunning way that the cream fabric contrasts with Kaya’s complexion.  The patterned details of the embroidery, sash, and hair comb really complete the look.  Plus, the summery set includes matching choker necklaces for doll and girl, which is super fun.  I was overjoyed to receive this dress as a birthday gift several years ago, before it was archived.

As for an outfit I would love to see from American Girl, I selected this photo for inspiration.  I love the pastel pink hue of the dress and the feathery appearance of the ball-gown skirt.  So far as I know, American Girl has yet to produce a dress with this style of ruffles, and I think it would add a great girly-girl feel to any ensemble.  Although the gown might not fit into Kaya’s collection, I think that this dress would be adorable for the My AG line.

Thanks for reading, and have a terrific day!


Thank You Reader #65!!!!

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