Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trends to Sew: Festival-Friendly Denim Dress

So after yesterday's post on #festivaldolls2016...

You might be looking for specific ideas of what festival fashion is.

I am classifying this series under Trends to Sew, 
but it is also a style guide I guess, haha.

(For those who want to dress their dolls in Festival Styles.)

First off, see this Glamour article for inspo:

The link says 2015, but the article is for 2016.

(It's festival time - everyone gets a bit air-headed....)

One of the repeats on their list is a denim dress.

Glamour recommends this denim lace-up dress:

(Lace-up necklines are also currently very popular.)

This design is from Warehouse:

Which I think it is already sold out.
But I also think it would look a bit too boxy on the dolls.

It's beautiful, but I think it could easily look like 
the housecoat that your nan wears outside to get the newspaper in the mornings
because of the weight of the denim fabric.

Unless it's possible to make this out of like...jegging fabric...

But I digress.

I would recommend something like this instead:

The key to this design (and the one above) - in my opinion - is the deep blue color.
It really makes an impact.

"This sleeveless denim shift dress features a round neckline, 
two front pockets and button detailing on the front."

This dress is great for layering - a key feature of festival fashion.

And it easily transfers over into other parts of your wardrobe.

You might be thinking it doesn't look hippie 
enough for the festivals -- but really festival attire 
does not always have to be covered in florals and fringe.

Another great brand to look at for denim dresses is New Look.

There you'll literally drown in a sea of denim dress ideas.

And this is one that Glamour also recommended:

And there are also these:

In British these are pinafore dresses.

Because jumpers are sweaters.

Not dresses.

Despite the fact that here in the USA we might call these jumper dresses.

Just to confuse you.

But if you are searching at an UK brand site -- try pinafore. ;-)

(While zee Americanos might use "overall dress,"
 the Brits don't always go by that either.)

If New Look styles aren't enough, pop on over to Miss Selfridge

For some unique denim looks.

Alrighty then, that's all for now.

But they'll be more on festival-friendly 
denim dresses for dolls in tomorrow's post!


Stay tuned!!!

And thank you for visiting us today!


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