Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trends to Sew: Charlotte Russe for Festival Fashion Inspiration

So one of my flaws is that I often just go to the 
same human brands, over and over.

Both when I am shopping, and when 
I am looking for "Trends to Sew."

This year I told myself - "Self, you need to find more brands."

So for this post we'll look at Charlotte Russe for 
Festival Fashion inspo.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the ol' CR before.

But it's probably been a long time.

CR has a special section of their site right now - "Festival Life."


(I love how the second pic is of Monster High
dolls performing at #Goochella.)

This is from the Charlotte Russe site....

Don't ask me what "Days like Forever" is supposed to mean...

Sounds like a song from High School Musical....


I tried to pick just one thing I liked the best for a pic here.

But I seriously want everything.

Styles for you to sew:

The cut-off denim mini skirt

The cage scoopneck drapey tee

*me wants*

The bodcon printed skirt

(Fringed leather or suede purse sold separately, 
but also a Festival Fashion must-have.)

The fringed graphic tank top

(Don't tie a bandana around your doll's neck though.
That's just gonna look dumb.)

The strappy open back dress

Underwear is optional ^^^

The high-waist denim short

(Can also be in black or white denim)

Patch pockets are also in style on those

The strappy caged tank top

(Cousin of the caged scoopneck tee)

Tying a shirt ^^^ around the waist helps to highlight your birthing hips -
sometimes this works well on the dolls to give them hips -
but it has to be done well so it doesn't look bulky and frumpy.

(i.e. this is difficult to accomplish 
without the doll looking bulky and frumpy)

The racer styled crop tank top

Every female human on Earth owns one of these now I think....

Hey look! ^^^^ There's that tying a shirt 
around the waist thing again!

The sheer kimono

The "I'm too cool for you to talk to" arm positioning is a must
when wearing a kimono cardigan.

The patterned twin set - crop top and matching shorts or skirt

Now this is something that is challenging to design and execute, 
because it can quickly look like Maryellen's PJs.

But I see these everywhere,
so they might be worth a try to sew.

Also, it will help if you can handcraft some suede gladiator sandals.


Probably not gonna happen -
but these are the shoes currently in style for Festival foot attire:

Definitely put some sunglasses into your outfit design.

And I would recommend some tiny fresh flowers to place in the hands
of whatever doll you want to photograph
in your Festival fashions.

(Especially if you don't have a doll-size pink flamingo.)

See the Coachella Lookbook Formula post from Fashionista,
for why I mention pink flamingos:



See our earlier post for info on that...

Thank you for visiting us today!


Ellie said...

Sheer kimonos are one of my favorite trends!

Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

Kathleen said...

Hey, this is a bit off-topic, but I'm thinking about doing some major re-wigging so I've been doing doll wig research and had a question.

You said some Monique wigs are better than others, and so I was wondering if there were specific ones you had issues with. I've been looking at only their mod-acrylic, specifically their Roxanne, Kit, Emily, Arielle, Moesha, Ajani, Liza, and Vanessa if you/anyone else have liked those.


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