Thursday, February 18, 2016

Instagram Shoutout: Candidly Charlie

In amongst the bizzillion pictures of Lea that appeared on 
Instagram in January of 2016, there were three that jumped out at me.

And they were taken by Candidly Charlie.

Charlie Z.

 Whovian. 🌌 Geek. 👓 Book lover. 📚 Total doll. 🚺

I hope people don't mind me quoting them here, 
but some of the replies to these pictures included:

"americangirlwonderGorgeous! Where is that outfit from?"

"flannelandfirWow, she looks incredible in regular clothes"

"agkameoFinally Lea in real clothes!! 👏 she looks gorgeous!"

"meika.modeWow, she looks way better in real clothes...I don't love the pink "Barbie in the rainforest" prints and this ensemble is beautiful."

"jadeag2011Love that outfit, it's probably sad that I envy the style and look of a doll lol"

And I use these quotes because my thoughts were exactly the same.

Real clothing.

A real outfit.

And she looks wonderful.

She so much less fake, cheesy, and plasticky in this outfit.

And the subtle coloring of the white and grey looks fantastic on her.

So I asked Candidly Charlie for permission to post the pics here and share them with y'alls.

I wanted you to see how wonderful Lea can look in "real clothes."

:-)  :-)  :-)

And this got us thinking --

What colors does Lea look best in?

So we started up the Instagram hashtag #favcolorsforlea

So if you have any Instagram pics of Lea in colors that you think she looks fabulous in -- 
please feel free to use #favcolorsforlea. 

I'd love to see what you guys have been dressing her in!!!

Also, please follow Candidly Charlie's Instagram and blog for more wonderful photos!!!

Thank you for visiting us today peoples!


Ellie said...

I love her in maroon and khaki! :)

Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

MakenzieAG said...

Hi! I'm Makenzie_ag from AGIG, and I know this is extremely sad, but I just found your blog today and I've been following you for so long haha! I love your blog as of what I've been reading! I just can't believe I only found it today!!!

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