Friday, February 19, 2016

Trends to Sew: Jacket and Coat Patterns I Think People Should Use More

Yeah, that's right. I said it.

I think y'alls should be sewing more of these and offering them for sale, haha.

Or start sewing them.
As some of them I've never even seen for sale.

Unless they just sold that quickly.

But I'll tell y'alls what to do 
because I like telling y'alls what to do.


The Shinjuku Starlet jacket pattern was recently released, 
so I'll forgive you guys for not sewing it and sending it to me for free.

I mean...for not sewing it yet.

But hey!

It's released now, so go show it some love!

The same goes for the Ginza Girl Coat and Capelet.

I haven't seen this for sale yet.

Though it will involve skilz and time.

And obviously, being a coat, it will cost more in a listing.

But really, this thing is fabulous!


And up next, the Stratford Swing Coat.

I have yet to see someone sew this and sell it.

Maybe you are hiding from me.
You saucy minx, you.

But this is a beautiful design and I think it is perfect for the upcoming 1960s Melody Ellison doll from American Girl, as well as modern dolls that like vintage styles.

Shoutout back to 2014, but people just don't make this jacket!

The Peleton Jacket from the Euro Libby line.


What's wrong with this pattern?

Is it a huge PITA?
I'm not sure, as I don't sew.

But man, it's a gorgeous jacket.

I want one so bad...after my money tree blossoms, that is. :-/

Well, maybe I gave someone a little bit of inspiration today.

I hope so.

And just in case anyone wants to make me these and 
send them to me for free, please do, please do.

But if not, at least sew them and sell them my friends!!

Thanks for visiting us today!!!


Melody Silverleaf said...

Those are very nice jacket patterns. I like the shape and construction. Sadly, I don't quite have the skills. Thank you for sharing the ideas!

Ashley A. said...

One thing that deters me from seeing some jacket styles is the zipper--they are so hard to find in doll size. Pixie Faire had them in pixie packs but they sold out like whoa fast. So I tend to not see the cooler jacket designs like the Peleton and the Motorcycle jackets because of hard to find notions.

Anonymous said...

Ashley...try she sells doll zippers and thin Velcro, I buy from her all the time. Great post Doll Wardrobe!

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