Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trends to Sew: Signature Jackets, Part One

I'm gonna go against my own new policy of 
only trying to put in one item per Trends to Sew post, haha.

I've already broken it in the past, derp.

But hey, I am still trying to learn my new system!

Today we introduce the idea of signature jackets.

We have been talking about signature tops -- 
making your top offerings stand out, make them unique, make them more buyable.

Jackets are a great item to sell as a separate.

Some people include them in whole outfits, 
but then that often makes that outfit very, very expensive.

If it were me, I'd just sell the jacket.

And yes, it can be an expensive listing.

Not like $100.

Yes, some people will still buy it.

But I'm not gonna lay down $100 for just a jacket, jfyi.

I would try to make your jackets priced at $50 or less.

And of course, the pricing should be determined 
by the costs of your supplies and your labor time.

Some people will complain if your jacket costs $50 -- but those in the know, will know that jackets take a lot of work and a lot of precise patterning for a good shape and fit.

These aren't the leggings I half-sewed from baby pants.

(See my Instagram account for those: 

And many sellers just don't do jackets 
because they are too much of a pain in the butt to sew.

But that means, if you do make great jackets -- 
you have less competition out there from other shops.

Liberty Jane and Pixie Faire offer a lot of jacket patterns.

The company knows that jackets really help pull outfits together 
and make them look more realistic and human.

There is a reason why most of the collectible Liberty Jane outfits 
are based around a signature jacket style.

And jackets work for all seasons, and many different kinds of outfits -- casual, fancy, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, girl outfits, boy outfits, etc. etc.

So think jackets!!!

GUESS is always a good place to start for jacket ideas.

Here are three.

Elena Suede Chain Jacket

Bohemian glamour at its best, this cropped jacket belongs in your new-season wardrobe. The luxurious suede design features woven details and gold-tone chain fringe for statement-making allure.
  • Cropped suede jacket. Collarless. Long sleeves.
  • Braided hem with gold-tone chain trim. Chain fringe at bottom hem.
  • Open front. Lined.

If you make something like this ^^^ actually out of suede, leather, or even fake leathers, make sure you fully line the jacket so that the suede or leather/pleather is not touching the doll's vinyl on her arms, wrists or neck.

No touchy the vinyl anywhere!!!

That type of fabric has a 500% chance of staining the vinyl,
especially if someone leaves it on their doll for a long time, and the darker the fabric color, the quicker the stain will take.


Update your denim jacket with this fashion-forward layering piece. High-shine hardware adds a statement-making yet easy-to-wear look.
  • Denim jacket. Pointed collar. Long sleeves with zippered cuffs.
  • Pieced front and back yoke. Two front zipper pockets.
  • Front snap-button closures

The color of this jacket ^^^ is fantastic and trendy.
And the cropped styling is something that is back in style 
that doll clothing makers seem to not always pay attention to.

If you don't want to make a cropped jacket, 
but you want to go the denim route in a "new-old" way....


GUESS Originals Collection channel the season's laid-back vintage vibe with this convertible denim jacket. The medium blue shade and relaxed fit give you that most-wanted '80s look while retro buttons and labels add a nod to our sexy blue jean heritage. 
  • Denim jacket. Pointed collar. Detachable long sleeves.
  • Zipper details at sleeves. Allover acid-wash effect. Darting at front. Self-tie belt at waist.

Yes, the 80s are now vintage.

That has happened.

And apparently in the 80s we tasted our own fingers a lot, who knows why.

Acid wash is back.

Has been for awhile.

And today's youth wants to once again look like we did back in the 80s.

And you can make it work for the dolls, despite 
your possible knee-jerk reaction to cower in fear from all things 80s.

For example, this jacket ^^^ - I think it's actually quite cute and fits pretty well. 

(Unlike most of what people were wearing in the 80s -- it was balloon sleeves, balloon parachute pants, balloon bosoms, balloon hair, balloon leg-warmers, stuff puffing out all over the place).

I think if it was designed in the right way, that jacket ^^^ could be 
very flattering and look very edgy and trendy for the dolls.

(But it probably won't be very easy to accomplish, haha.
It could very easily be a beautiful disaster. D'oh!
There's a challenge for y'alls. ;-)  )

So that's all the signature jackets suggestions for today.

If you want to cheat, feel free to check out GUESS's jacket offerings 
and their general spring 2016 collection for inspiration.

They have adult lines and kids lines, jfyi.

(And yes, GUESS for some odd reason mostly features models 
with their mouths hanging open -- and it bugs us too. Sigh.)

I will post some more GUESS jackets in Part Two....

Thank you for visiting us today!!!

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Ellie said...

Love this post! You have made an extremely interesting point. I always wondered why jackets were so expensive on Etsy, and now I know why!

- Ellie

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