Monday, April 11, 2016

Trends to Sew: Instagram #festivaldolls2016

If you follow the music, art and/or fashion worlds, 
you're aware of "festival season."

Way Out West the weather doesn't suck in April (like it does here) - 
and in the late spring they have a lot of music festivals.

Such as Coachella.

Which is a big, big indie music and arts festival in Cali.

Once it became popular, the really cool kids stopped going.

Hipsters can only go to things when no one knows about them.

But now everyone knows about Coachella, and other similar events all over the world.

Including the clothing companies.

"Festival Styles/Fashion" became a thing - 
and now everyone does it.

Festival Fashion is sort of Woodstock Hippie style.

Sort of artsy hipster style.

Sort of flower child, forest fairy, beach bum style.

It can really be whatever you want - 
but the goal is to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

As well as comfortable and casual.

It's time to set aside those winter coats people!!!

So on Instagram I asked people to use the hashtag 
#festivaldolls2016 on pics of their dolls wearing festival-inspired fashion.

They ^^^ have their own Etsy shop where they sell 
the outfits and clothing items they make:

Thank you so much for using our hashtag and participating!!!

#festivaldolls2016 For The Win!!!!

(Yes, we are weird.)

If your dolls are caught wearing Festival Fashions 
be sure to tag your pic for us to use here!

If we get more posts in that hashtag we might make a 
"Festival Photo Round-Up" every week, 
or every other week this spring -- 
depending on how many peeps use the tag!




QT Pie Doll Clothing is going to have 
an upcoming Etsy Shop doll clothing release 
that will include festival-inspired items.

So if you are feeling left out of #festivaldolls2016 
because you need to bulk up your wardrobe -- 
be sure to check that out!!!


Her next release is
Saturday, April 30
6pm EST

Her Instagram:

Her Etsy:


If you are a doll clothing or accessory provider 
who is also selling festival fashions this year - 

please, please, please...

...let us know in the comment section below or on one of our 
#festivaldolls2016 posts on Instagram 
 (the Coachella 2016 pic).

We'd love to know who else is offering festival styles 
this season and give you some shoutouts here and on IG!!!

Flower crowns and jewelry is included in that jfyi. :-)


Thank You for Visiting Us Today!

And be sure to use 
on your pics of dolls in their festival attire!

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