Saturday, April 16, 2016

AGIG Stylebook:
MegAGDolls and the Overall Dress

So on Tuesday I wrote that there would "be more on festival-friendly 
denim dresses for dolls in tomorrow's post!"

Basically, I want to make people realize that a denim overall dress 
can be trendy and chic, and not look like it is for a 5 yr old.

And Megagdolls's dresses can help me do this.

But Wednesday came and went.

And Thursday came and went.

And Friday came and went.

This week hasn't been a barrel of laughs, 
so we didn't have a lot of time to play on the blog, haha.

But here I am, back again!

So first I wanted to start with a shoutout for Instagram's megagdolls!

She takes amazing pictures, has a ton of unique dolls, wonderful doll room set-ups, and so much beautiful doll clothing it kinda makes me tear up.

It's a very inspirational account that makes me want to be 
more creative with my collection every time I visit her feed.

(And it makes me want to be her friend,
but not in like a creepy stalker way...I swear....) ;-)

So check out her IG account today!

She has Scream Queens custom dolls.

And a Melanie Martinez custom doll.

And a Cat Valentine doll.

And she makes a lot of her own clothing.

She also sells some items on Etsy.

As of me writing this, there are currently 7 items listed in her shop!

She makes a limited number of each item, and sometimes only one.

Also, her items are very affordable, so you could easily 
get a whole new wardrobe for your dolls without breaking the bank.

So if you like something, buy it asap!

Continuing onto the second part of this post.....

In the above pics, you may have noticed this dress:

Which is a beautiful version of an overall dress 
that isn't the traditional blue denim.

It is paired with the mock turtleneck, long-sleeve 
white shirt we often see with this style of dress on humans.

Hopefully it inspires y'alls to think beyond denim. :-)

But megagdolls also made a couple styles of denim overall dresses:

I prefer the styling of the second one, 
and we bought one of them for our collection.

We haven't taken pictures yet though because we are useless.
Surprise, surprise...(not really).

If you have an overall dress like these 
(not necessarily a megagdolls one) 
and have some pics 
of your dolls in it 
we did ask on Instagram that you tag it with @thedollwardrobeblog 
(right on the pic, like you are tagging a person's face, haha)
so that we could use the pic here on the blog
in a future post.

So please do that!!!!

We want to do a sort of round-up of doll dresses like this.

Will I end up dedicating the rest of April to overall dresses????

Gosh I don't mean to...but I might by accident.... ;-)


Thank you for visiting us today!!!

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