Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Patternmaker Shoutout: Suzy M Studio

I want to get into the habit of giving shoutouts to patternmakers -
not just sellers.

So here we are!

I'd love to make this a regular type of post.

If I can get off my duff and do the work needed, haha.

So today I give a shoutout to Suzy M Studio.

If you want trendy styles for dresses, skirts, cardigans, and more -
Suzy M Studio is the place to go.

She has also sold sewn items in the past,
and we have bought about seven listings from her.

She spends a lot of time and effort 
designing well-made and great-fitting items.

If you haven't looked at her patterns yet -
check them out today!!!

If you sew and sell - you can also use her 
patterns for items for your own shop.

For example, the Summer Breeze Dress pattern:

I just bought two of these from Etsy's Avanna Girl:

(So if you want custom-made items from any of Suzy M's patterns, 
contacting Avanna Girl may be a good place to start!)

Patterns that I particularly would recommend for 
Spring/Summer 2016 Trends to Sew:

Lillian Dress

This can also be a top, a maxi dress, a form-fitting shorter dress, etc.

I can envision this ^^^ as some neat tops, crop tops, and mini dresses.

Summer Breeze Dress

Can be sewn long, short, as a top, with and without ruffle - 
lots of variations!

This just screams "summer!"

If I could sew, I'd make the top below with 
the hem of the bottom layer higher.
And take out the elastic.
Like the layers are more nested together, for a tiered crop top.

(I probably didn't explain that very well.)

Sort of like these:

But if you want to keep the elastic...

That one ^^^ has an elasticized bottom hem, 
and a little bit of poof around the hem.
which is kinda neat and retro.
Me likey.
(1970's fashion had an obsession with elastic)

But back to the pattern variations....

Boatneck Raglan

Long-sleeve or short-sleeve top, or a dress!

With or without elastic on the shoulders.

I want all of the pattern samples from this....

Asymmetrical T-shirt

Long-sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, short-sleeve, tank top - again a lot of options.

Another one that I want all of the samples from zee pics....

Knit Maxi Dress, Mini Dress, Cami Top

Another pattern that allows you to sew several different types of items.

I particularly love that black dress with the light blue accent trim.

Pillowcase and Halter Romper

If I could sew I'd love to experiment with this pattern 
in a lot of different fabric types, to try and replicate some of
the human rompers I've seen lately.

If I could sew...haha.

I think for this year's trends I'd stick with the halter neckline, 
instead of the pillowcase style.

Tulip Dress, Peplum Top

And variations!

I particularly am in love with that burgundy peplum on the left.
So pretty.

Cascade Jacket and Vest

Beautiful design, and the trend is still going strong.

This can be made in a long or short version - 
and again, you can play with the sleeve length.

Or no sleeves at all!

If it were me making this right now -
I'd offer this as long-sleeve, with an extra-long styling 
(falling to mid-doll-thigh) 
in lightweight drapey fabrics.

If the fabric is slightly see-through, even better.

The go-to colors for this type of wardrobe item 
would be heathered grey, black, cream, white, navy, 
light grey, dark charcoal grey, and oatmeal.

That way the piece can work with a wide variety of outfits.

There's nothing quite as sucky as buying this beautiful cardigan 
that only goes with one or two outfits you own.

They need to have strong mix and match potential.

(The above advice can apply to any type of 
cardigan you guys are making right now, really.)

Slouchy Pullover

My fav version of this pattern is the cropped pullover.

I'd love to have this. It's adorable.

I think I'd buy it in almost any color. 
And even as a graphic hoodie.

Well, not in pink though. ;-)

The A-line Skirt

I see a lot of the same skirt patterns being made, over and over.

Which is fine, but I think some variety 
should be thrown in there!

And I love the little side pocket accents of this style.

Also (although I can't sew) - I think this could be made 
in a variety of fabrics, really offering a wide range of 
looks from casual, trendy, chic, sophisticated, punk, goth, etc.

Open Shoulder T-Shirt and Dress

The open shoulder trend is still on fire and will burn 
brighter now that the spring and summer months are here.

It's a good way to get around the 100% bare-shoulder trend, 
if that isn't your style.

The Versatile Skirt

Suzy M has drool-worthy skirt patterns.

This one offers an asymmetrical style, 
as well as sharkbite hem, high-low, and flared styles.

Maybe drool isn't something I should bring up...but I love these things 
and I wish I had the money to buy all sorts of them!

The Maxi Skirt

These are gorgeous.

I only wish I could sew... :'-(

So again, if you are looking for modern, trendy patterns check out:

I think the best thing about these patterns is that they are so adaptable, 
and depending on your fabric choices, and the style variations you use - 
you can make a wide variety of items 
in a variety of fashion styles.

(Sorry this was such a long post, haha. Derp.)


Thanks for visiting us today!!!


Ellie said...

I love this idea of shouting-out pattern makers! Lea looks awesome in that floral dress, and I love Julie's blue top. :)

Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

Melody Silverleaf said...

Great patterns and outfits! I love the silhouettes. These definitely seem to fit your style more than what the major dollmakers are providing. Thank you for sharing!

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