Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Honest Editorial:
My Phone Died and I've Lost the Will to Live

Okay, I haven't really lost the will to live.

I didn't have it to begin with.

But my phone did die.

This is the story....

I finally took photos of the baby pants I re-sewed into doll leggings.

(Which I created four weeks ago.)
(Yes, I know I am pathetic.)
(And, no they aren't even finished at the top.)

This is the first thing I have ever "sewed."

There is a certain irony about the pictures of the 
first thing I have ever sewed killing my beloved phone....

(And yes, those are smiling pine trees on the pants.)

I sewed the pants by hand and used the seams and hems already there.

So really all I did was cut out a pattern and sew two seams.

So I "sewed" them, not sewed them, really.

^ No leggings in this shot, but it's cool, so there ya go.

^ My crappy sewing skilz at play.

I sewed the legs together wrong the first time....
Had to rip out those stitches...

^ Original baby pants
(Clearance section at Target.)

So I had a bunch of these pictures of Sylvie (https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/tdwb_sylvie/) wearing these pants, with a dress from The Glam Doll and a shirt from Zellawear.

My camera starts loading them into my phone.

My phone says it's too full.

I start deleting older pics and files to make room.

And I post 3 things onto Instagram and delete them, 
and delete pics similar to them, to make room.

And then Instagram freezes.

So I restart my phone.

Except it won't restart.

It just starts up and stays on the red Verizon screen.



So that means that anything I didn't have backed up - I've lost.


Unless the bf can save the stuff.

But who knows.

The moral of this story though is that I can't post on Instagram now.

Okay, that's not really the moral of the story.

It's not even a moral.

No, the actual moral of this story is - 
Back up the crap on your phone onto your computer or the cloud or whatever!!!

Do it now!!!

I'm just amazed at how a phone can really 
only last a few years before crapping out.

(This thing is super-expensive and should last for more than 2 years.)
(It's not like I dropped this thing down the loo.)
(I was just trying to use it.)

But anyway, this week without a phone has really shown me just how much I am addicted 
to phone games, Instagram, and generally wasting time, haha.

But I really, really, really wish I had Instagram again.

It was a creative outlet for me.

And I only realize that now fully because I don't have it.


Yes, phones are addictive.
The internet is.
Social media is.

But it can also be really, really soothing, fun, and inspiring.

Like I've said before, using Instagram allowed me to quickly write things and post pics without thinking about it all too much and freezing up.

(I have a lot of anxiety about doing certain things.)
(All things really.)
(Today I went to a store by myself for the first time this month.)
(And yes, I know this month is almost over...)
(What's worse is that I usually only go somewhere by myself every 6 months or so...)


Oh, phone.
I love you so.
Please work again.

*pets phone*

Thanks for visiting us today friends!!!
And may your phone always work. ;-)


actualheathermcnamara said...

"Okay, I haven't really lost the will to live. I didn't have it to begin with." HONESTLY ME RN
sucks what happened to your phone. hope you get it fixed soon :/
also, i know! my parents' favorite hobby seems to be finding new excuses to take away my phone privileges (because my friend asked me to see star wars on a day she knew i was busy? really?) and i have realized
i need my phone
it's unhealthy tbh BUT THAT'S JUST ANOTHER ITEM IN THE LONG LIST OF PROBLEMS I HAVE WEEE *throws confetti* *retreats back to corner to "deal" with mental illness by listening to hamilton 24/7*

Ellie said...

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PHONE. I almost lost my phone a few months ago, and I nearly had a heart attack.
Those pants are so cute! :D

Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

Melody Silverleaf said...

Sorry to hear about your phone. I think the leggings look great! The photos you did get to post are really nice and the complete outfit so cool I want it. :-D

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