Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sorry for the Too Long Hiatus: Updates

Hello again!

Sorry we were AWOL.

Totes AWOL.

Just overwhelmed and simultaneously underwhelmed by life.

I think I will be going to get Lea at the AGP Columbus this weekend -
so that has brightened my spirits.

I was surprisingly down about not being able to go to the store 
and pick her out in person.

I am such a spoiled brat.

But it really depressed me and made me uninterested in working on the blog -- sort of a -- what's the point anyway? kind of mood.

Clearly I have issues.

I was preparing to buy Lea online but then 
I was offered a trip to Columbus, so I took it!

Also, we are doing a trial adoption on a 4-5 yr old rescue dog.

A scent hound.

In the city.

Who's idea was that???

Yeah. Haha.

If you want to see pics of him go click on the right side menu of our Instagram feed.

Over there >>>>

We have been posting about 600 pics of him.


That trial started Sunday.

And right about now you're probably saying -- 
well, she hasn't posted since the 14th of January though....

What happened in between all that???

Good question.

The winter doldrums.

And us hemming and hawing about getting a dog or not getting a dog.


Us hemming and hawing about the meaning of life.

Etc. Etc.

But today I'm actually excited.

I get to go to an AGP.

I get to bring a doll there.

I get to take store pics.

We're probably bringing the dog along too.

Though not into the store, haha.

It will be an interesting little experiment of a road trip. ;-)

The one thing about the dog is that he is making me go outside and explore.

Because this boy needs to be outside for like half of the day.

And that has given me a lot of opportunities 
to look for doll photo shoot locations, haha.

Yep, it all goes back to the dolls.

Doesn't it always go back to the dolls???

But anyway, maybe after we get used to each other 
I'll be able to bring him out, tie him up to a bike rack, and take some doll pics.

Apparently I need some sort of doll carrying bag thingy 
that I can easily wear while walking a dog...haha.

Yes, yes.

I am insane. ;-)

So does anyone have any good doll bag recommendations 
where the dolls are completely hidden and protected?

So stay tuned for more posts.

I want to get back into the swing of all this stuff!

1 comment:

Melody Silverleaf said...

The bundles and free shipping hooked me last weekend. I've never been to AGP so can't commiserate with your need to check her out in person. However, I felt kind of off ordering her when Grace has only been with us for little over a month.

When I got the email with the tracking number a spark lit and all of a sudden I was truly excited for her arrival. Then she arrived a day early! You will love her! Her hair and eyes are so unique!

Good luck with the pup!

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