Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trends to Sew:
Lace-Up Ornate Lace Peplum Top

So I am trying to post more frequently, 
and in order to do that I have to avoid crafting 30-page-long posts, haha.

I end up spending all my free time during one week trying to write one post.


Not working!

So for these Trends to Sew posts I am going to post one thing per post.

This may not be incredibly useful to everyone.

But hopefully it is in some fashion.

(Get it? Fashion! Pun!)

Well, anyways -- we won't know until we try!!!

So in the earlier post I was talking about making "signature" tops that stand out.

And one of the things I'd love to see more of is peplum tops that aren't just tank tops.

That aren't just from that one Liberty Jane pattern.

(Which I love - but remember, I advocate out-of-the-box thinking!)

So think peplum -- but with varying sleeve lengths and in different fabrics 
and stylings than what we have been seeing in the past.

For example, this Lace-Up Ornate Lace Top.

Peasant top styling with the lace-up neckline.

3/4 length bell sleeves.

Fancy lace fabric in cream and rose colors.

(Rose is very in this late winter/early spring.)

And that drapey peplum waistline.

If you make it -- please sell it with a coordinating cami for underneath it.

Not that many people own doll camis.

And then finding one that "goes with" the top is almost impossible.

It doesn't have to match in colors -- 
just not clash with the lace top!

And don't build the cami into the top.

Then your buyer can't use that cami with their other clothing items.


You want versatility people!

Caption from Forever21: 

"In ornate-patterned knit lace, this semi-sheer top is complete with a tasseled lace-up neckline, 3/4 trumpet sleeves, a subtle peplum waist, and a cami underlayer with adjustable straps."

This will look great with distressed denim shorts -- like on the model here -- just not so short in the legs, haha. We don't need to see doll underwear...
Or a mini skirt with button-down styling.

Okay, that was my one item per Trends to Sew post post.

You guys like it?


We try, we try.

Thank you for visiting us today and 
stay tuned for more posts!!!


Gail said...

SewLikeBetty has something similar in her etsy shop. It's a button down gauze top with more of a ruffle around the bottom than a peplum -- placed a bit lower on the hip than what you're showing here. It comes with a white cami. I imagine sourcing drapey lace with fine enough detail to be correctly proportioned.

Totally with you on having the cami separate!

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

What works in people world doesn't always work in dolly world so we have to compromise. I tried this top and though I came close, it may not be close enough for you. I skipped the lace up. Sorry. Watch my FB page on Friday to see the results.

Nora and Maple said...

Ooooo!!!! Still -- thank you for trying to make it All Dolled Up! I am sure yours looks awesome! Can't wait to see the results!!!

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