Thursday, September 26, 2013

DW Product Photography Service
Open to Five Sellers


We decided to start the Product Photography Service 
as a test-run and part of our 
'Branding Your Etsy Squares' 

We'll open it to five sellers right now.

Pricing will be 5 listings 
(outfits, accessories, or separates) 
for $25.

10 listings 
(outfits, accessories, or separates) 
for $50.

Plus shipping costs to and from 
The Main DW Headquarters (in da USA).

We'll take at least 10 product-listing-worthy pics per item.
But we'll probably have more like 15-20 pics per item for you.

If you want less than 5 or more than 10 listings 
(outfits, accessories, or separates) photographed, 
we can discuss pricing one-on-one.

Also, if you only make small items like jewelry or hairbands 
-- (i.e. products with low price listings) -- 
we can work on a different pricing scheme for you.

We'll work with Etsy, Ebay, and individual shops -- so it's wide-open.
And this is also open to Canadian sellers.

We can email you the pictures, load them into our online accounts for your easy download, and/or mail you a disc with them on it when we ship your package back to you.

Your choice on that.

Turn-around time will depend on when you send us your items.
So that will be worked out 
one-on-one with you.

We will include a complimentary post on your items 
that we photograph here on The DW Blog.

When we post on The DW Blog that will automatically be shared 
on our Facebook and Pinterest accounts as well.

If you would like us to craft the pics into Youtube videos, 
we can also do that as a complimentary service.

If you are interested in this service,
please email us at

It will be a first-come first-served 
basis for these five seller spots.

If the service is successful we may continue it in the future.

But we want to start small so we can be sure to give 
you guys what you want and help you as much as we can. :-)

Any Questions???

Feel free to comment below or email us

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last Day to Vote on 2013 Fashion Design Challenge Second Outfits!

Have you voted yet for your favorite outfits???

Check out the site today!

Vote today!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doll Knitting Pattern Books Giveaway!!!
Nicky Epstein and Debonair Designs

Do You Knit?

Then this is the giveaway for you!

We are offering up two doll knitting pattern books for one winner.
One from Nicky Epstein.
One from Debonair Designs.

The winner will receive both books!

On July 5th we reviewed the Nicky Epstein Pattern Book:

To enter this giveaway:

Please comment below

These comments are not published and are only visible to The DW Team.

Or you can email us at,
sending us your FULL NAME.

One entry per person.

But you can have multiple entries per household.

If you are under 18 years old, please ask your parent or guardian's
permission before entering.

Please check out Debonair Designs on Etsy! 


The Debonair Designs pattern book was just published.

It features 16 patterns grouped by collection,
for the Fall and Winter Seasons.

The book is a pleasure to flip through with plentiful, beautiful 
photographs of Debonair's Designs on dolls.

The materials and notions needed are described.

Each pattern is ranked by skill and difficulty levels.

There are handy diagrams.

Completed item measurements are noted.

If don't want to wait to get your hands on this lovely book,
you can purchase the book here:

A second doll knitting pattern book is in the works from
Debonair Designs for the Spring and Summer Seasonal designs!

There are many more individual patterns available at their shop as well!

Check them out today! enter this giveaway:

Please comment below

These comments are not published and are only visible to The DW Team.

Or you can email us at,
sending us your FULL NAME.

One entry per person.

But you can have multiple entries per household.

If you are under 18 years old, please ask your parent or guardian's
permission before entering.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Liberty Jane Fall 2013
First Auction OOAK Outfit Up!

Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that the Liberty Jane Fall 2013 
Auctions have started on Ebay.

If you like making collages for your outfits, 
this is a great example of an outfit collage for a listing.

I would not use it for my Etsy Square pic though - just fyi.
But it works wonderfully for an Ebay listing.

Each Liberty Jane Fall 2013 Ebay auction 
outfit is OOAK, and there will be four in total for this collection.

Liberty Jane takes wonderful photos of their products and they serve as great examples for what other sellers should be striving to attain in their photography.

In addition, they often photograph in their own little indoor studio, which is one of the things we'll be talking about in our 'Branding Your Etsy Squares' series.

Here are some mo' pics of their first Fall 2013 outfit and the write-up.

More About Killara...

