Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trends to Sew: The Overall Dress Continued

Continuing my series on denim and overall dresses...

Yes, I just wanted to post more pics of human dresses for inspo.

Just in case you need it.

First off, here is the traditional festival attire styling...

(Dissatisfied facial expression is optional)

Here you see the dress over a white embroidered peasant top - 
one that isn't too big, puffy and flowing 
so that it works well layered.

And the denim dress is distressed - 
which helps it work as festival fashion.

So this is a twist on the prim and proper pinafore dress 
over a mock turtleneck we saw yesterday from megagdolls.

But what if you want to experiment further...

My go-to place for unique fashion?


Yes...if you've followed this blog long enough, 
you already know about Yesstyle.

It is a great place to find items for inspiration.

(Or at least I think so, haha.)

If you want to find 700 variations on a theme - 
Yesstyle is a good resource.

Today's finds...

Yes, they have denim overall dresses...

Some of them have unique distressing...

They also sometimes feature flared skirting...

And a sort of button-down skirt with suspenders styling...

Some are a combination of denim and drapey crepe fabric (me wants)...

Then we step away from the traditional overall styling...

And then we go beyond denim...

Hopefully you have gained some marvelous inspiration 
for your sewing and styling porpoises from this post!

Thank you for visiting us today!

And remember----

If you have an overall doll dress like these 
and have some pics 
of your dolls in it 
we did ask on Instagram that you tag it with @thedollwardrobeblog 
(right on the pic, like you are tagging a person's face, haha)
so that we could use the pic here on the blog
in a future post.

So please do that!!!!

We want to do a sort of round-up of doll dresses like this.


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