Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Have An Etsy Shop?:
Get An Instagram Account!

This is one of those really obvious posts where 
I am probably talking to people who already know what to do, haha.

But just in case you don't...

If you sell on Etsy or have your own online shop,
I highly recommend starting an Instagram 
account to help advertise your products.

If you are selling well already,
maybe you don't need an Instagram - 
but I think they really do help out.

What should you post there???

Pics of things you have created.

Behind the scenes pics of your sewing and crafting spaces, 
as well as your photo shoots.

Updates on what items will be in releases.

Release dates and times.

Notices about sales, discounts, special items, giveaways.

Questions about what people like to buy.

Inquiries for opinions on things you have created.

Happenings in your life.

Things that make you happy.

Your doll collection.

Your dog.

Your cat.

Your plant collection.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Pretty much anything you want!

Use the Instagram account to brand you, your product, your style!

Here are some examples of Etsy shops that have Instagram accounts:

Small Scale Styles

QT Pie Doll Clothing

(pssstttt this shop ^^^ has a release coming up on Feb. 20th at 6pm EST)

Closet 4 Chloe

Lori Liz Girls and Dolls

Mia Kate Apparel

123 Mulberry Street

Clarisse's Closet

Katherine's Creations

p.s. If you have an online shop and an Instagram -- 
comment below with the website address 
of your Instagram account so that people can find it and follow it!

For example this is the website address of Katherine's Creations Instagram account:

Thank you for visiting us 
and stay tuned for more posts!!!


Kat G said...

Visit and find me on instagram at


Trudy said...

My etsy shop is WhoaItsMe, and my Instagram account name is @_whoa.its.me_

Ann Van Doren said...

Thanks to your advice to use Instagram, I've already gained several new customers. And your selection of my outfit for Honorable Mention in your Fashion Design Challenge is what got me into selling in the first place, so THANK YOU!

My Etsy shop is at

My Instagram account is ann.van.doren.designs

mimi said...

My etsy shop is, and my instagram is @mimivilledesigns

American Girl Place said...

My shop is and my Instagram is @americangirlplace13

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