Friday, February 5, 2016

Trends to Sew:
Etsy Shop Shoutouts, Tees and Twists

One of the things that happens when you have been collecting 
for American Girl dolls for awhile is that you have a bizzillion tee shirts.

Now I love a good tee shirt.
As one could tell from my collection.

I have plain tees, graphic tees, tees with contrast stitching.

Short sleeve.
Tank tops.
3/4 length sleeves.
Full length sleeves.
Crop tops.
Tunic tops.
American Girl tees.
Etsy tees.
Homemade tees from my mother.
Etc. etc.
The list could go on forever.

But I'm kinda saturated on normal short-sleeve, regular-length tee shirts.

Sure - make them, and still sell them peeps! 
There are a lot of people out there who still need short-sleeve tee shirts!
And trendy ones to boot!

But also think outside the box!

Here are some trendy tees that are far from 
boring and are very worth creating and selling:

From Closet 4 Chloe...

Crop tops are in style.
They ain't going anywhere.
So keep those in mind.

Note the contrasting sleeves of the top example.
And the trendy graphic on the bottom tank top.

And she recently sold some stretch velvet shirts -- a good example of a 
"signature" piece that only she is offering.

Peruse Closet 4 Chloe's for sale and sold items for more inspiration!

Lori Liz Girls and Dolls does a great job on making trendy, modern tanks and shirts.

I prefer her styles with the lower necklines, such as these.

Sparrow and Wren Mercantile is also a great place for tops.
(They used to be Etsy's Janie Jumps.)

They provide distinct fabric styles. 

As well as creative alternatives to just the normal tee pattern.

3/4 length sleeves.
Scoop necklines.
Deep V-necks.
Pocket Tees.
Tank tops.
Long sleeves.

Thinking beyond the short sleeve tee is awesome!!!


So in some upcoming posts we are going to analyze 
the "tee shirt" and give you some human examples 
as alternative stylings to the basic design.

We are calling them "Tee Shirt Twists."

That way, if you are sewing up some shirts you have ideas 
for how to make your shirts more "signature," more unique.

To let them stand out from the crowd.

First Tee Shirt Twist: Ringer Tees!

Yes, some people have been making these all along -- 
but here note the current colors, how they are being styled with the rest of the outfit, 
and how the neckline isn't choking the person to death.

It has a gentle scoop.
And the sleeves are just a little fuller than cap styling.

(But you could go wild and do whatever you want with the sleeves man!
3/4 length, full, tank, whatevs man!!!
Just make sure the sleeve cuff is a contrasting fabric.)

They are fitted tees, but not claustrophobic.

And you can go loose or skintight, 
depending on how you want to sew them.

Of course the key to these tees is the very thin, lightweight jersey-esque fabric,
-- (these are rayon and spandex) -- 
too thick and you look like you are wearing baby clothes.

Dun dun dunnn!

These ringer tees are from Urban Outfitter's...

Project Social T

Made with love in the USA, Project Social T creates elevated basics that we wear every day: deep-v tee shirts, strappy tanks and cozy pullovers.

We will be featuring more 
Urban Outfitters examples in upcoming "Tee Shirt Twists!"

Stay Tuned and 
Thank You for Visiting Everyone!!!

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SwanburneGirl said...

For t-shirt material, my recommendation would be to go to Target/Walmart/K-Mart/wherever sells affordable, good quality t-shirts and just buy the largest size they have to cut up. Target's basic t-shirts are really nice, and the fabric is lightweight. Plus, on the ones that have heathering, I think it's pretty small.

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