Killara is the exciting new character from the pages of Outback Libby - Journey To Faraway Downs. She's sensitive, smart and most importantly, she is fabulously dressed. Outback Libby has a new sidekick and her name is Killara. 

(This book will be published for Amazon's Kindle at the end of September.)

What the winning bidder gets:

The Dress: Beautifully handcrafted dress featuring a silky chiffon fabric found at Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. The purple jewel tone print is accented with a pop of deep orange and highlights of shades of grey. The fitted sheer bodice uses two different prints that coordinate together perfectly. Along the front neck binding seam are hand sewn orange and purple beads - simple elegance at it's best! The elbow length sheer sleeves have elastic at the hem to provide the perfect drape. 

The waistband highlights the most interesting part if the fabric print, this beautiful design wraps around to the center back, both edges are topstitched for durability. The skirt portion of the dress features a high low hemline, two tiered layers of fabric provide a softly draped flowing skirt. The dress is worn over a white tank top made from a slub knit textured fabric.

The Bag: The perfect accessory for a girl in the outback! A faux leather fringed cross body bag. Bag construction is very simple - each tiny fringe strip is tied together around the entire perimeter of the bag. The 5 strand braided strap is secured through the metal eyelets with fringed knots. Beadwork on the front of the purse has been sewn by hand - these orange and purple beads glisten in the sun and compliment the dress fabric beautifully!

The Scarf: A simple organza scarf in ombre shades ranging from orange to pink. Edges of scarf are serged. Tiny flower charm hangs from one end. Scarf can be worn wrapped around the neck, tied in the hair, or even as a belt.

The Shoes: Tiny sandals made from real leather, stitched in dark purple and wrapped in a jute braided edging. Burgundy organza fabric is used for the straps and ties on the sandal. Shoes were made (with slight modification) from the Carrick Bend Sandal Pattern found at Pixie Faire.

The Bracelet: A fun metal cuff style bracelet featuring a bronzed finish and intricate heart design. Metal is bendable and can fit a variety of doll arms.

(The DW has actually made some bracelets like these 
out of human hoop earrings.
We cut off the parts that go through your ear and 
filed the metal edges so nothing was sharp.)

Construction Details: All seam allowances are professionally finished with enclosed seams, and tiny zigzag stitching. The back of the dress closes with three small snaps. The dress hems are beautifully stitched with a couture finishing technique designed for silk and chiffon fabrics. The outfit includes a beautiful wooden hanger for proper storage.

The Bonus: The Winner of this OOAK auction will also receive one of the New BIN Outback Libby Outfits that will be listed in the Liberty Jane Clothing Store in just a few weeks! This cute outfit features a pair of cheetah print shorts with a front fly and tiny welt front pockets. A white slub knit tank with a white rayon top layered over the top - perfect for protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the outback sun! The top features the same construction design as the Killara dress, a deep v front with neck binding and a top stitched waistband. Top is made from white rayon challis fabric, super soft to the touch!

Liberty Jane also makes Animoto Youtube videos for their outfits, which they embed into their Ebay listings and which they usually post on their Youtube channel.

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

Overall Liberty Jane listings serve as great templates for other sellers to follow!

Check it out today!

And if you want to check out their BIN shop and more of their pics,


p.s. We have another giveaway to announce that we were going to post on Wed., but life got in the way of that one. So stay tuned. We'll work on that and hopefully have it up for tomorrow!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Featured Shop: Party with Felt!

Sorry for the delay with our posts,
we have been unexpectedly away from home.

But we'll get back on track!

Party with Felt sent us a couple really cute things,
including this blue hat (their pics):

And this floral, pearly, feathery headband (our pics):

So we wanted to give a shout-out to their Etsy Shop:

Party with Felt welcomes custom orders,
so if you have an idea for something you want -- just ask!

They have just listed dolly felt hairbows:

And they are crafting new AG hats:

The hats come in these lovely hat boxes that are great for storage:

More examples of Party with Felt's AG hats:

And they just started offering masks -- perfect for Halloween or masquerade balls!

Also there are new doll headband styles in the shop!

You can use the hats as human fascinators!

And they also offer human headbands!

Please check out their shop today!

Party with Felt welcomes custom orders,
so if you have an idea for something you want -- just ask!

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