Monday, April 18, 2016

Julia's Outfit of the Day:
MegAGDolls Denim Overall Dress

I finally took photos of the MegAGDolls denim overall dress!!!


A round of applause please!

Yes, it's that big of a deal.

Because I am so lazy and unproductive.

So today we have some pictures I posted on 
Instagram of Julia wearing the dress.

Julia is a MyAG #28, and here she is 
wearing a wig from Dulcie, our #61 - who we scalped.

Her dress is from Etsy's MegAGDolls:

And her top is from Etsy's Closet4Chloe:

We wanted to capture a warm-weather, 
 festival/Coachella-esque look, despite not being outside. 

Ideally for a festival fashion photo shoot, you should at least be outside.

Perhaps in the desert, or poolside. And with a pool float or accessory.

But I am feeling particularly shy about outdoor photography lately
because EVERYONE is outside right now.

In the 60 degree, sunny weather.

And I can't seem to hide from the people.


So no outdoor Coachella-esque photo shoots for me.

Until I became a much more brave person. :-/

Her sunglasses are American Girl brand.

I can never get sunglasses to look right on the dolls, 
so I often just use them as a hair accessory. 


This post is part of a series on Festival Fashion and 
how the overall dress is a popular trend right now:

Last Monday's post on #festivaldolls2016:

Do you have pics of 
your dolls in festival fashions?
Use #festivaldolls2016 and 
tag us with @thedollwardrobeblog
- we'll use your pics here 
and give you a shoutout!

Last Tuesday's post on the denim dress trend:

This is Saturday's post on MegAGDolls:

And Sunday's post on more human examples of the overall dress:

If you have any pics of your dolls in an overall dress --
again, tag the pic with @thedollwardrobeblog --
like you are tagging a person's face --
we'd also like to start posting those on here as well,
and you will get a shoutout. :-)

Thank you for 
visiting us today!!!

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